The mod adds a new faction - the followers of the Blood God Warband (former Legionaries' of World Eaters " and other Khornate Warbands).
If you dream of a new Bloody Crusade, then this mod is for you, Maniacs!
The main motto of mod: "All the units in the universe Warhammer 40K should be broken up!"

-jONES - For the great help in the work on the mod. Testing .Guide my way.
-Thudmeizer - Voices Base. Skirmish AI. Guide my way.
-Ferrum Infernus - 3D Content . Models . Guide my way.
-Fuggles - Economic System . Fix English UCS .
-Karandras - 3D Content . Import DoW2 models .
-QerO - Fixed models. FXs. Testing. Taskbar.
-Dante Inferno - Fixed models. Testing. Taskbar. Voices Base.
-Gambit - Names for buildings . Testing . Help with mod. Patch 2.15
-Roderic2014 - Teamcolourable Textures. Teamcolour schemes. Patch 2.15
-Tim "Bulwark" Pedersen - Khornate Raptors Voices
-LeonardGOOG - Update Textures for DreadClaw .
-Goldenhorde - Information about Teeth of Khorne .
-Chaos Daemons team - Fixed models.
-POK/FOK team - 3D Content . FOK\POK models .
-THQ - Game .
-Relic - Game .
-Iron Lore - SS addon .
-Games Workshop - For the creation of the grand universe Warhammer 40000 . - Forum which helped. - Forum with which I began to move in modding .
-Corsix's mod Studio - Tool without which I would not even started to work .
-and some peoples)))

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Well , 2 years i do nothing with mod. And in autumn of 2015 i start to remade RAGE. And now , i think work done.

Full rebalanced and balanced.
Bugs will be cleaned. Gameplay remade.
New voice for all units. Fixed models.

Let start new Blood Crusade and crush all enemies of Lord Khorne !
Unleash the legions !
Let the slaughter begin !
Crush their backs !
Take their skulls !
Annihilate their bodies !
Eat their hearts !
Drink their blood !
Blood for the Blood God !
Skulls for the Skull Throne !

RAGE: World Eaters Warband . Relese !

RAGE: World Eaters Warband . Relese !

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RAGE: World Eaters Warband Relesed ! "All the units in the universe Warhammer 40K should be broken up!" Blood Crusade Coming ! More Sacrifices !

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RAGE 2.15 Patch

RAGE 2.15 Patch

Patch 4 comments

More balance and gameplay fixes,fixes of teamcolor schemes and deepstrike sounds. Thanks Gambit and Roderik , they make very much for patch 2.15 .

RAGE 2.0

RAGE 2.0

Full Version 13 comments

Full rebalanced and balanced. Bugs will be cleaned. Gameplay remade. New voice for all units. Fixed models. Let start new Blood Crusade and crush all...

Load Screen

Load Screen

Patch 6 comments

Presents to the boot screen mode. Putting at will . RAGE Load Screen .

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Thank you for very good looking mod, but I had a few issues with balance, there is no vanilla race that even comes close to Khorne Berzerkers including Necrons and Orks mostly due to the Daemon Prince's global "Khorne's Rage" which surprisingly doesn't effect Khornate units. When used it wrecks an army before you even begin your attack. If possible please check into this.
My apologies for the criticism, it is a great mod but way too OP solely for the Daemon Prince's ability, other than that well balanced.

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I_Chample Creator

This is global ability like Orbital Bombarment.
But i have some ideas for remade this ...
Actually ability is'n OP ...


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"Orbital Bombardment" only effects a small area where it targets and cast at close enough ranges that you can see the Force Commander, "Khorne's Rage" affects the entire Map and every enemy player globally, that's perfectly fair for Ultimate Apocalypse(where there are Global Superweapons), but with Vanilla Races that's severely OP.

Thank you for the reply and I apologize if I offended, it's just that I tested this quite thoroughly and there is no way to stop Khorne Berzerkers upto 3v1 situations with AI on Hard. (Tested in FFA with friends, they helped defend till I got ability and I killed all 3 AI's with Khorne Berzerkers)

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Hello, for some reason all my banners look white, no matter which banner I chose. How do I fix?

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I_Chample Creator

Update|download this:

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The Demon gate could use a cost reduction, 475/100 is too expensive for early game, which makes flesh hounds useless. The Bloodthirster could use an ability as well to make it have more impact, it feels lackluster for an endgame unit.

Otherwise, great work! I think this is my favorite mod so far.

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I_Chample Creator

If you build Barracks , Gate's cost Increas to 475\100 .
But you can build Gate on t1 and don't build Barracks , and play with daemons

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Oh good to know. Another thing though, I think you swapped the costs for T2 and T3. T2 costs 225/225 while T3 costs 300/125 and takes much less to upgrade.

This faction also needs

-An actual T1.5 since most armies get a few upgrades to their core units before tiering up.
-Higher weapon upgrade speed, autocannons are almost a mandatory purchase but they take too long to upgrade.
-The option to purchase Berserkers in T1. They do the same damage as Teeth in melee and most factions get two units for T1, I don't see why they shouldn't be available. That or buff Berserker damage to justify their later availability (and rather low durability).
-A way to upgrade your Listening Posts to make them sturdier, at T3 most enemy units and vehicles make short work of them.
-Better voices for the Blood Cultists, and higher numbers since they die to easily even for a meat-shield.

Otherwise I think the units are very well balanced, it's just the tiering system that needs polishing, and better voices for some of the units (some of them are sound like whispers and others are too loud like the chaos lord).

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I_Chample Creator

-Costs for T2\3 very balanced and it's ideal speed and cost.
-On new version on t1 added 3 researches.
-Weapon speed upgade in normal . If i reduce speed autocannons was be IMBA.
-No , berserkers very powerfull for it :)
- LP's Health it's races weakness . But LP's have Blood Pulse ability for Annihilation enemy's troops.
- Voices and Stats for Cultists remading in new version.

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-But almost every faction has the costs and upgrade speeds inverted, so they always reach T2 before. This puts the World Eaters at a disadvantage. How is this balanced?
-Berserkers do the same melee damage as Teeth and much less ranged damage. They don't have access to power weapons or autocannons and aren't significantly more durable than Teeth. How are they 'too strong if they, a T2 unit, are weaker than a T1 unit? I'd understand if they were like vanilla Berserkers. Either put them back into T1 (without upgrades) or buff them and give us a new T1 unit (right now its the only faction limited to just 1 unit until T2).

Agree with everything else.

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I_Chample Creator

Khornate's Armoury is analog of Tau's Research Building.
Cost and time stats 100% indentificy equal.
Berserkers have Very good damage and hp.
You build 1-2 pack and rush enemy , your enemy can't kill this ... impossible ...
You also add lord for this and game ending.

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За долгие труды и старания, а так же за исправление бага пищащих звуков лорда, торжественно присуждаю тебе 10 из 10! Ура товарищи! Ура!

Jan 1 2014 by EvaCadian

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