The mod adds a new faction - the followers of the Blood God Warband (former Legionaries of "World Eaters" legion and other Khornate Warbands).
If you dream of a new Bloody Crusade, then this mod is for you, Maniacs!
The main motto of mod: "All the units in the universe Warhammer 40K should be broken up!"

-jONES - Development support.
-Ferrum Infernus - 3D Content . Development support.
-Thudmeizer - Voices Base. Skirmish AI. Development support.
-Karandras - 3D Content . DoW2 models import .
-Fuggles - Economic System .Testing.
-Gambit - Names for buildings . Development support.Testing.
-Roderic2014 - Teamcolourable Textures. Teamcolour schemes. Development support.Testing.
-QerO - OE fixes. FXs. Taskbar. Testing.
-Dante Inferno - Fixed models. Taskbar. Voices Base.Testing.
-Evil Isador - UI , Blood for the Blood god condition.
-Chaos Daemons team - Fixed models.
-POK/FOK team - 3D Content .
-THQ - Game.
-Relic - Game.
-Iron Lore - SS addon.
-Games Workshop - For the creation of the Warhammer 40000 universe . - Development support. - Development support.
-Corsix's mod Studio - Great Tool for AE coding.
-And other guys who help little bit

Voiced Actors:
-Tim "Bulwark" Pedersen
-Benjamin Lind
-Anthony Poe
-Robert Doherty
-Scott Stoked
-Richard Garner
-Ian Wing Hines
-David Armostorng
-Dan Marfleet
-Jacob Browning

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RAGE 2.0 version release


Well , 2 years i do nothing with mod. And in autumn of 2015 i start to remade RAGE. And now , i think work done.

Full rebalanced and balanced.
Bugs will be cleaned. Gameplay remade.
New voice for all units. Fixed models.

Let start new Blood Crusade and crush all enemies of Lord Khorne !
Unleash the legions !
Let the slaughter begin !
Crush their backs !
Take their skulls !
Annihilate their bodies !
Eat their hearts !
Drink their blood !
Blood for the Blood God !
Skulls for the Skull Throne !

RAGE: World Eaters Warband . Release !

RAGE: World Eaters Warband . Release !

News 2 comments

RAGE: World Eaters Warband Released ! "All the units in the universe Warhammer 40K should be broken up!" Blood Crusade Coming ! More Sacrifices !

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RAGE 2.15 Patch

RAGE 2.15 Patch

Patch 7 comments

More balance and gameplay fixes,fixes of teamcolor schemes and deepstrike sounds. Thanks Gambit and Roderik , they make very much for patch 2.15 .

RAGE 2.0

RAGE 2.0

Full Version 21 comments

Full rebalanced and balanced. Bugs will be cleaned. Gameplay remade. New voice for all units. Fixed models. Let start new Blood Crusade and crush all...

Load Screen

Load Screen

Patch 5 comments

Presents to the boot screen mode. Putting at will . RAGE Load Screen .

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Dont know if you could help me but my UI in game is missing his textures everything else works fine the units and researches in the buildings and everything only the texture is missing in the bar (task bar)

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Which version are you running and are you combining it with anything such as unification?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

same problem here

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Brothers, the current version is not the latest one, so the issues you have are expected...
We are working in parallel, and from our part, the Rage UI (taken care by FreeUI mod) is done, BUT ONLY for the latest (unreleased) version.

Brother I_Chample, leader or Rage, is not available for sometime...
Perhaps PMing him, asking for an update will hot things up!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Do you need playtesters for the latest version?

If not is it close to being released? Seems the current version doest like Soulstorm Strongholds Mod. Love the mod by the way.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Brother I_Chample is nowhere to be found lately...
The last version I have is VERY good, and it DOES like Strongholds :)
Note that only this latest (unreleased) version is fully compatible with Unification/FreeUI/Strongholds.
Be a bit more patient, and perhaps send a PM directly at brother I_Chample!

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Hello there, this mod is amazing, the models and the way the units work is incredible. But there is a little balance issue, well 2. The Hell hounds do insane dmg for their tier, and for the number of troops per squad. They can defeat everything in seconds and cannot be stopped without tier 2 or 3 heavy units. The Juggernaut performs well, but it can be accesed a bit too early, as well the blood letters. Some sort of expensive addon in the HQ or building order should delay their recruitment. Even though all of them have a high power cost, just 1 battallion of each can decimate massive armies from other factions.

In my opinion they should deal 32-40 dmg instead, their speed and health ins unmatchable and their attack speed too, even with such a huge debuff they would perform dangerously well for a tier 0-1 unit. Besides that I can play with all other units without feeling bad about my friends in our pvp matches. Thank you for your outstandind work, and hopefully you will release a new patch.

In case you do, good luck with it.

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This mod is GREATLY re-worked brother draco100000.
Many new model addition, new UI (taskbar), blood abilities, updated tech, etc.

The latest version I have is VERY pleasing :) A real masterpiece.

Regrettably, brother I_Chample had a PC malfunction, and lost much of his latest progress :(

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Is there any way I can access to that version? I would be pleased to play it and I can give feedback if necesary.

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I_Chample Здравствуйте.
Тут в соседнем моде (А конкретно в Unification Mod) Gambit_1 сообщил что произошла авария на ноутбуке и из-за этого, я так понял, исчезли файлы с новой
версией мода.
Возникает вопрос, стоит ли нам в далеком будущем ждать новую версию?

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За долгие труды и старания, а так же за исправление бага пищащих звуков лорда, торжественно присуждаю тебе 10 из 10! Ура товарищи! Ура!

Jan 1 2014 by LeonardGOOG

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