Dawn of Glory is a TOTAL modification aiming to give Dawn Of War a brand-new cosmetic & gameplay overhaul:

+ Space Marines (a.k.a. Adeptus Astartes):

They will be separated into distinct Codex Chapters, each with its own visual flair & unique units & Different-looking Structures:

-1) Dark Angels: Reclusive Monk-Knights with zero sense of humor & an unmatched hatred for traitors & Chaos Astartes. Medieval-Gothic Theme.

-2) Space Wolves: Fierce & mettlesome warriors one & all, ever eager to carve their battle-deeds into illustrious sagas. Nordic/Celtic Theme.

-3) Blood Angels: Noble in both appearance & demeanor, a chapter of living legends renown for their highly-decorated/gilded Wargear & paraphernalia. Angelic/Biblical-Gothic Theme.

-4) Imperial Fists: Stoic, laconic & uncompromising siege/attrition experts. Greek/Spartan Theme. (Minotaur chapter included, despite all canon evidence stating otherwise)

-5) Raven Guard: Single-minded, resourceful & grimly pragmatic shadowy space-ninjas specializing in covert operations, surprise tactics & guerrilla warfare. GrimDark/Noir Theme.

-6) Ultramarines; Proud & staunch-headed scions of Gulliman, noted for their overtly monomaniacal dedication to the tenets & maxims of the Codex Astartes. Roman Theme.

+ Orks (a.k.a Greenskins)

+ NEW models for ALL Ork units (Gretchin Builders, slugga boyz, shoota boyz, storm boyz, bomma boyz, loota boyz); & custom NEW MODELS for the FlashGitz (& their Kaptin leader), The MegaNobz (& their squad leaders), also for the Warboss, MekBoy, & Mad Dok/PainBoy.

+NEW models for ALL Ork vehicles: WarTrukk, DeffKopta, Kill-Blasta, Kill Bursta, Deff Dredd.

+ NEW super units: Gorkanaut, Morkanaut, BattleWagon.

+ NEW models for all Ork Structures.

+ No more Waaagh Banner or Ork population mechanics nerfing the Orks.

+ Further gameplay changes are currently in the planning.

+ Imperial Guard (a.k.a Astra Militarum):

They will have two separate faction sub-types:

-1) Militarum Regiments (Cadians & look-alike)

-2) Militarum Legions (Steel Legions,Death Korps of Krieg, etc.)

although the two will play the same, they will have NEW different models each, & distinct unique (Elite) units.

Both sub-factions will have brand-new models for structures.

+ Tyranids (a.k.a the Great Devourer):

+ NEW bug-free & fully working models for ALL Tyranid units: Hormagaunts, Termagaunts, Rippers, Genestealers, Warrior Broods, Venom Broods, Raveners, Zoanthropes, Tyrant Guards, Carnifexes, Lictor Alpha, Brood Lord, Hive Tyrant, SwarmLord, Trygon.

+ Chaos (a.k.a. Traitor Legions):

+ NEW models for all Chaos units, with branching tech/builds depending on chosen Chaos Mark: Undivided, Khorne, Tzeench, Nurgle.

For those wondering about The Eldar (a.k.a Ynnari), Tau Empire, & Necrons (a.k.a Necrontyr): they will also be subject to a MAJOR REVAMP, but not right now. Dark Eldar & Sisters of Battle will not be included. I humbly apologize to the fans of these two factions...

There is so much more in store for you, my dear fellow gamers. If you are interested, you can keep track of this mod and stay up to speed with its progress!

Love you all!

yours faithfully,


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Hello dear 40K/DOW fans, & warm greetings to all the kind people following the Dawn of Glory mod.

After much Real Life trials & tribulations involving health issues, a workaholic spree, some academic commitments & whatnot, I have managed to restore some "order" into my chaotic life; I am once again back into the fray of modding!

What then?

My plan of action remains unchanged: due to the huge scale of my mod (remaking ALL 3D art/models/textures, as well as significant changes to races/gameplay mechanics), I will release it in incremental parts.


Now, many among you already know that the first release will feature the following races:

Dark_Angels vs Orks

Orks & Dark Angels only...

Not much of a first launch release, huh?

I thought so as well....

And that is exactly why I have decided...



to include the following race:

Yes: The Eldar, everyone's favorite space Elves, will also be included!

And so, the launch release of the insane Dawn of Glory MOD will have 3 (THREE) races in total.

And let me tell you: do NOT be fooled by the "only 3 races" thing. The amount of new, original, exclusive content in just this first part will be staggering! And remember: This is only the beginning!


Questions? Suggestions? You are welcome to ask. Do not be shy, and don't worry about "Google Translate English"; I will answer any & all questions, even from non-members... except the obvious "when will this be finished" -because asking so would be... pointless. Apologies, but you do know that's true.

Stay tuned, & cheers!

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Hello good sir!Your work is amazing and csn't wait for the release!Just couple of questions:
-Any plans for Blood Ravens and White Scars?
-Since this is 40k,will you add more blood and maybe body parts flying off after granade blast?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Ziani_FromSpess Creator

Greetings, sir!
-Blood Ravens don't really have anything special; they're quite bland & generic, so I don't plan to add them.
-White Scars are not planned for now; maybe later.
-Adding more blood is possible, but it uses extra system resources & is not very optimal.
-Flying body parts after explosions, is not possible in DOW engine... I'm sorry.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


It seems, nowadays, you are the only man left with us, who can model and implement in good quality in-game PRIMARIS space marines!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Ziani_FromSpess Creator

My dear friend! Of course I will make Primaris Space Marines; but I have to finish the basic factions first!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

This is only available if you have soulstorm correct?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ziani_FromSpess Creator

Oh, no worries! It will be compatible with Dark Crusade AND Soulstorm too! Both of them!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I can has Salamanders Chapter?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ziani_FromSpess Creator

Not immediately, but I do hope to include them in the future.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Will you be uploading more Dark Angel models to the images? I am very curious to see what the tacticals and scouts look like.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ziani_FromSpess Creator

Naturally, yes!

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