FUEL: REFUELED is an enhancement modification for the game FUEL, which brings multiple bug-fixes, improvements and the addition of various new content.

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The second release of FUEL: REFUELED is now available for download. Includes new set of Development Tools, Demo Support, Russian language support and more!

Posted by Vetron on Jan 31st, 2013

The second release version of FUEL: REFUELED is available for download; this release, version FUEL: REFUELED 2013.1 [R2] features a new set of development tools, new user interface, extended language support (now supporting 8 localizations with Russian being the most recent addition), demo support, Vista Point Pack 1 unofficial DLC, and a long, long list of other improvements and additions. Some of which I hope to cover here in this article, but the full change-log can be found here.

Before I get into discussing features of this version, I have a small request to anyone who downloads this mod and that is to rate my mod, which can be done on the front page of FUEL: REFUELED's mod profile or direct link here. I would also ask that if you've previously rated my mod or reviewed it that you would update your review and rating to take into account the development since that has gone into FUEL: REFUELED. Over the last year this one-man project has entered a release quality state, I have written my own set of development tools (source code provided), supported all localizations of the game and even the demo.
Be honest and any feedback you can provide would be useful. While its nice to always get complimented for the work on REFUELED, its rare to get detailed feedback on areas which people think could be improved. I have a forum post here that contains any suggestions that I'm aware of and a few notes on things that people have suggested that for various reasons I cannot include at this time.


Free Ride Extreme Editor [Rev.2]

Development Tools

Firstly I want to show off two newly developed apps for FUEL. The first, shown in the image above being the Free Ride Extreme Editor; allowing you to create a scripted Free Ride extreme scenario. In essence this scenario behaves like your standard Free Ride game-play, with the added plus that the time and weather values can be customized - and yes that includes facing off against a Tornado!
Shown off in the image above is also the formatting and language file which can be edited by the user. If you prefer the tools to run with black text on a white background, then simply change the colors and re-run the program. Also if you wish to improve the translations for your language then feel free - just don't forget to send me a copy as I include it in a future version!

Vehicle Color Palette Editor [Rev.4]

The second application is the Vehicle Color Palette Editor shown in the screenshot above with Russian language enabled. Essentially FUEL only allows ten colors for vehicles to be accessed from the in-game menu's (Consolitus...), which is just plain boring as it limits your customization. What this program does is allow you to pick any ten RGB colors and then have them replace the ten colors accessible from within the game. It also allows you to see the RGB colors for the default colors and REFUELED color set - so if you simply wanted to adjust or replace one color then you may do so.

Vehicle Color Palette Editor [Rev.2]Free Ride Extreme FRA Creator [Rev.1]

The tools originally started out as a simple command line application developed in Microsoft Small Basic. The reason for this being that the simple fact is that I am one of the very few people developing mods for FUEL - so to develop a complicated application that only I knew how it worked would be perhaps a mistake. If for whatever reason I was unable to continue development then modding for FUEL would soon cease. So I ran with the idea of developing in a language so simple that a child could understand it, allowing my REFUELED project to always continue.
It's not as easy as it might sound, developing in such a basic language as there are of course limitations. There have been many instances where I had to come up with workarounds to problems that I wouldn't have while running with other languages. However that hasn't stopped me developing these two apps which consist of several thousand lines of code, support of 6 different languages and even supporting modding such as accepting custom UI themes.

Vista Point - Vista Point -
Vista Point - Vista Point -

Vista Point Pack 1

I published a feature on this pack a while ago here. The Vista Points were released with Patch #4 just before New Year. The pack is the first of many unofficial DLC style packs that add more Vista Points to the game to find and collect.
For those of you who do not understand what a Vista Point is; essentially its an in-game marker, it can serve as a future spawn point after you first collect it. Some Vista Points are easy to access and others are a real challenge, up on some mountain top somewhere. This pack of 19 Vista Points (one for each zone) has a blend of easy and difficult to collect points.

Drive on water?

Disable Nitro Flames and Drive on Water & Invulnerability

These were two optional mods that were present in earlier versions of the mod, however due to stability considerations I omitted them from the first release of FUEL: REFUELED. However I've gone back and improved them to the point where I feel they are release material.
Disable Nitro Flames is a mod that disables the blue ‘nitro' flame effects that visually occur when the vehicles approach their top speed (shown active here in the screenshot above). Personally I never liked them.
The other mod is the Drive on Water and Invulnerability Mod. This prevents your vehicle from virtually taking any damage ever, and also allows you to drive along the surface of water with all vehicles. This was requested by a number of users and in-line with mods that are often available for other driving games.

Vehicle Menu Stats/Description (Russian)

REFUELED Interface

Shown in the screenshots above is a custom user interface optional mod that brings a few changes to the menus such as the vehicle info bar in the garage and custom HUD. The idea behind this menu theme is function over silly graphics, so a lot of the menus have been stream-lined down and also provide more useful information to the user; such as information on what performance class a vehicle belongs to.

Translucent HUD

The HUD comes in two colors, Grey and Black, with options to hide the GPS map as well. You can use the custom menu's with the stock HUD and vice versa if you wish.
Language and Demo Support
Russian will be the eighth localized version of the game to be supported (thanks to R055 for helping with the translations), joining the list with French, German, Spanish, Italian and of course the English variations. I've also enabled support for the FUEL Demo as-well.
Demo Support was present in earlier versions of the mod, however not on the scale of multiple languages such as this.
I believe the only language that is not currently supported is Japanese - for the simple reason that I still do not have the language file and any attempt to reach out to the Japanese community has so far gone ignored. If you have the Japanese version of the game and wish to help then please send me a PM!

Chopper Chase - Improved Flight Paths

Challenge Improvements

I've improved and fixed some of the challenges in the game. Firstly fixes for checkpoints and start positions that are in stupid places or at silly angles. There is nothing more frustrating than colliding which a checkpoint mid race or it not registering due to it being placed directly on a corner.
Secondly I specifically gave chopper chases some improvements such as better flight paths for the chopper (by default they typically fly in a straight line for the majority of races). In the screenshot above I'm battling a chopper to reach the finish in sight, but typically at this point the helicopter would dive down into the gorge before quickly returning to altitude (or face collision with a rocky wall).
In my revised challenge the pilot knows that's a dumb move and will make a minor detour. They will also not risk flying into trees and other obsolesces. It doesn't exactly make the races easier as naturally these minor course corrections wont cost the helicopter that much time, but it does make the races that little bit more fun as your no longer chasing this helicopter that seems completely lifeless.


Links to the download and change-log are provided below. If you get stuck with installation then I've put together a step-by-step video to assist. It can be found here: Moddb.com (Currently links to R1 installation video, give me time and I will update this with one for R2 - although installation is very similar).

If you have any problems with the mod or discover a bug then let me know by either comment or just PM'ing me directly. This is a one-man project, however I'm always happy to help.

Change-log: R2 Change-log

Download: FUEL: REFUELED 2013.1 [R2]

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jssjr90 Jan 31 2013 says:

Nicely done Vetron with the new releases. I wish I could try it right now but I work more hours and college. I can check it out Sunday.

+5 votes     reply to comment
Nergal01 Jan 31 2013 says:



+2 votes     reply to comment
Nergal01 Jan 31 2013 says:

Update: still can't be downloaded. Not available via any mirrors.

Is the file hasn't been approved yet?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Vetron Author
Vetron Feb 1 2013 replied:

Seems Mod DB has approved the article before the download is ready. Sometimes they take days to publish my articles and sometimes five minutes as in this case.

Nothing I can do I'm afraid - give it a couple of hours and should all be sorted.

+3 votes   reply to comment
DominicWhite Jan 31 2013 says:

Your dedication in fixing this game is the stuff of legends. Keep at it, Vetron - you're rad.

+4 votes     reply to comment
SPY-maps Feb 1 2013 says:

wow, am tracking this one for quit some years now and i think it is great to see your still working on on this mod!!
specially because your first News item here was on Sep 13, 2010 !
And there are not that many mods that are worked on for so long, most die along the way. (Am used to work also so long on my mods).

Keep up the great work,
a fellow modder,

+2 votes     reply to comment
peterako1989 Feb 3 2013 says:

R2 update has unlocked the entire map without me enabling the corresponding mod. Any idea how to lock the regions again?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Vetron Author
Vetron Feb 3 2013 replied:

I've fixed the issue - re-download and the fix will be applied. May be an hour or so as of writing this for the download to get re-authorized on Mod DB.

If you encounter any other bugs let me know. This bug was basically the required stars to unlock zones was set to 0 - something that occurred while packaging the mod.

+1 vote   reply to comment
peterako1989 Feb 3 2013 replied:

well, there is that one bug that makes checkpoint crossing fail to register. it doesn't happen often, but when it does is usually on very critical points of a race.

keep it up!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Vetron Author
Vetron Feb 3 2013 replied:

Yeah its a bug with the stock game that can't be fixed - all I can do is improve checkpoint placement as I've been doing (removing checkpoints placed on corners for example).

I'll keep improving races over time.

+1 vote   reply to comment
JoWannes Feb 9 2013 says:

FUEL has always given me problems (such as random crashes / forced closes), but with this mod it I can't even start it (it crashes while loading the menu)...

It's a shame such a great game is totally unplayable. I hoped this mod would fix it a bit, but it doesn't seems to help.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Vetron Author
Vetron Feb 9 2013 replied:

If you wish to share your PC specs I may be able to help.

Have you installed the DX9Redist supplied with the game and latest GFWL installer from the GFWL website?

Have you updated your sound and graphics card drivers?

If these are obvious solutions that you've already attempted then I apologize, but all I can say with the info provided.

+1 vote   reply to comment
JoWannes Feb 9 2013 replied:

I reinstalled DirectX and GFWL (as bundled with the game), and the drivers for my Xonar DX sound card. I run the game as administrator in Windows XP SP3 compatibility (on Win 7 x64). Now it works, but I don't know what exactly fixed it. But it works, most importantly.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Vetron Author
Vetron Feb 9 2013 replied:

Compatibility mode shouldn't be needed on Win 7 x64, I've run the game on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 64-bit and it runs without issue.

Anyway, at least it works :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
TheDeafTurtle Feb 19 2013 says:

Vetron, this mods keeps getting better and better. Really.
But, maybe I missed something... Are the multi-class races gone?

Here's my story.
Two days ago, the game (which I had been running with v15.4 patch 3 for quite a time) suddenly decided it didn't want to work anymore. It crashed on startup every time. When disabling REFUELED, it worked like a charm, but whatever I tried, it wouldn't launch once modded.
That's what decided me to download the 2013 version. It was a good idea, since the game works modded again now, and I've discovered some fun things I hadn't noticed before (driving on water? You bet!). But the option I like the most, the multi-class races, is gone. I don't understand why. Is it linked to an optional mod I didn't chose? Have you disabled the option?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Stangs2QWik302 Mar 11 2013 says:

Hey great mod. Im having one problem tho the day night cycle I'm trying to use is the actual 24 hour yet it seems to still be the regular 12 minute day nite cycle. Any help would be appreciated I'm ocd and I cant stand watching the moon shoot across the sky.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Dec 31 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

zuglstha07 Apr 12 2014 says:

How can i change language in fuel ???

+1 vote     reply to comment
ezrakuipers May 12 2015 says:

well vetron you appear to be a real mod veteron (pun intended) with mods like these KEEP IT UP

+1 vote     reply to comment
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