What would happen if in 1988, Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev was assassinated? CNC Fallout is a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that postulates this very question.

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So you've played CNC Fallout, and you know what we are about. You loved the mod, but you noticed something was missing...It's time to give our units a voice, and we need YOU! CNC Fallout is now hiring voice actors.

Posted by Henford on Feb 26th, 2012

So you've played CNC Fallout, and you know what we are about. You loved the mod, but you noticed something was missing...

It's time to give our units a voice, and we need YOU! CNC Fallout is now hiring voice actors.


  • Fluent English (voices will be in English, but accented..the key here is that it has to be understandable!)
  • A good microphone

Voice Types Needed

As you probably know, we have many units to put voice to - therefore if you have a good mic and are from the region, it would be awesome if you could just start enlisting everyone you could in recording voices (family, friends, even random people off the street).

  • Russian and Ukranian (male and female)
  • Australian (male and female)
  • New Zealand (male)
  • American (male)
  • Canadian (male)
  • British (male)
  • German (male)
  • Dutch (male)
  • French (male)

Enlist TODAY!

  • Make sure you meet the requirements.
  • Email cncfallout@gmail.com, state what accent(s) you can do, and make sure to include in the email's subject "VOICE ACTING".

If you have what we're looking for, we'll get you started on some voices. Full credit will be given, and we can probably arrange some other special goodies for you as well. (internal testing anyone?)


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I_am_a_Spoon Feb 27 2012 says:

Hey Henford, I'm from Perth and wouldn't mind taking a shot at this. I'm no professional, but I think I could give you something decent. :)
Would that be OK? Just thought I'd ask here before I send an email.

Oh, and are you hoping to end up with a different voice for each unit? Or just a couple per faction covering multiple units?


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Alexali7 Apr 1 2012 replied:

same here im happy to help im from Australia and might be usefull

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CM32 Feb 27 2012 says:

You can probably make it easier a little bit if you can use some of the unit voices from other games like RA3, that game can provide a good number of Voices, though you can always go ahead and add your own if you do so wish.

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Henford Author
Henford Feb 27 2012 replied:

Unfortunately in a mod with 50+ units, that is alot of slots to fill!

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GriffinZ Feb 28 2012 replied:

well for one, the RA3 conscript is way way to cheerful for Fallout so that would break the setting D:

"This is great coat, I make premier proud!" *Super grimdark nuke that carbonize soldiers*

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PurpleGaga27 Mar 3 2012 replied:

You could ask some of the members from the Isotx team for some backup voice support.

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FortressMaximus Feb 28 2012 says:

Unfortunately I'm not from these countries... I can barely help... :(

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Emperors_Fist Feb 28 2012 says:

So Czech is not accepted... we were a part of the USSR (one of the socialist republics)...

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NoSoldier Feb 28 2012 says:

Don't have a good Mic, otherwise I'd have done some german(english) sounds for you.

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Peregrinus~ Feb 28 2012 says:

Met both requirements and even got a german acccent but I am too shy anyways >.< (German accent) But I hope you will find talented voice actors and that you release your next update soon :) , cheers!

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GJK21 Feb 28 2012 says:

If it's Uncle Sam asking I ain't listening but if it Was General Michel Aoun It Would be My Pleasure to share my Accent Talent !

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AirborneSn1p3r Feb 28 2012 says:

if only northern ireland had an army in the game, lol

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Gunship_Mark_II Feb 28 2012 says:

i wish my accent/voice wasn't so terrible and bass. I am from Ukraine.

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WrathOfLust Feb 28 2012 says:

I can give it a try if you wish :D speak Russian tho lived in USA for too long to have any accent comparable to the stereotypes

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Rareform Feb 29 2012 says:

How many Canadian units are there?

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Stolzy Feb 29 2012 says:

Hey I am From Victoria and am training to be an officer in the Royal Australian Army. this may be useful cause i am am able to give you lots of info on what real soldiers say in the battle and isn't just what the Americans say. i know all the commands and everything for all Australian forces. i am willing to give you any info you need for free just send me an email at stolzy1994@hotmail.com.au

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kazarr Feb 29 2012 says:

I'm a Dutch male who speaks fluent English, can control several accents if need be, and has a week of vacation right now to spend recording...but my microphone sucks. :(
Sorry guys.
Though to be honest, I've come to speak English so fluently I now sound Brittish whenever I speak English anyway. >_<

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xANARCHYx Feb 29 2012 says:

I'll be getting a good microphone soon; but I could do a West Coast-American accent, seeing as there are lots of different types of American accents lol.

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HERPADERPII Mar 2 2012 says:

I've got good news and bad news.

Good news is, I can give you a few decent Voices. The bad news is, my Headset Microphone has busted recently. I am looking into a replacement Microphone, but it's going to take time for it to arrive.

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Howitzer114 Mar 2 2012 says:


I just sent you guys an email! I have a recording studio in my basement with professional microphones and I will be more than happy to add some vocal work to your wonderful project!

Best Regards!
Austin C. Howe

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GhostHound Mar 12 2012 says:


I sent my email away like a week ago now waiting for a reply. Any estimate?

Not really English myself but I am a fluent speaker of many accents.

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jasonboy16 Mar 12 2012 says:

I still can't believe that this is a famous mod

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I_am_a_Spoon Mar 27 2012 says:

Yeah... I don't think he's replying to emails.

Maybe a drop bear got him. :P

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dj-y97 May 14 2012 says:

dutch male at your servise

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MagnúsTheCat Apr 3 2013 says:

Maybe if Iceland was a faction :)

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Guest May 15 2013 says:

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