Police/VIP team weapons:
1:swat members will have mp5's ,and some handgun i havent decided yet , melee : Tacticle throwable knife
2:The feds (VBI) will have silenced pistols and possibly a submachine gun, melee : Some knife
3:Police men will have a ShotGun and a Desert Eagle , melee: Baton
4:Police inspector (think Dirty Harry) will have a 44 Magnum and a Stun Baton
5:Army guys (yeah) will have Some assault rifle (m4a1 most probably) and for secondary weapon Usp handgun with flashlight (will be able to spot hidden ninjas"
6:VIP has simple glock

1:NInja: Katana and Shurikens can use stealth to become almost invisible, has fast movement and jumps verry hight
2:Hitman: Silenced pistol and Silenced sniper rifle and butterfly knife
3:Elite Mercenery:AK47,glock,one grenade
4:Martial Arts expert: Finger piercers (on both fists) can kick , can do drop kicks and mid air kicks,has several throwing knives, fast movement and jumping

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