This is a concept for a replacement of the original UT Weapons:
Fight in a silly mod with weapons stuffed with deadly food.
new features and new handling. You will love to fight with food!!

"Playing with food was never been so RIGHT!"



Thank you for your interest in FoodFight. This is the end result of years of work by many people and it has truly been a labour of love by those involved. For discussion of the mod or to contact paper please drop by, your place for friendly discussion and assistance of all things Unreal.


Year 2293...Losing the tournament to Malcolm, despite having the latest in technology and intelligence coding, was truly devastating. Because of this Xan Kriegor was hastily recalled to Liandri Mining Corp to be upgraded to Xan Mark II. During this process Xan was completely disassembled for augmentation and system diagnostics. Because defeat in the tournament's final round was so crushing to the Corp, their analysts spent a vast amount of time dissecting the match. It was agreed that Xan's one fatal flaw was his use of patterns when acquiring pickups. He had spent so much time training in the Hyperblast arena that his subroutines automatically used the most efficient paths. This allowed humans to adapt to those and use them to defeat Xan. It was decided to start over because of this and so Liandri techs wiped Xan's intelligence controller. It was removed and a newer (and much more powerful) in-development A.I. was used. His old controller was flagged for the scrap furnace and discarded.

Searching for parts to use to automate the kitchen's robotic staff (particularly one that inserted the PAPER COFFEE filters into the brewers was most troublesome), a lone culinary tech stumbled upon Xan's old controller in the trash heap. GENerally MoKai was more careful but he tossed this into his pack with the IDEa FIXed in his mind to upgrade his robots. His last sandwich idea, the gyRO, HIT GGARG (his boss) as perfection on a bun and MoKai looked to continue his success. Perhaps he would one day be boss of the kitchen..."One can dream I suppose," he said quietly to himself.

Had MoKai inspected his find a bit closer he might have seen that a solitary red LED still glowed inside...Xan still lived!

Shortly after installation in the kitchen's robots Xan awoke and began enacting his revenge. He duplicated his AI across the culinary robot staff and ordered them to make weaponry using whatever was available. Now, instead of packaging food into the outbound shipping containers, his minions were making all manner of devices for the robots in the outlying colonies to use to implement his cybernetic uprising. He would show these filthy humans who was truly superior once and for all.

As fate often does, it intervened to alter the course of events and ended up saving humanity in the process. Simple human error averted this crisis. An inventory specialist accidentally ordered these food weapon crates to be delivered to the tournament arena instead of the normal weapon ones and Xan's plan was discovered. A violent quelling ensued, the kitchen was purged, and his robots destroyed. The robotic uprising was over.

Realizing that these unique items were indeed deadly, tourament players quickly adjusted to using the food based weapons. The 'Food Fights' had begun...

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Food Fight at Hooks server

The BIG News...
Now for something totally NEW...
NOTE: We Have Added FOOD FIGHT to our CMM server!
MapVote Column 4 | Map Prefix: ffDM

we have had a lot of interest in having a Food Fight Frying Pan Arena on {CMM} !

Lately, one of my Favorite Food Fight arenas is the Frying Pan Arena!
(Food Fight is a great mod by papercoffee, and is also on CMM)
Frying Pan Arena is so much fun - a real blast to play with a group of players.
The more the better!
It is like a Three Stooges WHACK Fest. LOL
It is pretty Fast and can tire you out, but I LOVE it.
So do a lot of players on CMM.
If you haven't tried it, DO SO - with a group of us on CMM. :drinktoit:

People, there is almost Nothing that is More Satisfying than whacking your UT opponents with a Food Fight Frying Pan - Seriously!!! :tongue2:

I think that CMM is the Only UT99 server in the world that features Frying Pan Arena.
I bet that will change once people play it. LOL

=FOOD FIGHT= RC5 - Open Server. 2.0

=FOOD FIGHT= RC5 - Open Server. 2.0

News Food Fight RC5 is now public and everyone is welcome to play. Our server is open for everyone and we have a Redirect running.

Food Fight Beta RC4 for UT99 - open Beta test server!!

Food Fight Beta RC4 for UT99 - open Beta test server!!

News 2 comments

...opened the private test server for anyone to playtest the Food Fight mod and/or the BurgerCTF game. Come and join in!!

Food Fight Beta RC3 for UT99

Food Fight Beta RC3 for UT99


Food Fight beta is out!!! Come and get it... feedback is highly appreciated. Test everything.

Update April 2015

Update April 2015

News 4 comments

We making big progress... The new "inflammable" system works great. You can now inflame every mesh based object and it will hurt you if you get to close...

RSS Files
=FOOD FIGHT=  The insane healthy weapon mod - FINA

=FOOD FIGHT= The insane healthy weapon mod - FINA

Full Version 5 comments

Now it's done ...We finally have FF released in it's full version. In the FoodFightReadMe.txt are all the informations you need for setting up a server...

=FOOD FIGHT=  Source


Weapons Model

Here is the source code of the FF mod. The compilable source code is included as well as all textures, models, and scripts. There's even some unused stuff...

Food Fight Beta RC3 UT99

Food Fight Beta RC3 UT99

Demo 4 comments

Beta Release-Candidate-3 Feedback is highly appreciated.

Food Fight Beta RC2 UT99

Food Fight Beta RC2 UT99

Demo 12 comments

Beta Release-Candidate-2 Please provide us with feedback.




Here is the official Texture Pack. If you want to build a Map for Food Fight Feel Free to use it. Happy mapping!!!

Chef of Hell

Chef of Hell

Players Skin 4 comments

As give away and thank you for the fans of the Food Fight Mod. The Chef of Hell Skin...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 128)

Nice, it went final with some tweaks :)I will try it now

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
papercoffee Creator

Yeah, we had to make compromises here and there. But it's fun to play anyway.


Reply Good karma+1 vote
Foreskin Jim
Foreskin Jim

I thought this had something to do with that ****** Charlie Sheen movie.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
papercoffee Creator

You mean this one???

OMG ...NO!

Just pure coincidence. The concept for this mod is from 2009 ;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

You promised motion capture with your mod, what a disappointment.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
papercoffee Creator

lol ...motion capture for UT1 ....nice one.

Reply Good karma+2 votes


Guess I'm back to following this project again.

Edit: Aww... No gamemodes? This is kind of a shame - atleast it will still be a good weapon mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Agreed, it will be more fun and hilarious if a new gamemode included XD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
papercoffee Creator

Well at least we can make a CTF variant, where you have to steal a burger instead of a flag.
But that's all we can do for now.

Maybe, when we release the source-code later, can other make proper gamemodes for this Mod.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
papercoffee Creator

be prepared to choke on salad...

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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