What would happen if in 1988, Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev was assassinated? CNC Fallout is a total conversion mod for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that postulates this very question.

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Ok first of all the sfx added are just delicious and CNC Fallout is similar to Generals which is my favorite of all C&C games well 2nd only to Red Alert 2. The game makes me feel powerful unlike vanilla and Kane's Wrath because their super weapons and explosions are puny. In Fallout, explosions really light 'em up and supers along with tactical powers make the loudest boom! Basically, everything packs a punch! However, there are some things I would like to point out that might improve the immersion factor for players:

1.)Artillery range is rather too short. A range increase is needed because with current the range it's almost in your face artillery.

2.)More upgrades should be available for purchase in tech and production structures.

3.)Fighters cannot engage air targets which is odd because the JSF is supposedly capable of doing so.

4.)USSR does not have a jet(SU-37) which is really making me feel the sting since Soviets were the ones who could match NATO airpower back then. It needs to be available on an airfield.

5.)If the horn makes the unicorn then the Hind D makes the Soviet Union. In every Soviet conflict the Hind is there to rain intimidating fire power and to transport troops. Plus every movie and game that has Soviets in there has Hinds and once you see those big boys then you know it's the Soviets or Russians. It's their signature helicopter. Hinds should be available for purchase.

6.)Death Hammer Airship should be one of a kind just like the Liberty Walker.

7.)Liberty Walker animation seems... I dunno wrong. The front right leg and the rear left leg should not move at the same time. The walking animation should look like the same with The Mammoth MK II in Tiberium Essence. It really looks natural like an elephant walking.

8.)Flame tower should be upgradable to spew blue flames with longer range range and damage increase.

9.)Crocodile should have a first strike bonus when ambushing.

10.)Aussies should get an F-18.

Graphics are good. Music is awesome. Menu/Presentation top notch.

Not much stuff to play around with, but it's just the first beta. Looking forward to more content and hopefully unit voices in the next release :)

This mod is excellent. The new effects, visuals, units and gameplay make this a sheer joy for strategy game fans. It definitely is fast-paced gameplay. Each faction is unique, although you will see and enjoy the references made to factions in previous C&C games. Although the game lacks voicing and the AI isn't that much of a challenge. Its not a big issue for me personally. I've played C&C 3 enough to subconsciously keep track of credits, and approximate build times without EVA telling me. There are definitely some issues that need to be ironed out which I have no doubt Henford will do. The small selection of Fallout maps isn't great, but with the promise of more maps and no doubt players will make some of their own. I'm content to wait.
Currently online, or LAN play will be the big test when players go toe to toe with each other. This will prove how balanced the game really is.

I'm excited for the next release. Be it voicing, maps, or better AI. This mod is definitely already one of my top favorites.

Cheers, Henford!

looks amazing and it will play amazing

After many years of waiting, one of the best mods out there (in my opinion) will finally be released. Everything that I've seen in the pictures, videos, and walkthroughs is just pristine and perfect.

Thanks, Henford!


johnl77 says

May contain spoilers 6 agree 2 disagree

Good mod very hard working on it !!!

one of the greatest achievements are the Visual effects of "super weapons".

My thoughts on this C&C Fallout.

Every thing looks amazing!! The units and structures look just as good as the ones from the original game and the maps look really cool too. I loved the kangaroos on the Australian map, even though i spent most of my time killing them hahaha

The explosions are 100x better than the ones in the original game and i love all the super weapons (especially the plasma cannon!)

The music is really good and allt he explosions and guns sound great as well! It is a bit dissappinting that there are no voices for the units or an EVA though.

The mod looks really proffesional and all the menus look great. The news TV video in the menu was a really nice touch that made it seam all mre real.

C&C Fallout is an amazing mod and one of the best i have ever played. i would rate it higher than the original game!! there are a few bugs that need to be fixed but it is only a BETA

very good mod...very well built and well worth the wait...havent playing yet but i think it will be a one of the bests mods for this year...although i wish i could build the A-10 instead of it being support power...

An absolutely incredible mod that has given me hours - if not weeks - of entertainment.

Everything is done so well and professionally. The units and buildings look immaculate, the maps are incredible and the menus and videos are as if EA had made this themselves. The attention to detail is mind-boggling; from the road signs and kangaroos in the Australian outback, to the Aston Martins in the Arabic map, and the Russian signs in the snow map.

The audio is excellent. The soundtrack is professional quality and reminds me very much of Red Alert 1 & 2, with modern twists thrown in. Explosions are loud and vibrant, and speaking of that; the explosion effects in this mod are by far the greatest I have ever witnessed in a C&C game - mod or official. When I drop a nuke in CNC Fallout, I actually feel like I am legitimately dropping a massive nuke. Just mind blowing.

There is also nostalgia everywhere in this mod for C&C die hards - from the Soviet Radar Dome and Flame Turrets, to the Kirov Airships; and even the unit death sounds from Red Alert 1.

This mod is tremendous - and everything that Red Alert 3 SHOULD HAVE BEEN. 10/10. Incredible.

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