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No, I'm actually have a team which helps me allot. But I am responsible for a majority of the work.

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Hey, are you still working on your little mod, Starcraft Malediction?

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.Clash CreatorOnline

Well I wasn't, since SC2 came out, but I'd gladly come back to it if you can suggest any balance changes or additions :D

I actually came back to it to play against AI when I had no internet to play SC2 for a day, and I remember facepalming at how overpowered I made Dragoons and High templar, lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I personally think it needs a hell of a lot of work to be anywhere near balanced.

Anyways, if you've got any requests/suggestions, throw 'em at me, I've got several infections so school isn't in the way to stop me from spending hours on my computer doing some old skool modding ;)

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Thank GOD! I love your mod!
Well... You could make Dragoons Shielding weaker, give it less hit points, or higher the cost, that would make it more stabilized - players would not be able to have it for that long.
I also found a bug(which I'm gladly using while playing;)), when you press the "Morph to Lurker" button on Zerg, and cancel it while it is morphing, you can get a mutalisk!

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Hey man thanks for watching my mod I just thought Id let you know I saved what files I could from after they were destroyed on my hard drive by a malicious virus. My friend however had a slightly older clean copy which he sent me, if you go to the downloads section in FUTURE mods web page you will find the file. I just didn't want you followers to feel left out and thinking "oh damn that looked kinda cool, even if it wasn't I wanted to play it(because I am pretty sure it is dead now). So I am sharing what was left of the mod with all of you. Its a small file. Alright take it easy man.

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