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Back2Fronts is an extensive mod that will overhaul your Call of Duty 2 game to a next level. This mod brings more variety, intensity, realism and battle-like experience. Try new weapons, fight new enemies, fulfil new missions and explore new options. Mod is SP and MP friendly (although primary part is SP).

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Hi everyone! Long time no see regarding news posts. I have 2 major informations to share...


Firstly, I am searching for TRANSLATORS. Back2Fronts mod will always be in English by default. But I want to offer various language localizations (translations of all texts in mod) when patch 1.1 is released.

I already have Spanish thanks to Vassili Tzaisev and ernestin1. I plan also the French, Italian and German.

That said, I am asking you - my mod followers and native speakers - for help with translation into these 3 languages. I have just one condition - you must speak English because the base text for translation will be in English and communication with me will be in English as well.

You can apply at my email: chaloupka.mar@gmail.com

EDIT (July 6th, 2017): I got already translators for French and Italian. Still looking for German translator. P.S. if any of you, followers, want to offer translation of some other additional language, feel free to contact me.

EDIT (July 9th, 2017): Now I got also a translator for German. Some other languages are discussed as well but it's too early to announce them.


Secondly, I wanna update the list of changes for patch 1.1 so you can all see what's new.

1) added new names to credits - Maytckis (scripting, ideas) and Slikk1 (scripting)

2) summer Russian females (without snow on their uniforms) have their names corrected

3) Stalingrad and Leningrad fog decreased

4) Redsquare objectives appear on compass now

5) Redsquare position of the useable cannon on the right part of square edited
6) DuhocAssault British grenades corrected for American ones during scripted grenade throws

7) Silotown FlaK88 made invincible to prevent breaking the level script

8) Angoville added hints for opening gate and cutting wire, screen hint and compass indication added

9) ElAlamein added health for friendly tanks
10) full ally names are returned (soldier's name and rank), you can still switch them on/off as you wish
11) friendly German AI in German campaign now have automatically generated names

12) full ally vehicle names are returned, you can still switch them on/off as you wish
13) support for friendly German and Russian vehicle names added, but there are sadly no custom tank-ride missions to put this feature into use though

14) friendly vehicle type names simplified
15) German "mission failed" message added (you are a traitor to the fatherland!)

16) Russian "mission failed" message changed (you are a traitor to the motherland!)

17) British "mission failed" message changed (you betrayed the king!)

18) Nagant revolver texture corrected

19) King Tiger has its hull machine gun fully working

20) Panzer4 and all Shermans have their coaxial machine guns fully working

21) binoculars system tweaked (binoculars are assigned to player depending on faction)
22) added support for custom maps (undefined - default loadout)
23) gunsight system for tank missions created (supports multiple tanks), but there are sadly no custom tank-ride missions to put this feature into use though

24) Crusader tank gunsight cleaned
25) added support for friendly German drones
26) double-barrel shotgun ADS cliping corrected
27) fixed subtitle line at Lamaire

28) Crusader model tweaked
29) all English vehicle markings tweaked

30) radio model for Angoville mission made

31) Smith and Wesson revolver melee camera shake reduced

See you, Martin a.k.a MCh2207Cz

CoD2 Back2Fronts patch 1.1 LOG

CoD2 Back2Fronts patch 1.1 LOG

News 42 comments

Latest info about already implemented fixes in the Back2Fronts 1.1 patch.

COD2 Back2Fronts 1.0 full release announcement

COD2 Back2Fronts 1.0 full release announcement

News 53 comments

Back2Fronts 1.0 full release for Call of Duty 2 singleplayer game (and minor multiplayer).

CoD2 Back2Fronts large update

CoD2 Back2Fronts large update

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The collaboration between Back2Fronts and WCP has pretty much fullfilled its original goals and gives some awesome new features. Aside from that, a ton...

CoD2 Back2Fronts & WCP coop

CoD2 Back2Fronts & WCP coop

News 33 comments

This news announces the cooperation between the Back2Fronts mod and the WCP mod. There is also some other info - recently created stuff, development notes...

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COD2 Back2Fronts 1.0 (Full Version)

COD2 Back2Fronts 1.0 (Full Version)

Full Version 182 comments

Back2Fronts 1.0 full release for Call of Duty 2 singleplayer game (and minor multiplayer).

CoD2 German language,GE-distribution (Voice Addon)

CoD2 German language,GE-distribution (Voice Addon)

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This modification changes all German-spoken voices into real German taken from German version of CoD2. Included are all battlechatters and pain/death/charge...

CoD2 German language,EN-distribution (Voice Addon)

CoD2 German language,EN-distribution (Voice Addon)

Full Version 4 comments

This modification changes all German-spoken voices into real German taken from English version of CoD2. Included are all battlechatters and pain/death/charge...

CoD2 Russian language (Voice Addon)

CoD2 Russian language (Voice Addon)

Full Version 9 comments

This modification changes all Russian-spoken voices into real Russian. Included are all battlechatters, scripted voiceovers, pain/death/charge sounds...

CoD2 American language (Voice Addon)

CoD2 American language (Voice Addon)

Full Version 10 comments

This modification changes all American-spoken voices into real American English. Included are all battlechatters, scripted voiceovers, pain/death/charge...

CoD2 British language (Voice Addon)

CoD2 British language (Voice Addon)

Full Version 18 comments

This modification changes all British-spoken voices into real British English. Included are all battlechatters, scripted voiceovers, pain/death/charge...

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i have a bug on the german campaign when i tried to lauch the two mission its say
*script runtime error file'insertmissionname.gsc',line5 idk what that mean so i can't play the german campaign if someone has a solution

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Can anyone help me with this mod? Because I'm getting a repeating mission on Battle of Caen on Britsh Campaign and won't continue to play on American Campgian after finishing British Campaign in Battle of Caen.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It's 2018 now. Can you at least make a more updated post on what's going on with the mod so far? Will the patch be released some time this year? I understand that modders have a life outside of gaming and modding games, but it would be nice if there was a short announcement on how things are going so far with the project.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

In my opinion, there are many things that could be add or change to improve this mod, such as:

1. The number of 2nd Ranger Battalion are too few in the 'Defending the Pointe' mission. I'd like to suggest you to increase their numbers.

2. The custom Fallschirmjäger unit should be added for the 'Battle for Hill 400' mission. Due to the historical fact that the German paratroopers were also participated in the battle as a counter-attacking unit; Warfarehistorynetwork.com

3. The same weapon but with different attachments (for example; Kar98k with bayonet/with x1.5 scope/x4 scope and normal STG-44/with scope version) should be able to use the same cartridge/ammo (how should I say this.. compatible cartridges for the same weapons, may be?).

4. Add Kar98k without bayonet among the regular German soldiers.

5. Increasing the 50-round Thompson M1928's fire power.

6. Increase the amount of the Red Army soldiers and keep respawning them in the 'Leningrad' (1944) mission, also in the last section of 'A Sniper's war' (1942).

7. Change the 'Prison Break' mission's time/date on loading screen and introduction. Since the prior mission (Demolition) is set in the Battle of Stalingrad during 'December 2, 1942'. But right after the protagonist (Pvt. Vasili) was captured at the end of Demolition, he were suddenly send into the German prison camp near Moscow during 'Winter 1941' (chronological error). And my opinion is Moscow are way too far from Stalingrad, the setting should be changed into, like; western side of the Don river (far western side of Stalingrad) or any places farther than that.

8. The SS men shouldn't be appeared in 'A Sniper's War' mission, due to the historical fact that there aren't any confirmed evidence showing which SS units also participated in the Battle of Stalingrad.

9. In 'A Sniper war' mission's loading screen, it said that this mission is set during December, 1942. While the introduction said the mission is set during September, 1942... this really need to be changed.

10. In 'Red square Massacre' mission, loading screen said that it set during September, 1942. While the introduction said it set during November... this need to be changed too.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

11. Increase save/checkpoints in 'Angloville' mission. And there's a bug in this mission, the barricade at the last section. If you jump at it, you'll get stuck.

*12. There is a huge error in this mod after I finish the British's 'Touffreville' mission. When I click continue/next mission, instead of American's Bergstein mission, it's go back to 'Prisoner of war/Beltot' mission and make me replay the British's 1944 Normandy missions all over again! Can you fixed this problem? All I could do now is using a cheat to unlock every missions..

13. We can't use B2F mod altogether with 'Day of infamy' mod, because the German soldiers who supposed to be on your side are shooting right at you. Can you fix this too?

14. This is optional, but I think the custom winter Panzer IV could be appear in Stalingrad missions, like 'The Pipeline' and 'Downtown Assault' mission.

15. Change or improve a water's texture at the starting point of the custom 'Radio tower' mission.

16. There are some error/glitch in the custom 'Radio tower' mission. Sometime when I played it, I can't be able to finish some objective like 'clearing German in the house' (I don't sure why, probably because if you already kill 1-2 German in a first floor of the objective house before the objective itself appeared). And during the ending section, Fallschirmjäger keep spawning even if the ending music/soundtrack stop, and it take some pretty long time before they're stop spawning.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote


In most of the missions,the objectives don't appear but after you complete that objective,it appears.Pease fix this bug.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

This is an amazing mod. There are no bugs and there are TONS of weapons in this mod. Things you can add to this mod:-
2.The missions in the mod are LAME.Please use GOOD TEXTURES for missions. Use Triby's help cuz his SCW missions are very COOL.
3.Add the feature to use motors.
4.Add more COOL STUFF OF WW2. The overall mod is amazing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I have to edit config file but I have no profiles folder in main folder. How to edit config file now?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nevermind,found it in appdata/virtualstore

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How cheat in the Back2Fronts Mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
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It is an excellent work that these guys are doing. With more models and new animations for COD2. The new sprint is fantastic.

Nov 4 2011 by Triby

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