FUEL: REFUELED is an enhancement modification for the game FUEL, which brings multiple bug-fixes, improvements and the addition of various new content.

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Really good mod! If you have FUEL laying around this mod is a must have.


This mod is the reason we still play Fuel today, it adds a lot of things which the original game lacks. Yeah, more sand storm and tornado coming...

Amazing Mod! It makes me happy that someone is willing to spend their time making mods for FUEL! Keep up the Great work! A few things I would love is additional cars defiantly more trucks and maybe some big towns and city's. Also it would be cool if you could have a mod for higher quality shadows and longer view distance.

Was watching this mod for a while now and finally decided to pick the game up from Steam and put the mod in. Just an awesome package that fixes and improves so much. Thank you!


its simply amazing for a game with no mod support


Mr._S says

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Fantastic improvement to a mediocre game, I bought the game so I could play with this mod.

Outstanding and appreciated. The continued dedication to this mod is impressive.

Well, where do I start.

First off, this mod does what it says, it makes handling and the cameras better. The Damocles is available to drive in free-roam for 100,000, which is what I like the most personally. I also liked the idea of reworking the rating system to allow different kinds of vehicles in races.

Somethings I didn't enjoy were some of the challenges and career races rewards being lowered, making it harder to buy that special vehicle you've been saving up for. The new handling of the cars needs getting used to, but its not much. The hardcore mode needs to be tweaked, I have to use alt+F4 to exit the game.

Some optional addons i would like to see in the future would be randomizing opponent vehicles every time a race is started or restarted and the auto-respawn being removed so the player can see his/her car crash for whatever reason.

Overall, i would recommend this mod to any fuel players looking for more out of their game. Its not perfect, but it's on its way. Go for it!


No reason not to get, More content and fully modular.


An great work fora an underrated game. To bad the title is probable dead but it still give me fun after all those years especially because of mods like this.

Thanks to the moders, thanks to the community, if wasn't for you all games like Homeworld would be forgotten forever.