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† Fortified Walls Mod -RC2.1 †

Current Update Status:
AS OF JUNE 2009:
RC 2.1 TAKEN DOWN! Wrong version xD!
This is a simple maintenance patch to accomodate for the fan patch and 1.02



--Update Key--
Green = Updates are released
Blue = Progress on the mod
Amber = Issues/problems/etc

Many people have been wondering why you could never build the fort walls, also no-one has currently worked out how the wall system worked...until now!

For the first time in AO3/TAD you are now able to built the fortified walls which have occupied the bases of the AOE3/TWC/TAD campaigns.

Created via an upgrade it works in the exact same way as the "Bastion" upgrade and turns the image into the fort walls image but with death animations and the actual model AND attackable by the enemy! It really is the actual wall, and it has build animations.

Through many hours of tedious work and frequent "WHAT THE FUCK?" moments...this is version 2 of my mod now, only for TAD now because its easier code, but if the demand is high, I'll try for AOE3/TWC versions too.

Also...a surprise is in this version :P .

**Installation**(WITHOUT AOS FAN PATCH):

Simply extract the folder in the archive (using "winrar" or "winzip" like programs) to the "data" and "art" folders.

These files are usually found in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III (Or your "root" in other words)


As you may become lost if you want to un-install. Then load up the game and enjoy!!

**Un-installation** (WITHOUT AOS FAN PATCH):

(X = The drive you installed the game on)

Simply remove the folder "buildings" folder from X:\\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\art.
AND THEN REPLACE your "backed up" copies of "PROTOY.xml" AND "TECHTREEY.xml" and "STRINGTABLEY.xml" to X:\\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data

Viola! Your sorted.

**Installation (WITH AOS FAN PATCH)**:

Make a back up of the DATA folder in C:\Documents and Settings\USERPROFILE\My Documents\My Games\Age of

Empires 3\Fan Patches\Age Sanctuary 1.1 and put it somewhere safe.

Extract the DATA + ART files of my mod here.

Run the TAD Patch launcher, selecting the AOS Fan Patch 1.1a as normal

**Un-installtion (WITH AOS FAN PATCH)**:

Simply remove my files mentioned, and replace the original files back here in the above directory or wherever

you installed your game.

Run patch launcher again as normal to confirm the default files

Bugs and limitations:

Currently there are no known bugs, but there's a couple of limitations (1 wall/mod related and 1 game engine related).

Wall structure, currently it matters not correct? Well I'm afraid this has to change, example is that walls face backwards if not layed properly, basically you have to build ALL walls like this from now on in the below examples fashion.

You know how most people lay walls like this:

}------------------} (arrows indicating direction of when you "drag out" the wall) from left to right?

Well to make the walls face the right way round with the "wall" bit facing out you need to do the reverse and from right to left:


And for vertical instead of this way:


You do this:

Picture Reference:


Got it? Good.

I apologise that it has to be like this, but it is UNFIXABLE

One more thing:

-As of typing this...adding more that 25 cards is not possible, it seems to be hard coded into TAD and
TWC at the moment, but works for AOE3 still. No-one seems to know what they did, how they did it,
or if there's anyway to get more than 25 cards for decks, I know there are "workarounds" such as
copy/paste techs from high level homecitys etc, but nothing all that feasible yet.

2) So if anyone knows of any way (like in the AOE3 "40 Cards for HC" mod) to increase the max cards limit practically, do let me know and you shall be rewarded hehe :D!

But FEAR NOT! As I have many ideas to get around this for you all, which I'm currently experimenting on :).


Me:- For actually implementing and creating the mod
Kjn:- For great support and patience in helping me identify problems in code
Felda:- Build anims and "raving" supporter xD
Brix:- For continued support/ideas/ and well just being my "defence" it seems xD. Many thanks dude
$al:- My beautiful girlfriend who has allowed me to spend hours upon hours on this and has only
complained once xD! Thank you for being so patient, love you loads :D!
AoE3/TAD:- For actually allowing me to mod this in :)


If you do decide to download and try my mod, please provide me with some feedback + don't forget to rate :). Any bugs, errors, mess ups or whatever do let me know ASAP :)

AND REMEMBER! PLEASE DON'T MODIFY OR CHANGE ANY OF MY CODE AND RE-RELEASE IT WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION FROM ME FIRST AND CREDITING ME WHERE DUE...Otherwise I will hunt down your your ass! ^^! Seriously...its not big...its not clever... and it harms the whole modding community.

*Things to come in the future:*

Quick Overview:

-Addition of more new upgrades to make other civs more overall balanced, such as additional
defences..."recovered" lost technologies due to a possible "copy+paste" job from ensemble them
selves lol.

-Extended build limits on some buildings to accommodate balancing.

-Some new SUPREME upgrades which really hit hard!!...but all in good balance.

-Giving you...the players more choice over what you want to upgrade and when.

-Providing suitable icons, names, description, "resistance" values, upgrade attributes + bonus's plus some other nice features

-Adding some new cards! New special abilities for each race (hopefully) focusing on their strengths and weaknesses.

-Oh and a better program for the "readme", I'll do it in "word" next time then port to adobe so its nicer on the eyes :).

Please Enjoy!

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Updates coming!

6 years ago News 0 comments

As above, new content to come soooooooon! ^

As soon as new patches come out (and I can find a decent AI mod) I will RESUME work on this mod and bring it to RC4! Never mind RC3 lol. I will try to put as much time as I can into this whilst not going overboard...if I can remember how to use photoshop, new icons will ofc accompany everything else as well!

Front page updated now too.

Dunno what ill add some...gimme ideas!

Over and out for now!

Updates on RC3! Incoming features and progress report!

Updates on RC3! Incoming features and progress report!

7 years ago News 0 comments

Finally I have some more time to put together a list of whats going on with the mod, and many of you have posed your questions, here on MODDB and via...

Updates on techs/cards etc

Updates on techs/cards etc

7 years ago News 2 comments

Here is a sample list of a few cards/techs and what they do, other is a list of simply the names of the cards/techs. If you want take a guess and what...

Fort Walls Mod RC2

Fort Walls Mod RC2

7 years ago Demo 0 comments

Wow MODDB really wants you to put as much info in as possible huh? Well as stated numerous times :P, this is the RC2 of the mod. Fully working fort walls...

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Tyranick Creator
Tyranick Jun 25 2009 says:


Please down that version, it works with new patch AND the AOS fan patch :D!

RC3 to come soon...with all the new features ^^!

+1 vote   reply to comment
Tyranick Creator
Tyranick Jun 26 2009 replied:


Sorry people, that was the test file ><!!

Ill pull it down till RC2.2 :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Petrenkovich Dec 17 2008 says:

There are many other adjustments that could be added to the game.
Such as changing the system so that the gatherers have to return to the buildings in order to add the collected ressources to your stockpile, making it possible to adjust the game speed and other player options when playing custom maps, etc. :-]

+1 vote     reply to comment
Petrenkovich Dec 19 2008 replied:

Oh, and the possibility to garrison any kind of man unit inside buildings to fire out, promotion for a given number of kills and a realistic change meaning that trees fall before harvesting the lumber

+1 vote     reply to comment
Triden007 Dec 9 2008 says:

How are the mod going?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Tyranick Creator
Tyranick Jul 11 2008 says:


Make sure your keeping an eye on this mod page people or MODB's "main" news section :).

(I.E Via clicking "PC" on the main page then "news" for example) because in the coming few days, there's going to be a major progress report featuring information about:

-Content that will be in RC3
-Current things/features I'm working on
-Screenshots of more icons, units, buildings, etc
-Questions you want answered, features you'd like to see
-Taking the mod to the next level

So pay attention, "Track" my mod if it helps, and most importantly make sure you give me as much constructive feedback as possible :).

@ Kenobi.

I'll update you, and everyone on that subject, in the upcoming news release which should be up by Saturday :).

+1 vote   reply to comment
Tyranick Creator
Tyranick Jul 13 2008 replied:

I mean the "mods" section not the "news" section lol xD.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Gen.Kenobi Jul 11 2008 says:

We have an updadte?
The walls now can be garrisioned?
Your PC is now dissinfected(no virus)?



+1 vote     reply to comment
OMG!72 Jul 7 2008 says:

Cool, now if only we could find a way to get guys up there....

+1 vote     reply to comment
Tyranick Creator
Tyranick Jul 8 2008 replied:

Guys up where? On the walls? It's not possible. There's no data to suggest that any form of walking on a building can be done. Remember the mechanic is not the foundation for this game.

Anyway thanks for comment :).

Good news! I've just got photoshop back so I should be able to start getting the edited icons up and running within the day. I've got a few done now so stay tuned :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
Gen.Kenobi Jul 8 2008 replied:

But the walls garrisioned will fire when soldiers was inside there?



+1 vote     reply to comment
Tyranick Creator
Tyranick Jul 8 2008 replied:

Umm yes they should. As I said i will look into that idea in RC4 :).

I've had a bit of a setback here today folks...i suddenly got s **** load of infections from this...something i downloaded lol. Might of been from this torrent i got as a reserve but, who knows.

So i've had to go into lockdown currently, so RC3 is delayed for another 12 hours or so.


I have managed to get some AWESOME pictures to use as icons for 3 of my "main" upgrades which will feature in RC3, the newly titled "MegaTex™" so to speak :).

Stay tuned a little longer :D.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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