Five Elite Mercenaries are send to an Island in middle of the 1980'. The Task: Find and Eliminate a local Drug Baron. Features: new Physic, real Sunmovement, Day/Night Change, Hunger/Food system, realistic (!) Weather system, Light/Dark viewing system for AI, 5 different Fractions on the Island. Complete Realistic simulation of nearly all things, including Sleep. New weapons, new Vehicles. Vehicles driving system is now exact (!) like GTA IV , FireSystem,... this mod is Heavily inspired by GTA, IGI, FarCry.

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pvcf Author

turned off GTA like HUD, switched ON difficulty level SIMULATION and: bone dry hardcore military survival simulation XD

every player can customize OPCL due his personal taste and playingstyle.
in that mode the weight of carried equipement, players health and players fitness and players training influence heavy his ability to move, swimm, dive and jump.

this gives you the chance to play the game again with complete different conditions. but as bonus you can use more things in that mode and have also more missions XD

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Wow, the time you've spent into this mod, it seems to pay off!

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pvcf Author

5 years XD

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I now feel that the game is going towards a theme that I fell in love with long ago. A theme that was left unfinished by a group that the publishing company had no faith in continuing further development in. Boiling Point: Road to Hell provides a universe quite similar to this one and I am glad to see the maps and physics in action along with the nice weapons. I know that you had already explained the theme and I just wanted to throw it out there. This looks to be growing quite well and I feel that these efforts will exceed publisher expectations. A more polished product may even reach the Steam Greenlight where you could charge or provide free to play content through. Through providing it commercially, this mod will need to be completely original and I know that the majority of this is if not  percent of what I remember seeing.

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pvcf Author

ofcourse i cant get paid for models which was provided by the helpers and co workers of opcl or which i found as 3ds max filees in the internet! thats why this mod wont get be sold, its for free for use and everyone can use what i have done XD
btw none of the videos provided yet shows the real gameplay, because that will extremely depend on your players character and his values, difficulty level and playingstyle. also i would spoil story related things. so wait until you can play it actually byself, i swear you will be blowed away XD
i have played opcl or some parts THOUSEND times and i cant stop it! and i cant play standart farcry anymore ^^
in Counterstrike (which i actually play) i always try to pick up barrels and throw them in de_dust in the tunel XD or i try to destroy dropped weapons by shooting them in pieces (its all possible in OPCL) :)

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devkid demo level, all at same place but different day times (except last picture, its some miles away and indoor, sorry for broken light shader, will fix it if i have time to work further on)

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