FUEL: REFUELED is an enhancement modification for the game FUEL, which brings multiple bug-fixes, improvements and the addition of various new content.

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Report RSS Free Ride Extreme FRA Creator [Rev.1] (view original)
Free Ride Extreme FRA Creator [Rev.1]
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Vetron Author

I've made one other revision; I finished the prompt for a file name which follows on from the FRA slot.

Say I was to enter "Just a test" for where it asks for filename, it will export to the mod manager something like this:
"[O] - Other - FRA Slot #1 - Just a test [ON]"

Didn't really think it was really worthy of me uploading another screenshot just yet.

Besides entering a few more co-ordinates, the program is in a releasable state now I believe and will be coming with the next release. One additional note: This tool's exports will also work with vanilla Patch #3 in addition to the FUEL: REFUELED - LITE mod.

There are a few ideas I have on where to take this program further. One such idea is a program to adjust the vehicle set used on single-player career races. For instance if you wanted a career race changed from "Bikes" to "Buggy & Muscle-car" then you could. It wouldn't change the class of vehicles used (i.e. OFF, ALL or ROAD), the online vehicle selection or anything like that and so you wouldn't be able to cheat with this. The time and weather values would be changeable also like in the Free Ride Extreme FRA creator.

While you can change races by hand - even I would find the ability to switch any of the 72 races to different settings within seconds via the program easier as effectively I could rework every race in the game in mere minutes. Anyway this would take some work to do so maybe in a later release, but feel free to share your thoughts if you have any on this.

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Is midnight, sunrise, midday, and sunset precisely at 0, 6, 12, and 18 hours respectively by default? (solar positions at the equator using an adjusted time scale) It might be useful to put that information in the force time of day creator

When using the force day length creator, it would be helpful if there was a short description of what each option does:

Set the amount of time it takes for a day/night cycle to occur
Time values must be in integers - e.g. "21" = "21 hours/minutes"...

Enter value for hours: _
Enter value for minutes: _
Description (because I'm not entirely sure what this does...)

Enter a value for day ratio: _
Enter a value for night ratio: _
Press any key to create the mod and close this prompt. You can then run JSGME.exe and find your mod under the name [______]

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I've done some improvements on the Free Ride Extreme FRA Creator I showed off the other day (Link: Moddb.com).

Fog values are now done via percentages - i.e. 0 to 100 rather than having to enter a number between 0 and 1. The program will auto-translate to the right game readable value.

Tornado is now selected by typing a "1" from the list of options. Typing "2" or actually any other option (including blank) will not include it.

If no save slot, zone or start point is entered then a value will be randomly assigned.

If no value is entered for any of the weather settings then the program will check to see if a start or end value is entered and use that. If neither has a value entered then it will default to "0". This actually allows you to skip through the options quickly rather than having to type "0" to not have them enabled or type the same value twice.

If no value is entered for any of the time values then the program will check to see if a start or end value is entered and use that. If nothing is entered at all then it will default to "0". Entering more than 24 hours and the program will correct the value to the remainder of /24. Entering more than 60 for minutes and the program will add the additional minutes to the hour value. There is fixes in place to ensure time cannot run backwards.

In the scenario where the start hour is 12, start minutes is 90, end hour is 13 and end minutes are omitted; the game will set the start time as 13:30 and end time as 14:00. It's a correction I built in where if the end minutes are missing and the end hour is greater than the start hour then the end minutes will revert to 0. It saves time having to manually enter "0" if you want the time to be on the hour.

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