Version 9.0 has been uploaded! It can be found at the Downloads page of this mod. It's still a WIP, so expect some issues.

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this will be updated as we continue with improving the mod etc. included here are: suggestions, plans, stuff included from older versions of reborn.

Posted by sbseed on May 4th, 2011

-traps (old suggestion)
-pack brahmin (carry extra loot on your journeys)
-dogmeat (increased usefullness)
-keep original weapons etc.
-build-able fortifications (not sure)
-limited commander ability (not sure)
-caravan survival
-pip-boy upgrades to control home settings (not sure)
-no HUD, minimal HUD, moderate HUD, full HUD settings (possibly)

Planned for V9 and updates:
-traps (other than land-mines)
-mannequins (show off your spoils of war)
-improvements to all major settlements (planned for V9+)
-added more challenge and skill to the game
-new travel stuff (no its not vehicles, yet)
-weapons (adding some)
-new quests (will have to wait and see)
-companions (tweaking, more usefull, etc.)
-caravan (added some security so they dont die as easily)
-GUI teaks (less/no HUD plus)

Stuff thats already included:-bushes and trees (greening up the wasteland a bit)-Real Life weapons (most if not all of the weapons from previous reborn)-added armor BDU's (also from previous reborn)-bottle water using empty containers (sorry no re-use, balance/value/challenge)-air support (getting some upgrades too)-perk reworks-grenades (stun, incinerate, pipe, etc.)-repair system (tweaks, additions)-sneak (tweak)-run speed-travel (add, tweaks, settings)

information on the current text documents for the alpha version of Reborn V9:

-Made fists more useful, scoring a critical will knock down an opponent. base damage multiplied by 10, level up damage increase multiplied by 5-Two handed melee weapons now deal half the damage, but will usually knock a human out if they do not kill with the first strike (this can happen to the player too!). This sounds over-powered, but I found that melee weapons were almost useless in my mod, and you were probably better off pissing on an enemy than hitting him.-Re-worked most of the weapons to support RH_ironsights. RH-Ironsights is now REQUIRED for the mod to work properly.-Re-worked the needs system to be far more stable, realistic, and stat based. You also need to use food/meds one at a time, and you cannot use weapons while using them.-Re-worked the night-vision goggles to have a (crappy) 3D model, more options, and greater availability, they also consume fission batteries.-Limited HUD assistance, no more rad counter, sneak menu, HP, AP, air menu, or crosshair HUD (unless you're aiming in 3rd person).-Toned down the auto-aim, this isn't a console game.-VATS has been disabled, no more easy way out of combat.-Level max has been raised to 100, it now takes almost twice the XP to level up and the base Skill Points per level up = 3 + Intelligence instead of 10 + intelligence.-Removed the royal wasteland bank.-Increased some radiation sources by 10 times more rads/sec. It's recommended you either avoid these areas or use the improved rad suits to survive the radiation.-Followers now level up independently of you.-Increased Mirelurk damage values.-removed SCAR-L-Greatly reduced the amount of ammo and chem loot you can find on enemies and in containers and around the wastes.-Fixed TMP Silenced not sounding right, and fixed reload animation.-Set FN-FAL to be fully automatic, and replaced the ACOG variant with a scoped version.-Upped the desert eagle damage by 30 points.-Fixed M79 Grenade Launcher-Replaced the AWM unscoped with vanilla-style hunting rifles.-Removed some of the annoying tutorial messages.-Tweaked all the perks to better fit with Reborn.-Fixed the high RPM M249 to use 5.56x45mm, not 7.62x51mm.-Changed chest crippled stagger chance from 50 to 100 percent.-Changed the one crippled leg speed to 60 instead of 85 percent.-Changed the two crippled legs speed to 40 instead of 75 percent.- Added in a sprint system that allows you to sprint when you hold Shift.-Tweaked the Stun Grenade effects, to make them more useful.*Put in an option in the player house terminal that allows you to change the amount of enemies that populate the wasteland, from 1 to 10 times.-Tweaked the Light Step perk to only give you a 50% chance of not triggering enemy traps.-Removed several perks, to fit Reborn better.-Changed menu tooltips to fit Reborn better.-Tweaked Scrounger and Fortune Finder perks to be more balanced.-Raised the level and skill requirements for most perks (to fit with the 100 level cap).-Added the Benelli M4 shotgun.-Fixed the alien ship crash random event to NOT send the ammo flying everywhere, and to include more ammo.
-------------------------POSSIBLE TO DO-------------------------------------
Update Player House Terminal with latest info.-Allow the player to access mod settings right out of the Vault.-Make sleeping pass time, tweak fatigue effects.-Add dreaming (quests).-Add new vault quests at age 13, 17, and 18.-Add readable books with 5 questions you must answer correctly to get the skill points.-Add new quests related to getting old and having a family, die of old age. Playable sequences at 29, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 76 (death).-Add relationships, and ability to start a family.-Increase flamer range.-Add rain effect to the game.-Plantable traps, and the ability to take enemy traps (with a high enough repair skill).-Add new portable turrets (Browning M2 .50, 5.56mm minigun, 40mm MK19).-Allow robotic expert perk to go to level 2 and 3, two allows deactivate OR re-program, three offers the option to resurrect dead robots.-Merge DLCs with game.-Add cover system.-Add drivable vehicles.-Find a way to tweak the mysterious stranger to work outside of VATS.-Add very limited amounts of power armor to the game, make them take fission batteries and have powers (Crysis style).-Make weapon condition NOT affect damage, but add chance to randomly jam when firing.-Add new air support in, Artillery Strike, Apache Gunship, Predator Drone, Supply Crate, Vertibird Gunship, Tac Nuke.

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bighed23 May 5 2011 says:

whats wrong with the bank and the ironsight thing?

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Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 May 5 2011 replied:

The bank was removed because the interest makes getting caps too easy, when they're supposed to be hard to get in V9. And you don't want ironsights? Why not?

+2 votes   reply to comment
bighed23 May 5 2011 replied:

ok with the bank thing then,
i didnt mean to say "i dont want ironsights", but you really need an extra mod as requirement?
i didnt specify better, mybad,.

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Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 May 5 2011 replied:

Oh, I need an extra mod due to the fact that the creator of the mod won't let me use any part of it, even if I credit him. Well, he will, but he says my mod can only be uploaded to Fallout 3 Nexus, then. So the work around is to require that you download his mod, and I can upload my mod where I wish.

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bighed23 May 5 2011 replied:


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Genesis2090 May 5 2011 says:

hey man remember me haha xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 May 5 2011 replied:

Yeah, why? :P

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Conchobhar May 5 2011 says:

We want ironsights! Hell yea

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Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 May 5 2011 replied:

Some of them are really crappy looking, because of the limitations of the mod, but in the end, I think it's worth it to be able to have a more-or-less HUD-free game.

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Druidmancer Jul 23 2011 replied:

hey man, loving the mod so far, but is there a way for me to get the old weapons back instead of the new ones?

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Tymathee May 6 2011 says:

Can't wait man, great job! Some of those "possible to do"s sound awesome, although wouldn't the age thing screw with the storyline, it's not like everyone else is aging but you are.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 May 6 2011 replied:

Well, everyone would age and or die accordingly. It would more or less be an hour-long playable ending to the game that you initiate when you're done with a game. Some people might keep playing on one account, but I make a new one every so often.

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