In this action adventure tale of historical fiction, players take on the role of Morgan Black and his family, struggling against the hostile wilderness and a mysterious cult that's crept in from Europe. In a series of 24 scenarios divided into three acts, Morgan Black and his descendants help the Aztecs resist conquest by Spanish conquistadors, pit the French against the British in the French and Indian War and help Simon Bolivar lead revolutions in South America.

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Here are the civilizations playable in Age of Dynasties:


Austrians expelled out of German empires after the Austro-Prussian Wars. Austrians greatly increased their political prestige and power with the acquisition of the lands of the crowns of Hungary and Bohemia.

Units: Chevauxleger, Austrian Musketeers, Austrian Spearmen, Austrian Mountain Troops, Swordsman, Crossbowman, Doppelsoldner, Hussar, Light Cavalry, Paladin, Hungarian Hussar, Austrian Dragoon etc.



In the early periods England was a modest agricultural nation recovering from the effects of long wars. But they turned the tide and became the strongest nation with largest number of Colonies.

Units: Highland Soldiers, Musketeer, Pikeman, Crossbowman, Swordsman, Skirmisher, Longbowman, Kings Guard, Light Cavalry, Carabineer, Dragoon, Heavy dragoon etc.



The French Empire was one of the most Revolutionary Civilizations of the world. They had strong cavalries that helped them expand their empire and spread their new Ideas of Liberty.

Units: Kingdom swordsman, Paris Guard, Veteran Halberdier, Hired Crossbowmen, Hussar, Pikeman, Swordsman, Skirmisher, Paladin, Dragoon, Veteran Cuirassier, French Dragoon etc.



In 1871, German states united to create the German Empire under Prussian leadership. The Prussians successfully expanded their size by way of an unusually well-organised and effective army.

Units: Prussian Officer corps, Prussian Grenadiers, Teutonic Knights, Prussian Matchlock Gunman, Crossbowman, Musketeer, Uhlan, Paladin, Light Cavalry, Carabineer, Totenkopf, Veteran Cassador etc.



The Indians, once known as the 'Golden Bird' were a very Prosperous Civilization. They had a good number of army with Gunpowder units and Elephants. They were very defensive and built beautiful cities behind their Fortified Walls.

Units: Gurkha Rifleman, Rajput, Sepoy, Dhanurdhari, Urumi, Chakram, Tiger Claw, Jat Lancer, Ghudsawaar, Sowar, Zamburak, Howdah, Mahout Lancer, Siege Elephant etc.



Indochinese represent the South-East Asian Kingdoms. Many Strong kingdoms resided this place namely Siam, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malay, Burma etc.

Units: Nauresian's Elephant, Cambodian Animal Tamer, Cambodian Brute, Irregular Military, Jungle Poacher, Vietnam Marksman, Khmer Warrior, Nanzhao Pikeman, Siamese Elephant Archer, Elephant Corps, Burmese Cavalry, Laotian Cavalry, Kopthap Luang etc.



The Japanese were confined to a cluster of small islands. But they had strong Determinations. They used their firm decisions to build one of the strongest navies of Asia. They used well trained land units.

Units: Flag of the Samurai, Yamabushi, Rifles Ashigaru, Samurai, Ashigaru Musketeer, Sohei, Yumi Archer, Yojimbo, Mounted Samurai, Yabusame, Shinobi, Naginata Rider, Kiba Teppo etc.



The Koreans are an East Asian civilization. Their constant war with the Japanese at Sea and the Chinese at land forced them to build a strong defensive nation.

Units: Korean Tanks, Hyangdo Warrior, Korean Spearman, Singijeon, Korean Bamboo Gunman, Korean Righteous Soldiers, Hwarang Warrior, Arrow Knight, Korean Slinger, Korean Swordsman, Hyangdo Knight, Korean Rifle Rider, Korean Knight, Gibyeong, Korean Hwacha etc.



The Manchurian were ethnic people from northern China. The Manchu way of life (economy) was described as agricultural, farming crops and raising animals on farms. They maintained large armies trained in Banners.

Units: Manchuria Horse Archers, Qiang Pikeman, Chu Ko Nu, Arquebusier, Changdao Swordsman, Iron Troop, Meteor Hammer, Banner Army Rider, Keshik, Steppe Rider, Great General Gun, Flying Crow etc.



The Ming, were described as "One of the greatest eras of orderly government and social stability in human history." They were the last dynasty in China ruled by ethnic Han Chinese. Their infantry was very strong.

Units: Campfire ban Marines, Jin Yiwei, Ming Footman, Niaochong Arquebusier, Iron Troop, Jinnu Arbalest, Ming Iron Rider, San Qian Rider, Border Firearms Cavalry, Redcoat Gun, Treasure Ship, Redcoat Gun etc.



Mongols were primarily a nomadic tribe from Mongolia. But they turned out to be the greatest conqueror of the Known world. Mongols with their Cavalries drove deep into the heart of China and used its wealth to further expand their nation.

Units: Mangudai, Peasants, Golden Horde, Khan, Mongolian Flail, Keshik, Steppe Rider, Naptha Bomb, Mongolian Cannons etc.



Ottomans were an Islamic Civilization originally from Turkey. At the peak of their might they controlled modern day Turkey, the Balkans, parts of the Middle East and much of the North African coast.

Units: Ottoman Guard, Mubarizun, Spahi, Janissary, Cairo Fusiler, Armenian Archer, Janissary Helberdier, Janissary Swordsman, Ottoman Light Cavalry, Saracen Mameluke, Repentant Mameluke, Guerrilla Cavalry etc.



Persian Empire was established in present day Iran. They were best known for their gradual absorption into the Islamic caliphate following the rise of Islam and Arab invasions. They had a strong cavalry and navy.

Units: Machetes Assassin, Anusiya, Immortals, Persian Guards, Black Ghosts, Mubarizun, Turkmenistan Archers, Persian War Elephants, Axe Cavalry, Camel Riding Shooter, Qizilbash, Persian Stampeeder etc.



Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was the largest(excluding Russia) country in Europe stretching across Eastern Europe. It was composed of the Crown of the Polish Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania existing in the years 1569-1795 under the Union of Lublin.

Units: Hetman, Polish Hussar, Kozak, Piechota Wybraniecka, Kosynier, Skirmisher, Pikeman, Pancerni, Petyhorc, Lisowczyk, Dragoon etc.



The Russians were one of the poorest European Nations, but had large landmasses in Asia and Europe. Their units are weaker than those of other civilizations but are cheaper and easy to mass-produce.

Units: Tsar Guard, Strelet, Swordsman, Long-handled Axe Infantry, Conscript, Skirmisher, Hussar, Light Cavalry, Cossack Dragoon, Pikeman, Veteran Oprichnik, Cossack etc.



The Spanish are a European nation, most well known for having conquered much of the Americas. They were specialized in using gunpowder and used their strong navy to dominate the seas.

Units: Noble Hercules, Spanish Skirmisher, Spain Crossbowmen, Rodelero, Swordsman, Pikeman, Spanish Musketeers, Light Cavalry, Dragoon, Carabineer, Conqueror, Veteran Lancer etc.



Sweden was a very poor and scarcely populated country on the fringe of European civilization, with no significant power or reputation. But During the 17th century Sweden emerged as a European great power.

Units: Finnish Cavalry Sword, Flintlock Shooter, Swedish Spearmen, Sniper, Guerrilla, Crossbowman, Musketeer, Swordsman, Carabineer, Light Cavalry, Hussar, Swedish Royal Guard, Reiter etc.


Second Christmas competition starts now! "Again"

Second Christmas competition starts now! "Again"

News 14 comments

In this competition, there will be only one winner. But do not worry, it is a consolation prize for those who do not win

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

News 17 comments

Yes, we're recruiting! We are looking for texturers that are willing to work on this mod for the civilizations that are still unfinished. Also, voice...

Age of Empires III Improvement Mod v. 1.2
Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III Improvement Mod v. 1.2

Age of Empires III Improvement Patch 0 comments

The Improvement mod is now out, so now what? Should there be a patch for the expansion packs, or should I work on v. 1.2?

Middle-Earth Total Conversion: Battles of  Middle-Earth

Middle-Earth Total Conversion: Battles of Middle-Earth

News 5 comments

Middle-Earth Total Conversion: Battles of Middle-Earth is a total conversion for Age of Empires III. based on books based on Middle-Earth. featured civs...

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AoE3 - Revised 1.2.2

AoE3 - Revised 1.2.2

AoE3 - Revised Full Version 16 comments

Standalone 1.2 - For AoE3 with The Warchiefs and The Asian Dynasties expansions.

Age of Empires III Improvement Patch v. 3.0

Age of Empires III Improvement Patch v. 3.0

Age of Empires III Improvement Patch Full Version 44 comments

New in v 3.0: Explorer can now build everything! (Including Factories) Explorer can now train settlers (Including French) Wall upgrades now give over...

Age of Empires III Improvement Patch v. 2.2

Age of Empires III Improvement Patch v. 2.2

Age of Empires III Improvement Patch Full Version 0 comments

Not many changes this time. Adds unlimited shipments for all civs (including civs for TAD and TWC) Unlimited build and population for TAD and TWC

Age of Empires III Improvement Patch v. 2.1

Age of Empires III Improvement Patch v. 2.1

Age of Empires III Improvement Patch Full Version 0 comments

This is the second version of the Improvement patch! There are so many changes I don't have enough space to tell you all of it. Enjoy!

Age of Empires III Improvement Mod

Age of Empires III Improvement Mod

Age of Empires III Improvement Patch Full Version 9 comments

Thank you for installing Age of Empires III: Improvement Mod! The Readme.txt in the zip gives installation details, big improvements this mod gives, and...



Multi-Explorer Demo 4 comments

The Multi-Explorer Is A 100% Pure OverHaul Of: AOE3 + TWC + TAD! The Main Feature Is The Explorer(Of Course)! This Feature Allows The Explorer To: Harvest...

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my mom found this game on trash. she bringed it to me and i was like. no f****** way.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hey does anyone know were to get this game for free? please?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes

if you want illegal go to torrents or blogspots,..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

you buy it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Best game ever! I played it when I was like 5 and didn't get the game and then completely forgot about it and last year I Finally found it and haven't stopped playing it. MAD GAME OF STRATEGY!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes

does this work for mac versions?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes


Hi just wanted to let all those Battlefront fans know that there is a page on facebook with 5,500 likes called "Who Else Wants Star Wars Battlefront III ?" The aim is to get Lucasarts to notice what fans actually want. If you wish to show your support simply log onto Facebook and go to the page and click Like.

Gaming websites have taken notice and even written articles so Lucasarts can see and every like that the page gets is another step towards Battlefront 3 being developed.

Thanks :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma-10 votes

I can understand you posting this on Star Wars game's pages, but here? Please, keep it related to the game...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Hm. Why did you post this here? A little out of place.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes
feillyne StaffSubscriber

WFG-Kimball wrote: This game was great in some ways, horrible in others.

For starters, modding is discouraged in Age of Empires III. You can't add new models, new animations or modify the interface a whole lot in comparison to the late and great Age of Mythology. To avoid going into details, it's nearly like they wanted to drift away from the modding community, leaving their loyal AoM fans behind in a cloud of dust.

To those who really think that the above rant is without reason, from HeavenGames site:

LordTahattus wrote: So, what are the current No-nos?
You cannot make new animations. (unless you have the customized granny engine ES used)
You can make an unit mount/dismount a horse, but it'll happen instantly since there are no animations for this.
You can only attach things to attachpoints, invisible spots in the models.
You cannot attach anything to a model if it doesn't have attachpoints.
You cannot make new firepit dances without replacing older ones.
You cannot make a new nation use the native 5-politician system nor the asian wonder system.
You cannot make Asian nations age up with the European politician system.
You cannot make units convert other units without modifying the warchief conversion ability.
You cannot type non-american symbols in the randomnames.xml file, however you can use unicode description like &#..; which refers to unicode table.
You cannot make models fatten like sheep. The three stages of a sheep are actually three different models.
You cannot have more than 14 AIs in the game.
You cannot make new revolutionaries without replacing older ones.
You cannot make natives nor Asians revolt.
You cannot make a new market work properly.
You cannot make a new mill/farm/plantation with proper animations. Villagers won't walk around it (only applies to TWC and TAD)
You cannot make a new building wich toggles between abilities (factory, dojo, rice paddy to name some) work properly.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
feillyne StaffSubscriber

continued wrote: You cannot make new explorer-type units get a user-defined name.You cannot use Home City units in the game. They have different animations.
You cannot add civ-specific music.
You cannot make skins be read outside art folder.
You cannot make units attack while moving.
You cannot make an unit transform into a different unit. You may pretend a transformation by using stances.
You cannot change lighting during gameplay using a tech or power.
You cannot add situation songs - like the revolution one.
You cannot create a tech to be researched many times (fixed in TAD).
Population cannot be greater than 200. (fixed in TAD)
While you can import models from other games, you cannot add new animations to those models. Obviously, you cannot import anything from AoK since it's 2D, don't even think about AoE1.
Town Center is the only building that researches politicians.
AoE3 only plays .wavs with very specific characteristics. Look for them before creating a .wav file.
Consulate is the only building where you can starts relations with another civ.
You cannot make a new building toggle on the export trickle like the consulate.
Macehualtin animations only work with Macehualtin model.
It's not possible to replace Town Centers with the "TransformUnit" effect.
You cannot modify Shaolin Monk's ability to create something that's not a disciple.
You cannot change a civ's flag without revolution.


And that's simply rude how Tyranick bashes a person and calls his names... no comment except these two.

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no modding no buy from me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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Not as good as AoE2, but still fun. Specialy with the expansion packs

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