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Greetings all,

Yes, it's here! By the time you read this many of you will have downloaded and begun playing the open beta of Ages of the Federation! We hope you're enjoying it. It's been great reading some of your enthusiastic comments and we thank you for all your kind words.

For those of you who haven't downloaded it yet, you'll find the file in this pages Downloads section. Have at it!

20190514031037 1
Yes, little D-4. Yes you may...

"So, what's included in the beta, Orion?"
Lots of stuff.

"Dammit, Orion! Elaborate! Use your words!"
Make me.


Well, to start off with, while we certainly hope you enjoy the mod, we would like you to keep in mind that it is, in fact, a beta and therefore represents a work in progress. The mod is actually far from finished. That said, you're getting your hands on a fair bit of content.

First off, and most importantly, you'll have access to two fully functional, balanced playable factions - the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. We'll likely be tweaking both factions as we continue on to the full release, especially when we start balancing the Romulans (more on them later), but for now they can be considered complete. We most certainly want to hear your feedback on them, however, so if you feel one side has too great an advantage over the other, please let us know.

You'll also encounter a number of Minor Factions (provided you have the DLC enabled), including the Andorians, Vulcans, Tellarites, Suliban and Ferengi. The minor factions are semi-complete - most are working as intended but there are still some features we have yet to implement. The list of Minor Factions is far from complete, however, as you'll no doubt glean from our Faction Select screen. We have plans for many more Minor Factions in the future, as well as more neutrals.

"Sounds good, Orion, but how do I play this thing?"
You can install the mod by placing the AotF folder in your Sins Mods folder, and activate it by editing the text in your EnabledMods.txt file, just like with STA3. We'll probably have an install video up soon for those encountering problems or those you who are unfamiliar with the process.

"No, I mean how do I play this thing?"
Oh, you mean actual gameplay tips? Well, you've come to the right place!

20190424150854 1

Those of you choosing to fight for peace, truth and justice as the Federation will find that you start off on the back foot. The Federation is fairly young at this point in Star Trek history, after all, and Starfleet isn't really ready for a war. Your weapons and defences will be somewhat behind your enemies, so you may want to avoid large scale expansion in the beginning to focus on development. Research will serve you well - the Federation will eventually seize the technological advantage and become a real force to be reckoned with with a myriad of versatile ships with powerful abilities and excellent support. Your real strength, however, will be your economy. The Federation is a booming civilisation with a powerful economic and industrial base. Play your cards right and you'll rarely find yourself struggling for funds or resources, able to build and maintain fleets of starships at a much greater rate.

20190509193727 1

Those seeking to honour Kahless and bring glory to their Houses in the name of the Klingon Empire, however, will have an early advantage. The Klingons, of course, are all about combat, meaning you'll be able to expand quickly at first and secure valuable territory. The Klingons excel in the assault, giving them a crucial edge in the opening moments of battle as the majority of their firepower is facing forward. However, as the game goes on you may find yourself overtaken technologically, and once your enemies start digging in and standing openly against you you may start encountering problems - the Klingons are somewhat lacking in the support department, meaning they can struggle in battles of attrition. You may also struggle economically - the Klingons don't have the blossoming trade and industrial base of the Federation, and you'll have to remember to manage your economy carefully to make sure you don't spend yourself into shameful defeat.

Some tips for both factions:
- Remember that your fleet's antimatter doesn't regenerate on its own. If you want to continue using special abilities, you'll need to send them to a supply station every so often to replenish their energy reserves. 'An army marches on its belly', after all - a healthy logistics chain will be vital.
- Your ships will suffer damage in combat. "Well, duh!" I hear you scoff, except keep in mind that in Ages of the Federation damaged ships actually act as though they're damaged. As a ship accumulates damage it will move slower and fire its weapons less often, if at all. Passive repair rates are very slow, so be sure to send your damaged ships to repair facilities (such as shipyards) to keep them in fighting shape. A battered fleet is an easy target.
- Ages of the Federation is different from STA3 in that AotF is about smaller fleets and more tactical gameplay. Large groups of ships gathered together (deathball-style) will suffer a small penalty to acceleration, turn rate and firing rate to reflect the challenges of a large fleet moving and fighting in formation. These penalties start off small, so you'll still be able to mass all your ships together if necessary or if that's just how you roll, but they add up so it's worth keeping in mind.

"Well that's just swell, Orion. That's right, we used the word 'swell'. What about your future plans?"
Well, our first priority is going to be getting the Romulans up and running. With the beta released we can finally return our attention to our favourite pointy-eared sneak-freaks, and we're really excited to finally be able to start putting our ideas for them into action. I know a number of the team have been looking forward to fully working on the Romulans, and I'm sure a fair few of you are, too. The Romulans are already about a third of the way done, so honestly it shouldn't be too long until they're ready to rock and roll and we start thinking about a full release.

20190427143714 1

"Speaking of the full release, what will that involve?"
We're actually currently considering whether to change our release style, instead making smaller, more frequent release instead of our current approach of only releasing (mostly) finished products. We have yet to decide on that (let us know what you think), but at any rate, in addition to the Romulan faction we'll be including a much more extensive roster of minor factions, a number of added neutral species for you to battle across the map, and a full list of random events, which are sadly absent from 0.75 (we ran out of time, sorry). 1.0 will be a considerably larger experience. Prepare your bodies.

There's also going to be a fair bit to do after 1.0, including an expansion featuring a secret fourth playable faction.

"We've heard you mention a fourth faction before, Orion! Stop teasing and spill the beans!"
First of all, I will never stop teasing. Secondly, sorry, but I'm pretty sure Max would squeeze parts of my anatomy off with his bare, calloused hands if I told you. Hobbs is already on the edge and would probably have a stroke if I let it slip. Suffice to say that there will be a fourth faction. And they're....hungry.


As for you guys, we're eager to hear your feedback - bug reports, balancing issues, general comments, the lot. Honestly, as 0.75 is a beta, we're actually relying on you more than ever to help us iron out issues and make the mod the best it can possibly be for 1.0 and beyond. You can leave comments here in the comments section (we read every comment, even if we don't respond all the time), or, better yet, you can join our Discord.



Well, that's all for now. Enjoy the beta and let us know what you think. There's still much for us to do.

'Til next time, stay classy. Or don't.
- OrionSlaver

We Have a Release Date!

We Have a Release Date!

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We finally announce a release date for the Ages of the Federation open beta, and it's a lot closer than you might think.

Almost Done?

Almost Done?

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Orion drops a news update as the dev team gears up for the final stretch. Maybe.

Back to Work

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Christmas 2018 with Stellar Parallax

Christmas 2018 with Stellar Parallax

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RSS Files
Ages Of The Federation 0.75

Ages Of The Federation 0.75

Full Version 37 comments

This version contains playable Federation and Klingon factions. More to come soon..ish. As always, unpack the contents into Documents - My Games - Ironclad...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 755)

Is there any chance in the future that we might see the Sheppard and Nimitz class if you can find a role for them. FASA has such a rich variety of ships to choose from for the Four Years War. It must have been hard making your ship choices when there are so many pre-established fan favourites.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

The Federation roster is full. There will always be requests for other ship classes but we've already had to pick and choose between a lot to land on the ones we're happy with here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I noticed there were a lot of houses, and member races of the federation. Will we be able to select them and get buffs etc based on them, for example being allowed to build/call Andorian starships in the early game as the federation Andorians?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

No that is unfortunately not possible. The icons on the race select screen are just for information.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Love the mod played loads of it and will ccntinue to do so.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

the klingons never attack me D: they build stuff but so slow. idk i think the mods to hard forthe ai lol.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
OrionSlaver Creator

What difficulty level are you playing at?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Amazing. The mod is so good i spent the first 5 min admiring the effects of Nassican weapons hitting my nacells with shields down that i forgot you had to research in Sins (im too used to Stellaris and Civ reminding me to research)

Pic: Steamcommunity.com

My almost 4000 hours of sins will get a serious boost off this mod.

Cant wait to see more (just no control as minor faction! please! :)
If you are taking minor race suggestions - Xindi (cool ships) and you could use the Vasari weapon mechanic from the base game but replace the missle with the xindi probe

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Finally i had enough time to play a game with both sides.
I knew when i was getting into them that it will be good , had no idea how good but thats kinda how you guys work.
With this mod you doubled down on your last mod. It is everything you guys stand for , and we are honored to enjoy your mod.
The level of detail is insane. This is an early access kind of release , well if all games would come out as polished as this , the gaming indusrty wouldnt be facing a huge crisis.
Lets start with the intro , most of the time i watch it once and then skip it without a second thought. Here all the time i feel its a shame to skip it , i still do most of the time but you understand where i am going with this.
The game it self well i started as the feds. Since we had feds and klingons in the early mods i expected to feel similar only with less ships.
I was sooo wrong and i am glad. The small things , sounds like ships coming out of warp , most of us wouldnt even think of these because most of the time we play from a scale you dont hear those, but you did.
And the research is nailed just right , the feds starting out week but getting stronger and stronger , compared to klingons starting strong and yes growing with research but you can feel it its different.
I enjoy the stellaris mod for star trek mainly because it lets me play with these early era ships , but there u eventually evolve and loose them.
I am so glad for the time period here , i just love these ships.
Again returning to small details , the klingon titan yard and how you have the other 2 ships berthed there , again great little eye candy
And using those sound tracks excellent.
Reducing the fleet size was the best idea , i would go even further lets say drop non cap and cap ship resources and just have 1 point for 1 ship and have like 25-30 max , going back to that bit in axanar when Garth says 18 ships destroyed he talks about it like the end of the world
, maybe an idea for a minimod one day.
We are encouraged to give our opinion , well i really had to look for stuff i would like to see changed .
- Going into this i knew you wont have icons for ships and while i feel its a good idea to have them , here because of the reduced fleet sizes its not a big issue.
And having a variety of simbols not just cruiser frigate and cap ship helps. So i would say yes would be nice to have them but i understand you dont like them , here they arent that lacking like in the other mod.
- What i have noticed is pirate ships and some neutrals have a tendency to just move away from you and go off into nothing and while they dont harm your building they still are in that grav well and if i understood correctly they negate most of the income of that planet. If it can be changed so that they dont do that would be nice.
- The map design , i mean the planets how they look on the zoomed out map , for me and this is a personal taste thing, i feel having actual planets show up would be nicer.
- About the AI , i feel like the easier settings are basically inactive and the one above "unfair" i cannot remember the exact name well that one just steam rolls you, some tuning might be needed
- I might be mistaken here but fighters (shuttlecraft) should prio other fighters because in most cases i kill the carrier ship fast but its fighters take out 1 or even 2 ships after and my fighters dont go for them.

So as i said this game (and yes i called it a game not a mod, unless we get you guys into some legal problems i will call it a game from now on) is a real remedy for all of us who felt burned by STD. It shows how much some people love star trek and what can be done . I know almoast nothing about modding , specially on this level. I know the game engine limits a lot of things because its old but you guys seem to know it like your own.

I personally spread the word about you guys where ever i can. A lot of people i know gave up on rts games because most died off or went down in quality . I am happy to say a few have picked up Sins and are enjoying it.

If i had any modding talent i would offer my help , i am a hobby level 3d modeler fooling around in google sketchup , and as i said know nothing of the coding part of it. All i can do is spread the word.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Thank to you guys we have star trek games we can enjoy.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

i thought i was a wordy guy XD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Well if they took the time to make it. Its the least i can do is take the time and wrote down how i feel about it. ANd yes i kinda fanboyed a bit , but honestly can you blame me?:D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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