Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG) is a mod for the games "Men of War" and "Men of War: Assault Squad" that randomly generates skirmish missions and lets you keep your surviving forces from one battle to another. Some people find this mod tricky to install the first time - please read the readme.txt carefully and ask for help (if you need it) on our forums here on this site, or at the game developer's site.

Instructions for playing the Dynamic Campaign Generator for Men of War

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Men of War Dynamic Campaign Generator Gameplay Instructions

1. Installation and Configuration

2. The Main Screen

DCG Screen

If you are starting the Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG) for the very first
time, you will not see the Main Screen but instead you will be taken to the Campaign
Screen (see below) immediately after setup is complete. However, after that you
will always see the Main Screen when you start DCG.

On the status bar at the bottom of the Main Screen you will see the date of the
current campaign in progress and a "Ready" indicator that means DCG is in
standby mode, waiting for the next time you save your game. You should always
leave DCG running while you are playing Men of War so that it can detect when
you save your game.

The Main Screen also provides buttons for you to "Start a New Campaign" or
Backup or Restore an existing campaign. Additionally, there are buttons which
return you to the Settings Screen or Quit DCG. Finally, there are buttons for
entering the Map Data Editor or Operation Editor, which can be useful if you
intend to customize DCG (this is not necessary for most players).

3. The Campaign Screen

DCG Screen

You will see the Campaign Screen when you first start DCG, or when you select
"Start a New Campaign" on the Main Screen, or when you complete an operation (at
which point you are allowed to change theatres or skip ahead in the war.

If you are starting a new campaign, you are allowed to choose the nation you
will play on the first dropdown. After that you must choose a theatre from the
following dropdown and an opposing nation from the dropdown after that (if there
is more than one opposing nation in the theatre).

You can use the calendar to pick a desired starting date within the range
allowed. Finally, you may select a specific operation (either random or
"historical") from the last dropdown. If you do not select an operation, an
appropriate one for the nations and time you chose will be randomly selected for

4. The Purchase Screen

DCG Screen

The Purchase Screen allows you to "buy" and refit squads and equipment to use in
the battles that DCG generates.

The Player Units list at the top left corner shows the troops which are
currently at your command. You begin with nothing, so this list will be blank
when you first see this screen. Above this list you will see an indicator of the
maximum allowed size of your force and the current size of your force. Each
soldier has a "size" of 1. Each vehicle or cannon also has a size which varies
by type. When your current force size is equal to or greater than the maximum
(it can become greater when you capture equipment in a battle), you will no
longer be allowed to purchase more forces unless you disband some existing
squads or equipment. Each time you win an operation, your maximum allowed force
size will rise by 8.

Additionally, you can drag and drop soldiers between your squads and vehicles
using this list up to the maximum allowed crew and squad size. Finally, you can
right-click on this list to purchase replacement crew for vehicles or squads,
though typically not from the full list of available soldier types.

Below the Player Units list are buttons which allow you to do additional things
to your units. One button allows you to add blank squads to that list, if you
wish to reorganize your soldiers into other squads between battles. Another
button allows you to reset the inventory of the selected unit to its default,
which is useful if it is running out of ammo. Another button allows you to
disband a unit if it is taking up too much space (sometimes you will get points
for doing this if the unit disbanded is very valuable equipment). One other
button allows you to view a details popup, including inventory, paint scheme for
some vehicles, and fuel remaining for vehicles. The popup allows you to refuel
vehicles for a price.

The Force Pool list at the top right shows available units which you can choose
to purchase if you have enough points. The number of points you currently have
is indicated just above this list. The list shows a name of the vehicle,
equipment, or squad, the number remaining for purchase on the current day, the
cost to you in points if you purchase the item, the size it will take up in your
force, and the rarity of the item (how likely it is to appear on the list on any
given day). Items will only appear on this list if the current campaign date
falls in the range of dates when they historically saw service.

A button near the bottom labelled "Procure Selected Equipment or Squad" allows
you to transfer that item into your own force and deducts the cost from your
current points. If the size of the item is too big or you do not have enough
points, you will receive a message and the transaction will be cancelled.

5. The Operation Screen

DCG Screen

The operation screen shows small thumbnails of all the battle maps, referred to as "map
thumbnails," that are part of an operation. The map thumbnails are arranged in a
grid pattern showing their relative position in the operation. Each map
thumbnail has a small flag indicating which nation is currently in control of
the map. A line or series of lines between the map thumbnails show where the
front lines are between the opposing nations.

Some map thumbnails have a small
icon indicating that a supply source exists at that location. Supply sources are
crucial because when one side captures all the supply sources in an operation,
that side achieves victory and the operation ends. Supply sources are also
important because any unit which cannot trace an unbroken path back to a supply
source through map thumbnails controlled by its own side is considered out of
supply. A unit which is out of supply cannot purchase replacements or rearm and
refuel between missions.

Some map thumbnails have point values indicated above them. These point values
indicate the amount of bonus procurement points the player receives if the
player wins the operation while that map thumbnail is controlled by the player.
Some map thumbnails also have names above them. Names do not have any gameplay
effect and only exist for historical flavor.

The operation screen also shows rectangular icons which represent large concentrations of
troops, called "units." Each unit is situated on a map thumbnail which
represents its current position in the operation. An arrow pointing away from a
unit towards another map thumbnail indicates that the unit has been ordered to
attack the battle map represented by the adjacent map thumbnail. The setup
area of a battle which takes place as a result of that movement would be on the
adjoining edge. Each unit has a colored background that indicates which nation
it represents. Units belonging to the player's nation or its allies can be moved
by the player by means of dragging and dropping them on map thumbnails with the
mouse. Units which occupy a friendly map thumbnail will defend during the
current turn. Units which are dragged on to an enemy-controlled map thumbnail
will attack during the current turn and this is indicated by an arrow pointing
from the unit to the map thumbnail it is attacking. Double arrows indicate that
two adjacent units are attacking each other and that which of the two map thumbnails
the battle will be fought upon is not yet known.

One unit, referred to as the
"player unit" is marked with the word "PLAYER" below the icon and represents the
player's troops. The disposition of the player unit controls what battle map
is loaded in Men of War for the current turn and whether the player will be in a
generally offensive or defensive role during the battle. The results of attacks
not directly involving the player unit are calculated behind the scenes. If
multiple units attack the same map thumbnail the odds of success or defeat
change in proportion to the number of units involved. If multiple units attack
the same map thumbnail that the player unit is attacking or defending, the
player may face many extra enemy troops in the battle or the player may find
additional allied troops appear in the battle.

If the player unit is dragged to a map thumbnail which is not adjacent to a
friendly-controlled map thumbnail a special type of battle called an
"infiltration mission" is triggered. An infiltration mission is different from a
typical battle in that the player will only be able to use infantry in the
battle and the objectives of the infiltration mission are unknown until the
battle begins. If the player unit is dragged to a map thumbnail which is not
being attacked by an enemy unit and the player unit is also not attacking, then
the battle during the current turn will be against fewer enemy troops than usual
and will gain the player fewer procurement points if victory is achieved.

The icons which represent units give clues as to the kind of troops they may
bring to a battle. You can right-click on a unit to get more information about what kind of equipment it may contain.

After the battle takes place each turn and the results are determined,
any contested map thumbnails change sides if the attacker won the battle. Any units
which were defeated are forced to retreat to another map thumbnail controlled by
their side. If a unit which is forced to retreat is surrounded by
enemy-controlled map thumbnails that unit is eliminated for the remainder of the
operation. If all units on one side are eliminated in this fashion, the side
with units remaining achieves victory and the operation ends immediately.

At the bottom of the operation screen on the left is a count of days remaining
in the current operation. If this number drops to zero the operation ends in

At the bottom of the operation screen on the right is a button marked "Done"
which should be clicked when the player is satisfied with the setup of the
operation for the current turn.

6. The Deployment Screen

DCG Screen

The Deployment Screen allows you to adjust the deployment of your forces before
the battle begins in Men of War.

The map at the right of the screen shows the battlefield that you will fight on
next. Above the map, you will see a brief description of the mission ahead, if
available. Standard missions will show one or more red circles indicating the
objectives you must capture in order to win the battle. A light blue box shows
the deployment area for your troops.

You will see light blue dots in your deployment area representing all of your
available troops for that mission. You can change the position of those troops
by selecting the unit you want to move from the list on the left and then
clicking in the deployment area on the new location that you want them to appear
at the start of the battle. The dot or dots indicating the unit which is
currently selected for redeployment will appear white.

You may un-check the box next to any unit on the list on the left if you want it
to appear in battle as a reinforcement. You may change the position where the
reinforcement first appears in the same way you redeploy other troops.
Reinforcements which are not currently selected appear as dark blue dots.

When you are satisfied with the deployment, click the "Done" button in the lower
right. If you are already running the Dynamic Campaign Mission in Men of War, it
should automatically take you back to the game and you need to select "Restart
Mission" from within Men of War to begin playing the new mission. If you are not
already running Men of War, simply load the game and start the Dynamic Campaign

When the mission begins, be sure to check your objectives for that mission (by
default, press the "o" key). The items on the objectives display will show the
conditions required to achieve victory and will present a binoculars icon next
to each applicable condition that, when clicked, highlights the relevant area of
the map.

When you complete the Dynamic Campaign Mission in Men of War (whether you win,
lose, or simply decide to stop the mission to preserve your forces), simply save
the mission using the name that you specified in the DCG setup and you will be
returned to the beginning of this process to set up your next mission.

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Hey I don't know why but when I enter the Deployment Screen It says that it cant show the mini map and when I press done anyway, A bunch of error screens start coming up telling all sorts of things. Any tips on how to fix it? If not please do your best to try and fix this problem In the 3.0 version. If you find a solution email it to me at

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Zeke_Wolff Creator

Did you install all necessary three softwares from Microsoft (XNA. NEt, Visual #J)?


Reply Good karma+2 votes

simply save the mission using the name that you specified in the DCG setup and you will be returned to the beginning of this process to set up your next mission" where is this in the dcg menu I dont recall seeing that in the dcg menu

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

nvrmind i got it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I dont get it. Where to find the development and reinforcement screen? I dont know how to continue the mission

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Ok so ive completed several missions and saved it like i should but nothing comes up and i cant move on to the next battle. not sure what to do.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

In your settings, there is a save folder you have to specify. It needs to be set as your MoW save folder, then after that you must put \campaign. When you save in game, you save your save file as campaign. If you set the save to \cabbage then you save your save file as cabbage and so on and so forth.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

my save name is, (as told in the tutorial)/save/result

and when i save, naming this save "result", nothing happens at all. the mission goes on.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Try using "\" instead of "/".

So you should use "\save\result"
instead of "/save/result", like you said you were using.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

when i click done in the deployment window it nothing happens, do i need to be running men of war while i set this up.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

same problem. i am trying to load a game called "result" (the name of the file created in the save folder), but i can't find it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, I'm having trouble with the set/environment file. it's just empty. i've tried reinstallation but i get the same problem. I downloaded all the 3 programs for it to work. : / I tried re-installing those as well.

Edit: i also have the steam version of the game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

When i press done at the screen you place soldiers nothing happens help ???

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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So this is how i put it on my save part C:\Users\Curtis\Documents\my games\men of war - assault squad\profiles\player\save\results/japan 2. still no screen shows up after im done mission. need help

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My save folder is set as C:\Users\AJAngeli\Documents\my games\men of war\profiles\player\save and still nothing :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

ok, one question: i defend a case, defeat a unit of a few infatry, trucks and motorbikes, i attack them the next turn and they have panzers and all while i can barely refill my unit? these are the 2 first turns of my campaign

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Same thing happens to me. They need to add custom amount of unit points and custom troop limit so you dont get steamrolled by panzers.

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Jason1_ Author

Up until v4.0 you just had to attack empty squares on the operation screen. That way you would never see an enemy tank in the whole war!

Alternatively, you could only attack infantry "divisions" but you have to right-click on the unit icon to really see what's in it (e.g. many U.S. infantry divisions have more tanks than a German panzer division)

In v4.0, though we changed it so that idle tank "divisions" can send tanks even to empty squares, but it's somewhat rare.

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Is there a way to get custom amount of procurement points? I always run out of men, go to get more and have no points.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Jason1_ Author

You can select "easy start" in settings to get more at the beginning. Otherwise, you'll have to edit the xml files (eg reduce the cost of a squad or tank). However, some armies (like Germany have abundant squads for only a few points each, and you can never have less than 10 points, so you can get a few squads even in the worst circumstances.

Also, when you retreat early and you have few forces, sometimes your HQ will send you some artillery or other equipment to help beef up your force, so there's an extra advantage to retreating sometimes.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


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lol if you guys have installed it correctly then it would work. If you follow the video and instructions to a "tee" then you will enjoy this mod soon after!

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Id like to start with I absolutely love this mod, MOW is NOTHING without it! been playing many years now, some things I don't like, like the time limit to get into a red circle behind enemy forces...and the spawning defense missions, I miss old versions was more realistic.

Anyway my question : How do u win on large campaigns like kasserine pass etc? allies have to storm the land via beaches,but as axis I have no idea how to win..

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