The mod adds a new faction - the followers of the Blood God Warband (former Legionaries of "World Eaters" legion and other Khornate Warbands).
If you dream of a new Bloody Crusade, then this mod is for you, Maniacs!
The main motto of mod: "All the units in the universe Warhammer 40K should be broken up!"

-jONES - Development support.
-Ferrum Infernus - 3D Content . Development support.
-Thudmeizer - Voices Base. Skirmish AI. Development support.
-Karandras - 3D Content . DoW2 models import .
-Fuggles - Economic System .Testing.
-Gambit - Names for buildings . Development support.Testing.
-Roderic2014 - Teamcolourable Textures. Teamcolour schemes. Development support.Testing.
-QerO - OE fixes. FXs. Taskbar. Testing.
-Dante Inferno - Fixed models. Taskbar. Voices Base.Testing.
-Evil Isador - UI , Blood for the Blood god condition.
-Chaos Daemons team - Fixed models.
-POK/FOK team - 3D Content .
-THQ - Game.
-Relic - Game.
-Iron Lore - SS addon.
-Games Workshop - For the creation of the Warhammer 40000 universe . - Development support. - Development support.
-Corsix's mod Studio - Great Tool for AE coding.
-And other guys who help little bit

Voiced Actors:
-Tim "Bulwark" Pedersen
-Benjamin Lind
-Anthony Poe
-Robert Doherty
-Scott Stoked
-Richard Garner
-Ian Wing Hines
-David Armostorng
-Dan Marfleet
-Jacob Browning

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Well , 2 years i do nothing with mod. And in autumn of 2015 i start to remade RAGE. And now , i think work done.

Full rebalanced and balanced.
Bugs will be cleaned. Gameplay remade.
New voice for all units. Fixed models.

Let start new Blood Crusade and crush all enemies of Lord Khorne !
Unleash the legions !
Let the slaughter begin !
Crush their backs !
Take their skulls !
Annihilate their bodies !
Eat their hearts !
Drink their blood !
Blood for the Blood God !
Skulls for the Skull Throne !

RAGE: World Eaters Warband . Release !

RAGE: World Eaters Warband . Release !

News 2 comments

RAGE: World Eaters Warband Released ! "All the units in the universe Warhammer 40K should be broken up!" Blood Crusade Coming ! More Sacrifices !

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RAGE 2.15 Patch

RAGE 2.15 Patch

Patch 6 comments

More balance and gameplay fixes,fixes of teamcolor schemes and deepstrike sounds. Thanks Gambit and Roderik , they make very much for patch 2.15 .

RAGE 2.0

RAGE 2.0

Full Version 17 comments

Full rebalanced and balanced. Bugs will be cleaned. Gameplay remade. New voice for all units. Fixed models. Let start new Blood Crusade and crush all...

Load Screen

Load Screen

Patch 6 comments

Presents to the boot screen mode. Putting at will . RAGE Load Screen .

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There are great KHORNE models from the mobile game freeblade.
Bloodline apparently has the Decimator but it would be great to have the Lord of Skulls, Brass Scorpion, etc.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Ultimate Apocalypse (Daemons) has an amazing Brass Scorpion.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Yes of course! Imagine, those models like a supreme looking supercar but without engine/transmission/seats/steering wheel inside.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Thanks man I found the solution to the problem, But another problem happens. While my troops are capturing a strategic point my BANNER seems to be color is just plain white. There are no signs or symbols. Any idea how to fix this?? Thanks GodBless

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
I_Chample Creator

You need instal this , maybe reinstal.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey man i insstalled the mod and tried to run it with mod manager but the thing is after the intro movie of the soulstorm we usually get the Copyright Screen I guess. My problem is that after several minutes it closes my soulstorm. Any idea what might cause the problem?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
I_Chample Creator

i don't know , maybe you don't have Objective_points mod ?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey man i gotta ask this. The only... ''bug'' i'm having is that the mod is not working as it should with the mod combiner; to be precise, i cannot reinforce most squads. I played separately them Rage:World eaters and everything works just fine. Every other faction i downloaded works fine, both separately and using the combiner. All except this. Do you have a solution to this maybe?
This has got to be the stupidest bug ever reported, but im really curious.
P. S. Awesome mod by the way, amazing job.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
I_Chample Creator

Wow , that's strange , what mods you use in combainer ?
Also i think you need use "Unification" mod. That's good mod for combine all new factions e.t.c

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I use most factions: Chaos Daemons, World eaters, Thousand Sons, Black Templars, Blood angels, dark angels, Mechanicus Explorators.
Like i said, i have not a single problem with any other faction or mod, whether i play in a combiner or standalone; all except this.

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За долгие труды и старания, а так же за исправление бага пищащих звуков лорда, торжественно присуждаю тебе 10 из 10! Ура товарищи! Ура!

Jan 1 2014 by EvaCadian

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