Version 9.0 has been uploaded! It can be found at the Downloads page of this mod. It's still a WIP, so expect some issues.

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Theres nothing better then waking up and getting out of your cold steel vault to a brand new fall out, this mod can barley be called a mod in my opinion this is more like a brand new game. The only thing from what I saw that was untouched was the scenery and back ground every thing else was ether replaced or done up to the point where you could not tell what it was before hand. This mod brings a whole brand new harsh and fun environment to Fallout 3. The one thing I really loved about this mod was the realistic weapons such as the P90 and the Arctic Warfare. I can say nothing more than well done and I hope to see more of this mod. 9/10


The most amazing realism that I've ever seen in any game. It makes the game re-playable tenfold. 10/10


just pure awesome reality highly satisfied

Adds to Fallout 3 in the ways that count:
Realistic damage,
able to bottle water,
When you're set on fire you really feel like you are,
shell shock effect for explosives is a excellent addition,
completely fixes the addiction system with one that makes sense (so not around luck but how much you abuse a drug will determine you're chance of getting addicted),
A needs system so you have to eat, drink, sleep and go to the toilet.
robots are harder to kill which makes sense,
cars don't explode anymore when shot up,
and you can kill kids!

I wanted ammunition and stimpacks to be more rare though.

I am not a fan of removing plasma and laser weapons in V8. And I got sick of waiting for compatibility for the 5 DLC so I stopped using the mod after V7...

The newest version 9 has Limited HUD assistance (no rad counter, sneak menu, HP, AP, air menu, or crosshair HUD), as well as the removal of VATS seems rather counter to what the game designers intended but it does add to realism greatly.
It adds sprint, iron sights & the option to disable fast travel... (along with what I wanted ages ago, alot less ammo & chem in loot and compatibility for all DLC's) but I've already been enjoying that with The Wanderers edition for a while now so I'll have to recommend that instead. For New Vegas I would recommend Project Nevada (by the same guys).

This mod is super immersive and fun! I wish you can come back to finish this as a whole!

This mod create entirely new fallout 3 experience. Great work!

Well...******* MAKES FALLOUT 3 MORE EPIC! and more oriented to what is should be :)


Great Mod, customizable realism retouche for Fallout 3 is what most experienced players wanted

Amazing mod, definitely for the hardcore players who dislike the vanilla fallout's difficulty.

I can kill children... Time to take revenge on those bethesda coded ********!

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