I like to announce EVE: RTS (work name) It's a mod about EVE Online developed by myself, featuring ships and other objects directly from the original Game. Models and Textures were extracted using TriExporter. CCP confirmed that I can use their Artwork. (see end of summary)

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AI got new movement orders and some final tests.
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Mr.Thi Author

When AI has no real Unit limit ... this it what it does with it.

Actually there where 3 of this blobs in this game, moving through different Sectors. Two of Yellow and and one belonging to Red.

Impresive firefights if when they collide.

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This looks very interesting. So the ai navigates between Sectors and actively captures them? It's sometimes hard to believe what you modders get out of this old game^^

Will you also release a version for standard homeworld and how are the possibilities to see this in other mods?
I'd love to see this mode not in only in eve-rts, but also in mods like rearm or complex. The trend of many hw2-mods lies in adding more and more features, and this cries pretty much for bigger and more complex battlefields like your sector mode.

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Mr.Thi Author

I will release this next weekend I think. So you can all take a look at it and give some feedback. Vaygr will be fully playable.

It's not very easy to say but in general it could easily be used with other mods ships. If the Ships are not scripted (have shields or XP) It should work with little effort. A few arrays holding information about ships must be fixed so AI knows what to do - but that can be done by everyone who can use the Editor / Notepad.

But you would have to replace the AI files. So - if playing this mode you would have to rename them at least temporary.

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I'm nearly done now. All that's not working completly well is the retreat order for "civil" ships when their Military is loosing in a sector.

But all in all AI makes pretty nice decisions most of the time.

It will keep moving until it has found an enemy . . .then kill him or wait until he can. Of course it's a bit random too.

If a sector is attacked all surrounding Sectors will increase their propability to send troops. The same if the AI is attacking . . . So even Attacks from 2 or more Gates are possible if AI has Secotrs arround an enemy.

I hope you like this small sceenshow I took while testing.

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