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What went right and what went wrong? What is the deal with BLACKSECTOR? Is it still alive or is it rotten like many other ambitious mod projects? This is a true Post Mortem!

Posted by Maggintosh on Mar 7th, 2011

I know, it's been a long time without any updates or information on the project's progress or status. Way too long. BLACKSECTOR was born as an original First Person-Shooter on the Source Engine, a truly Total Conversion Modification featuring a fast paced Multiplayer mode. But when things got serious, the project became bigger and bigger, i was not able to manage all the things that have to get managed from a Lead Designer's point of view. And i am very sad to announce, that BLACKSECTOR is officially "put on hold". So this is a truly Post Mortem for the BLACKSECTOR i had originally in mind.

We had a very talented team with guys who really wanted to make some progress and show what mods are made for. We had some stunning visuals and some pretty nice ideas underway. But we didn't have was the time and the organisation to complete our milestones and bring everything together to fit into the whole project. So after one year without any news, the website is offline, the forum is closed down and BLACKSECTOR seems to be history. I am still dreaming of completing BLACKSECTOR one another time and i hope i will find some cool and talented designers, model and concept artists with the same dedication for modding once again. But not for now. I have rarely sparetime and there is no way for me to get back on track with this project. It's simply too big for one person to lead.

But i also know it is my own fault, because i missed to write a clear design document. I missed giving the team the advices they needed to create an ambitious project like that. By the way i wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our followers on ModDB, Twitter and our official website.

What remains is the feeling, that i learned a lot about game developing and game design. You cannot build a game without any precise idea of what exactly you want to create and how to create it. And now i know, it is really dangerous to implement more and more stuff into your game. Stick with the basics and show of just a few features, but nice features. Less is more in this case. I remember to add more and more ideas into BLACKSECTOR without even having the basic gameframe built. We were talking about sneaking creepy creatures with thermalvision and the ability to climb up the walls, but we had no programmer, who could ever realize these visions for us. We had some awesome concept art but no idea of bringing all these cool stuff into life. I tried to hire more designers and artists but the bigger our dev team became, the more work i had to put into organisation and communication. And all that without any previous experience about game developing. The project was doomed to fail. The definite ending of BLACKSECTOR was with the crash of my hard drive. I lost all the files and documents this project was about. I had no backup and no time to rewrite and restore everything once again. But this was just a result of a few weeks with no progress and no communication between the developers - which was because of my bad organisation.

So true... (Valve Developer Community)

So let us leave BLACKSECTOR here on ModDB as it is and i am definitly looking forward to finish this project someday. It is still my dream and i won't give it up. I just wanted to make this up pretty clear, because it is still haunting me. Hope you understand that.

But after all, i am now working on an unannounced mod project with two other guys. This project is much smaller and much more possible to finish. I hope you guys will check back for the announcement soon, here on ModDB. I have taken over a few ideas for the new game but i will keep it still very simple and not too much for three developers. The project will be a Total Conversion Mod and it will feature the latest Source Engine again, because we all have worked with this engine a long time now and it is still a really nice looking technology. Expect more to come.

Hope to see you on the other side.


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.Clash Mar 7 2011 says:

Dawwww :(

Well good luck with whatever you're working on now.

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hate4uall Mar 7 2011 says:

oh well , good luck in the future

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SandeR2 Mar 8 2011 says:

aww too bad man! I was looking for the website that I made for you guys and found it didn't excist anymore. The game was a great concept I wished I'd be playing later this year.
Wish you and the rest of the team good luck in the future! Hope to keep seeing you in the game development scene!

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Maggintosh Author
Maggintosh Mar 8 2011 replied:

Yeah, me too. I did not take the website down...sorry. Maybe we could work together on a website for the new project?!

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SandeR2 Mar 10 2011 replied:

Oh yeah that would be cool ;) You know how to contact me? I'm always up for a (web) challange. Contact me via PM if you want contact details

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meazum Mar 8 2011 says:

always sad to see this stuff happening, I was getting a bit worried I must say, and aparently not completely ungrounded worry.

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xXMaNiAcXx Mar 8 2011 says:

I've been waiting so much for an update article and that's what you come up with. I know I can't blame you guys, but everybody give up so easily, go on at the forums of moddb or post an article saying you need people to help. Your idea was so nice, don't let it die like this. "Putting on hold" is the same as saying you are letting the mod die.

Well I wish I could help, but i'm just another fat-*** sucker who knows how to do nothing but to sit in a chair and criticize people who doesn't finish what they start. This was a big loss for the modding community. I just woke up and saw this, to make my day worse ;(

Hope any day you continue with this project, it had so much potential! Good luck with whatever you come/came up with! Waiting something else!
Regards, Gabriel.

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Maggintosh Author
Maggintosh Mar 8 2011 replied:

Well, thank you for all the positive feedback. Trust me, i would do this on my own if i only could. But BLACKSECTOR became such a big project, i cannot handle with just a few developers. Community feedback has always been a really important thing to us and our work in general. I am still up with you guys around here and i am not going to give this thing up that easily. I am sorry to disappoint you for that moment.

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stoopdapoop Mar 8 2011 says:


You guys were alright.

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jjawinte Mar 8 2011 says:

Well sir, at least you walk away having learned a great deal from the experience. This will all doubtlessly serve you well by making your future project(s) all that much more refined and satisfying - for yourself and for those of us who appreciate your style. Just let us all know when you decide to get going again 'cause I'm certain we'll all be happy to track your work ! All the best to you Unreal1ty.

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Commissar1032 Mar 10 2011 says:

Well ****, this was one of the very few HL2 mods I was looking forward too. Man moddb is becoming a graveyard for mods. This is just depressing.

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Mars_3K Mar 11 2011 replied:

Tell me about it -_-

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SolidFake Apr 15 2011 says:

Hey, that's sad, but after so much months without any updates, I was already expecting that.
Anyway, I will keep tracking this, maybe it will come back one day.

Be sure to collect enough experience with your new mod and maybe following mods, and good luck on you further way :)

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