This game is based on a darker perspective of the Sonic Universe, and will be for mature players only. If you're under the age of whatever Unreal Tournament 2007 is in your country, you shouldn't play this game. Like UT2007 it will contain violence, blood, gore, with the off chance of cursing and possibly some sexual references.

A:DR is an Action Adventure Puzzle Horror game, if you can call it that.

..What to expect..
New characters, old friends, new zones, new allies, new foes.
No ripped levels, bosses, vehicles or objects from Sega games.
And most of all NO PLOT HOLES!

This isn't a shooter like UT2004, you will have to find objects to use, solve puzzles, and interact with a number of NPC characters to progress through the story. With it not being a first person shooter, we also don't want it to be like Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog where you run from A to B jumping and dodging things, so we opted to use the Sonic Adventure playfield setup.


  • Chaos control abilities.

  • Melee combat.

  • Loved Sonic physics: loopings, wall running...

  • Old & modern style of attacks.

  • Grinding.

  • New characters to interact with.

  • Dialogue selection box.

  • New weapons.

  • Monitors: shields, speed shoes, invincibilty...

  • Unlockable features.

  • Cinematic cutscenes.

  • Badniks.

  • Return of some old favourites.

  • And the good trusty rings.

..What about multiplayer??..
30+ Characters to choose from.
5 online gametypes to play.

Whats the difference between the UT2004 and UT2007 versions of A:DR?
The UT2007 version will feature better graphics, better models, and additional levels and characters than its UT2004 counterpart.

This is a HUGE project and it WILL take along time due to the amount of custom content that needs creation.

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Link to ASHURA: DARK REIGN for UT2004

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