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Back2Fronts is an extensive mod that will overhaul your Call of Duty 2 game to a next level. This mod brings more variety, intensity, realism and battle-like experience. Try new weapons, fight new enemies, fulfil new missions and explore new options. Mod is SP and MP friendly (although primary part is SP).

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If you have anything to say, any questions or requests, PLEASE DON'T WRITE IT AS A COMMENT BUT SEND US AN EMAIL TO THE ADDRESS ABOVE. The number of pages here is too large and we cannot browse all of them for searching of your comments. Thanks for understanding.

Back2Fronts mod team

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Hi everyone! After a longer pause there's some new info about the patch 1.1 for Back2Fronts mod 1.0. Here's a complete change LOG up to present date...

1) Stalingrad error with target officers not spawning corrected

2) Stalingrad startup setup tweaked - player always has scoped Mosin and a Nagant revolver, the grenades can be selected from the weapon selection menu

3) Stalingrad mission uses summer russian hands (without snow)
4) Stalingrad mission now contains one enemy sniper inside the rooms with sniper passages, so if player from any reason looses his/her scoped Mosin he/she can reaquire a scoped weapon from this killed enemy

5) Stalingrad ending sequence has now random group of He111 and/or Condor bombers

6) Demolition mission set back to Stalingrad setting (both texts and mission menu)

7) Eastyorks2 mission now has corrected its victory screen functionality (next mission button working properly)

8) Angoville mission now has corrected the victory condition when music is turned off

9) Leningrad and Toujane ride missions have lowered German accuracy

10) Prison break halftrack replaced with horch1a

11) Toujane ride european Stuka replaced with african one

12) corrected weapon carry overs through missions
13) summer Russian females (without snow on their uniforms) now have their voices corrected

14) all summer Russians now match their winter counterparts in loadout so they can equip Nagant revolvers for example
15) Thompson M1 and M1A1 peep iron sights are closer to player when aiming (full-auto firemode)
16) G43 iron sights are closer to player when aiming

17) De Lisle ADS fire animation corrected (firing pin strike)

18) a new animation (kick) was added for AI grenade-throw-back

19) German armored car lowest LOD distance increased (no more boxy armored car seen from distance)
20) German armored car overheat rate increased

21) AI no longer has a weapon in hand while driving

22) campaigns unlock after each other (in the order of the mission select menu)
23) credits menu edited - added - 65kawasaki, Aidas2 and Chopin

24) reworked Pak43, Flak88, C36 and QF6 explosion effects - rubble thrown in air during explosion is unique to each cannon

25) King Tiger and Tiger stats tweaked (optimalization)
26) winter kubelwagen replaces summer ones on winter maps

27) AI reload sound tweak (optimalization)
28) B2F icon file in the package for mod's shortcut

29) less camera movement during sprinting

30) Russian commissars with handguns as primary always have Nagant revolver
31) helmet guy in Downtown Sniper has AVT-40

32) Moscow's interogator is now a commissar

33) Duhoc rescuer is now a medic
34) missing binoculars from Duhoc mission corrected

35) Duhoc drone AI corrected - no more occasional unarmed guys
36) general Russian drones modified - they spawn randomly with SVT40/PPSh/Mosin/DP28
37) general British drones modified - they spawn randomly with Thompson/Enfield/Bren
38) general American drones modified - they spawn randomly with Thompson/M1 Garand/M1 Carbine/BAR

39) general German drones modified - they spawn randomly with Kar98k/MP40/MG34

40) added support for summer Russian jeep

41) african Opel Blitz corrected - engine hood skin

42) winter Opel Blitz edited - white color

43) normandy Opel Blitz edited - skin color tone

44) AI health tweaked for both friendlies and enemies (generally - more health to all friendlies, less health for enemies)
45) AI optimalization (weapons, etc.)
46) elite units have more health and accuracy (British paratroopers, German fallschirmjagers, Waffen SS, Russian NKVD...)
47) cvars for custom weapons were added to default MP config

See you, Martin a.k.a MCh2207Cz

COD2 Back2Fronts 1.0 full release announcement

COD2 Back2Fronts 1.0 full release announcement

News 41 comments

Back2Fronts 1.0 full release for Call of Duty 2 singleplayer game (and minor multiplayer).

CoD2 Back2Fronts large update

CoD2 Back2Fronts large update

News 28 comments

The collaboration between Back2Fronts and WCP has pretty much fullfilled its original goals and gives some awesome new features. Aside from that, a ton...

CoD2 Back2Fronts & WCP coop

CoD2 Back2Fronts & WCP coop

News 33 comments

This news announces the cooperation between the Back2Fronts mod and the WCP mod. There is also some other info - recently created stuff, development notes...

CoD2 Back2Fronts firemode and bayonets created

CoD2 Back2Fronts firemode and bayonets created

News 18 comments

That's right, at last the CoD2 gets a firemode switch for its weapons. This new feature has been used for making select-fire weapons and bayonet attachments...

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COD2 Back2Fronts 1.0 full release

COD2 Back2Fronts 1.0 full release

Full Version 141 comments

Back2Fronts 1.0 full release for Call of Duty 2 singleplayer game (and minor multiplayer).

CoD2 German language, fix2.0 (German distribution)

CoD2 German language, fix2.0 (German distribution)

Full Version 20 comments

This modification changes all German-spoken voices into real German taken from German version of CoD2. Included are all battlechatters and pain/death/charge...

CoD2 German language (English distribution)

CoD2 German language (English distribution)

Full Version 3 comments

This modification changes all German-spoken voices into real German taken from English version of CoD2. Included are all battlechatters and pain/death/charge...

CoD2 Russian language

CoD2 Russian language

Full Version 9 comments

This modification changes all Russian-spoken voices into real Russian. Included are all battlechatters, scripted voiceovers, pain/death/charge sounds...

CoD2 American language

CoD2 American language

Full Version 10 comments

This modification changes all American-spoken voices into real American English. Included are all battlechatters, scripted voiceovers, pain/death/charge...

CoD2 British language

CoD2 British language

Full Version 16 comments

This modification changes all British-spoken voices into real British English. Included are all battlechatters, scripted voiceovers, pain/death/charge...

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So, the next patch will release on the mod's birthday?

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Also, I have a complaint about 'Red Square Massacare'. The mission itself is great, but there's a problem: NO TEAMMATES. They spawn too rarely and die in the first seconds of firefight. Can you tweak their spawn, so they would follow the player constantly, just like regular missions? Sorry for complaining, but it's EXTREMELY difficult to pass the mission when you have no covering fire or any other targets for Soviets :-)
By the way, in Back2Fronts, despite the teammates' short lifespan, they became more useful due to increased firepower: for example, Soviets in the original game didn't have any LMG or automatic rifle and it was a pain in a backside to get the deadliest SMG- the great PPSH-41. Now, they can give a good assistance sometimes, so it's another awesome aspect of Back2Fronts.

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hows the progress with the patch? 25 days left for the mod birthday

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Can i ask a something ? is b2f patch 1.1 is it ready i don't know 2 weeks i was not here

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does this Work on Mac?

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I always get this error message when I start a mission Prnt.sc
Is there a way to fix this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It always says "Steam not found"

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I was over with joy, when the mod came out. Now that I have played a few hours with it (~10-15), I am disappointed. Almost all part of the mod is great and flawless. But there are a very few things that more or less completely ruin the experience. These two things are the enemy npcs' accuracy (combined with a kind of random seeing through smoke skill) and the custom maps. The enemy npcs have disgustingly high accuracy, hitting me CONSTANTLY from hundreds of meters with automatic MG42 fire. What is that? It COMPLETELY ruins the fun and the (otherwise perfect or close to perfect) experience. The other factor that is killing the whole thing are the custom maps. They are simply bad. In every possible way they can. Irritating script boundaries, some of them are exhaustingly long, but the worst is the map design. Vast open areas with NO cover. Really? How am I supposed to make progress when I have absolutely no cover and the enemy cannot miss a shot on me not even for God's sake. Yes, I am playing on Veteran, and at times, it feels impossible. There were (mostly custom) maps that I could only finish with glitching (for example using the script boundaries on the overscripted custom maps) or simply lowering the difficulty to EASY (!) (e.g. Leningrad... I don't even want to comment that map. Piece of crap as it is... seriously, just let me not comment it). On the other hand not all custom maps are bad. E.g. the Prison map. I've been trying to overcome my disappointment but sadly it erupts in this comment (thus its length). I am awaiting the 1.1 patch as in its current 1.0 form, the mod effectively makes the game kind of unplayable. Especially on custom maps (with Veteran diff.).

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Good friend, I do not agree on several things. First, the difficulty seems to me the only way to make things a little more difficult than they were. Just imagine that the Whermacht is trained as the BEF soldiers in the WWI, trained to make targets at 100-200 meters with the Lee Enfield bolt. And if not, you'll have to play the easy Veteran levels of the original game, or even the Merciless mod, excellent, but that also brings a lot less difficulty. If you have played COD 1 in Veteran (there is no Medicine) in the level "Pavlov's house", or some levels in United Offensive Veteran, you will realize that the difficulty is almost the same as that of Back2Fronts. Do you want to know one thing about B2F? I have passed all the levels in Veteran without any visual aid (without HUD, without the cross of aim, without the cross for the fixed enemy guns, without being able to recharge until the last bullet of the loader has been exhausted, without indication of ammunition or grenades Of smoke, without indicator of fragmentation grenades - you must realize watching them or listening where they fall, and if you die, well, it is the bad luck of the war, in the battles with greater sonorous intensity they do not hear fall and you must see them)and that's when the game is enjoyed in full.
To My understanding one of the few things that is missing is to be able to return the grenades as the Germans do and correct the views of the Thompson straight charger, very annoying, and also when the last bullet comes out of the magazine, I do not like to recharge automatically, should Having a button assigned to the reload at the time you want, in the middle of melee is a bit annoying that without ammunition, every time your character tries to introduce a new loader. Otherwise the Mod seems excellent, and The difficulty that you hate so much seems to me the only way to increase the action to the point that the thing does not seem like a military walk of Germans against Poles or Dutch. And a tip: in open spaces, use smoke grenades to cover your advance, and the moment you want to get out of the cloud, attack with the most grenades at your disposal. I'm not that expert, and I'll tell you that there is a pretty interesting COD 2 program called "Save and Load", you can apply it as many times as you want and the game will not start from far behind. I use it only because it is my first contact with the game, as in the Merciless, to know what it is all about without wasting much time, but once the game is completed, I use it very little. Unfortunately for me, at the end of the British campaign the game is locked, and only let me complete the first phase of the American campaign, and I'm begging to be able to follow. And if you even pay attention, in addition to all the innovations of the Mod (the realistic way in which it does not increase the vision when you aim with the aim I love) the Germans sometimes counterattack and recover positions that you had already won, that in the original game did not happens. And a recommendation: if you do not like open maps, these will delight you: Maps City 51 and HJK. Play them in Veteran and enjoy them!

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I am writing with the complete absence of the intention of offending you. However I have to say that the comment you have written does not make any darn sense if viewed as a response to my comment. First of all, the fact that you played CoD 1 & UO on Veteran will not make your point more valid, or valid at all (I have played the heck out of these games, but it is a completely different topic). Second, the fact that you played the game without any "Visual aid", again will NOT make you point (more) valid. Oh and the fact that you played as you played is not "one thing to know about B2F"... For the third, you practically did not even care to respond the to claims I made, instead, you countinue showing us how well you know things around here, and wrong I am, simply because you do not agree. A question: You really think I do not know how to advance on open ground, if I play on Veteran? You really think I am that dumb? That is practically a personal insult I decline to take. But, YES I know how to advance, my problem is (again) that the enemy SOMETIMES sees through smoke, and has dead-on accuracy even in impossible situations. (By the way this, problem is recognized by the developers too, so it is not only me you should convince otherwise). I did not say a word about the saving mechanism, I did say a word about grenades, I did not say a word about the difficulty in average gameplay, I did not say a word about the NPC AI. I made a comment on how CERTAIN situations are imbalanced, and how I feel about it. But then again it was not important for you (as you did not even adress my claims). So again: I have a problem with the enemy's accuracy and vast open areas where you have to advance under (near) impossible circumstances. (By the way, I do not know about you, but I can only carry 4 smokes at a time, and believe it or not, it can sometimes prove as insufficient to take the WHOLE field, and supply of those grenades is not too generous - again in itself this is not a problem, but if viewed in accordance to my claims it makes sense to bring this up.)

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Well, you need to be fast and quick sometimes. Those Krauts can be tricky.

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It is an excellent work that these guys are doing. With more models and new animations for COD2. The new sprint is fantastic.

Nov 4 2011 by Triby

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