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Well, I know most of you are grinning crazily over V7 being browner then... well, you know. Good news is, I will release a few specialized .esp files for you who like a little vegetation in your wasteland. But, you know me, I LLLOOOVVVVEEE controversy. And what better way to create some then by adding in a bunch of features found in your every-day FPS. Read below for more info.

Posted by Slayer_2 on Nov 27th, 2009


-Weapon slot system. THIS WOULD MOST LIKELY HINDER MY ATTEMPTS AT MODDING THE DLC. Tell me if you think it would be worth it. I have a basic prototype WORKING! WEAPON SLOTS, BITCHES! Comment on whether it's worth the 75% chance that the DLC may not be supported by Reborn V7. Worst case scenario, all expansion pack weapons are removed and replaced with standard weapons.

-Possible iron-sights (not 100% on this yet).

-Ammo and Aid maximums (I was considering giving ammo weight, but it's actually worse then the maximum ammo count idea). You may be able to boost the amount you can carry with things such as ammo packs. I also am trying to make strength factor into your ammo maximum.

-More damage, faster firing rates, different clip-sizes, the usual stuff.

-Possibly new names for guns and ammo.

-Working on a new jamming system (jams during firing, NOT during reload).

-(Hopefully) new and much louder gun sounds. No more "pew pew! I got a 10mm pistol".

-Adding in shell-shock, bleeding out, 3rd degree burns, and other lovely weapon-inflicted injuries.

-A VERY unlikely, but still possible weapon customization system that would be integrated with the Invention system. Some weapons could have up to three attachments, such as laser pointers, reflex sights, scopes, suppressors, and more


-The usual fanboy-killing changes. Stimpacks heal you over time. No more instant heal BS.

-Possibly new names for the Aid.

-Cigarettes are now smokable. I'm working on a smoke trail effect so you get that BioShock feel.

-Possibly new Aid such as bandages, Med-packs and EZ-Cool. Also a whole bunch of new food.


-Working on a new resistance system. For example, Power Armor will be great against bullets, but magnify the effect of laser and plasma weapons. You may also be able to breathe underwater, but you get cooked faster by flamers.

-Working on new HUD's with certain armors (helmets may restrict your FOV).

-A possible glasses system. You have a chance of being born with terrible vision, but can get glasses to alleviate the symptoms. Or you can find that guy hiding in a certain aircraft carrier and get laser-eye surgery.

Misc Items:

-Weight re-balancing. No more 1 pound spoons, but also no 0 pound caps or pre-war money.

-I'm trying to make Misc Items actually useful outside of quests. The new Invention system will help with that.


-Nuka Cola Machines now take pre-war money in exchange for various food/drink items. Kind of like, you know, a real vending machine :P

-I'm trying to make a banking system, but it's VERY annoying right now. It's all working, except the interest system, which is a pretty big component.

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sbseed Creator
sbseed Nov 28 2009 says:

awesome ideas, will be great to see what comes of them and/or how they are emplimented.

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Nov 28 2009 replied:

Thanks, perhaps a video will be up soon.

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kitethefallenangel Nov 28 2009 says:

Weapon slots? As in you'll no longer carry ridculous amounts of guns
and instead have a practical arsenal (Typical primary arm+side arm set)

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Nov 28 2009 replied:

Indeed. One pistol/sidearm, two main weapons, and explosive slot and a small melee weapon (such as a knife).

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jonasdc94 Nov 28 2009 says:

Well.. If it comes in the way of the DLC's(Espcialy the Broken stell DLC) i dont think its worth it, because i like that i can continue playing after the main quest is solved.

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Nov 28 2009 replied:

Well, it wouldn't be a FULL removal. But at worst, I may remove the DLC weapons. You'd still get the same gameplay, but you might be missing out on some or all of the new weapons.

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jonasdc94 Nov 28 2009 replied:

As long as i can still play the DLC's then i am happy^^ And cool mod you got there to :D

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Nov 28 2009 replied:

Alright, and thanks.

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MrCombineGuy Feb 28 2010 says:

Hello, i have some ideas.

First, what about making the trees a little less green, when its so green the wasteland just doesn't really feel dangerous, it feel really close to home and harmless, how about making the leafs abit browny and orange like its fall!

And how about a hunger and thirst mode and a cooking mode to go along with it, after all this is a roleplaying game, why not have needs and a cooking mode to help satisfy those needs.
at a point you get hungry or thirsty and start dropping health really slowely (might take 2days ingame to kill you), thats when you need to drink or eat, but all uncooked/unboiled drinks and foods has a chance to give you food poisoning, with food poisoning you lose a little health over time, it goes away eventually (stays on for about 5min) and it doesnt kill you, it only drops your health to its last bit, and you walk slowlier!
With the cooking, you can boil your drinks and cook your food, making it impossible for you to get food poisoning and lowers the radiaton in the drinks and food (not all the way) and grants you even more health when you eat cooked food and drink boiled drinks rather than uncooked food and unboiled drinks!

Thanks for your time!
And i hope you like these ideas!

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Mar 1 2010 replied:

The brown, dead trunks are back in V7.

Also, there is a needs system in V7, but it's not quite as in-depth as the one you mapped out there.

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themagman Mar 10 2010 says:

I would love Iron sights! Out of all of those updates I would adore ironsights. The only other request would be that you adjust weapon repair status to affect accuracy, mid firing jams etc. but not damage.

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Mar 13 2010 replied:

I wish I could, but I'm 99% certain that those features are hard-coded into the Gamebryo engine, making such a mod impossible.

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