This mod pack uses Agamemnon's Skeleton mod, dark_blade's bats mod and ROR_Sir_Williams Dragon mod. Detailed credits are provided.

What if vampires had empires? This is the idea that started it all. Since then I have been mixing Victorian age Horror with traditional Slavic mythology and hints towards the dark chapters of Romanian and Hungarian history. The result is something like an Eastern European Age of Mythology. With a bit of black humour...

Warning: (This I should have done earlier) the depiction of violence in Age of Vampires borders on cynical and exceeds that in the original game. If you feel offended by the depiction of humiliated human beings, even only in a game, do not download. I do not favor any kind of violence in real life, the brutality depicted here is however an accurate match of the traditional vampire-mythology.

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Currently Age of Vampires has become a total conversion, carrying the player to a world of horror and mystery. You get the choice to lead one of seven playable factions into battle for hegemony in Transylvania. Here's what's new, and worth knowing if you are new to the project.

Some general novelties:

- windowed mode

- parallel install, original game still accessable

- up to 250 population space

The world of "AoV" and its laws:

All the action is set in a parallel(?) version of Transylvania. One where (historical) reality, local myths and Victorian age prejudices about Eastern Europe have merged to one bizzar nightmare horror trip. The history of this 'Transylvania' is told in four ages.

~Pagan age~

Christianity has not yet entirely overwritten the pagan traditions. Therefore man is not at war yet with the supernatural and everyone uses magic with good conscience, like i.e. the 'Defense Spell'. All factions start out with primitive encampments that will later grow into dominions or defense bases. The minions of future vampire lords start out with a ghost, which oversees their loyalty and does the scouting. Vampires frawn on farming, sacrifice maidens or impale prisoners to obtain food.

~Age of Superstition~

Nobody has seen them yet, but the belief in vampires grows and drives the people of Transylvania to form opposing camps with distinct laws and architecture. Blacksmiths and different methods of war are introduced, but also the ability to trade. Societies diverge depending on their alignment, with slavery and oppression paving the way for vampire reign in some settlements.

~Age of Witchcraft~

Believes become real. If you are playing as a vampire lord you can now summon the ghosts and monsters that your people believe in. You can also build castles and satanic shrines (lodges) or monasteries or laboratories (depending on your clan/guild).

~Eternal Darkness~

The battle for Transylvania reaches its climax. The strongest units, upgrades and weapons are now available. Vampire lords can now build wonders for every 200 kills and demonstrate their superiority.

A new class of units:

Mythical units are ghosts, vampires and monsters that you can summon when you play as a vampire. Mythical units usually come with several powers and profit from technologies and armors taylored specificly for them.


- recover from wounds: almost all mythical units slowly regain their health after battle

- resist conversion: almost all mythical units cannot be converted

- shapeshift: some mythical units can shapeshift; for most this is just a visual effect, but werewolves also gain additional speed

- fly: some mythical units can fly, this means that they can freely move between land and water

- haunting: mythical units start out in a haunting mode, this means they fiercely defend the spot where they are summoned or the one they are ordered to haunt; it is recommended to order aggressive stance instead when battles begin

3 distinct building sets:

Currently there are three distinct architectures in Age of Vampires.

~Dark Gothic~

dark gothic

The dark and eerie buildings used by vampire factions are the author's own creation entirely and the mod's oldest feature. The Teutonic and French wonders were used as a fundament and inspiration.

~Slavic Countryside~

transylvanian house

Partially adopted from other moding stars (see credits) and partially adapted/re-combined this set intents to capture the atmosphere of a typical Transylvanian village. "Slavic" is used as a synonym for "Eastern European" and not a reference to ethnicity. In fact the Vlach and Szekely populations of Transylvania are most well represented by this style.

~Fortified Western~


In Stoker's Dracula, the infamous vampire goes West and tries to set foot in England. The "Fortified Western" set tries to visualise the idea of a Western civilization at war with the supernatural. Most buildings are heavily fortified and regular barracks look like small castles. Some houses bear crosses as means of protection. Again alot of credit goes to the modding community of heavengames, so check the credits if you wish to adopt some of these beatiful buildings for your own projects.


The mod currently offers a choice between 7 factions, exclusively(!). These are inspired by Victorian age horror literature (Van Helsing and Frankenstein Guilds), the lengend-inspiring history of Transylvania (Clans Báthory and Dracul, Transylvanians) and Eastern European mythology (Dhampir, Vrkolak). Here's a really quick overview for each.

~Báthory Clan~


Inspired by a 17th century Hungarian noblewoman with sadistic inclinations. Among those with broader knowledge of vampire fiction she is second in popularity only to Dracula himself and has inspired vampire-stories already in her lifetime. The people of Hungary and Slovakia believed that she baths in virgin blood to remain young. The Báthory Clan has access to a broad variety of mythical and mortal units.



Dhampir are vampire bastards who tend to side with the living and hunt other vampires. The word 'dhampir' is Albanian and the myth is of mixed Slavo-Albanian origin. Playing this faction enables you to choose between good and evil. The latter enables a beastlike creature of Albanian mythology - the Karkanxholl.

~Dracul Clan~


The most famous of all vampires needs no lengthy introduction. The faction's desing is inspired by both the historical Vlad Tepes and Stoker's horror classic. Elements of Romanian mythology are also adopted. The Dracul Clan offers a decent choice of mythical and mortal units along with empowering, but expensive upgrades.

~Frankenstein Guild~


Mad science can be as scarry as any ghost story. Based on Mary Shelley's horror classic, the Frankenstein Guild is one of the newer factions and adds some unique twists in gameplay mechanics. You start with the infamous, creepy Igor as your scout and instead of monasteries or (witch) lodges you can build laboratories. The laboratory is a place for gruesome discoveries, aimed to empower your economy, medical skills (garrisoned healing rate) and monsters. You can build monsters with stubborn resiliance and a strong punch that pierces walls, gates and siege machines. Your own siege tools are intelligently designed and self-repair, Scorpions in particular move very fast.



If you want to hunt vampires with angry mobs, armed with pitchforks and torches, like in the good old, bad old movies, the Transylvanians are the ideal choice. They cannot build castles, but their armies easily overcome the fortifications of others.

~Van Helsing Guild~


Prepare the West for Dracula's invasion playing as the Van Helsing Guild! Vampire-slayers and exorcists from England, Germany and the Netherlands have joined their forces and with your help might even accomplish a daring "crusade" in Transylvania.



Stoker describes "Dracula" with hairy palms, the ability to disguise as a wolf and synonymes such as 'vrolok' and 'vlkoslak'. All of these point to the Slavic myth of the 'vrkolak' being an important inspiration for the horror classic. Vrkolak stories have influenced many modern ideas about vampires and werewolves. The Vrkolak are alongside the Dracul Clan the mod's oldest faction.

Age of Vampires - Silver Edition

Age of Vampires - Silver Edition

News 4 comments

The Silver Edition of the 'Age of Vampires' mod is the most recent pimp of the mod's quality. It includes several changes in graphics and data-editing...

New Update

New Update

News 2 comments

Another useful update, adds a new playable unit, two new decorational units, a new building and some data-edits that make the gameplay even more interesting...

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Age of Vampires - Bloodreign in Transsylvania

Age of Vampires - Bloodreign in Transsylvania

Full Version 45 comments

Transforms the Age of Empires Conquerors Expansion into a Vampire themed Strategy Game. Easy to install with a doubleclick on the installation icon. Play...

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Is it possible can expect any new updates in the future? Even if minor? I check this page almost every day to see if there's something new.

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Ivacula Creator

I cannot exclude nor promise this, I have made at least 2 minor updates since the last official one. But for many months to come I don't see much time opening up for this. You happy with the now-version? :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I'm fine with the current version, I'm simply excited to see whatever else you might have in store later for the mod.

Keep up the great work and stay safe!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How play it in full screen? Good work, excellent mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ivacula Creator

You can change the screen parameters in options, even while playing. Older versions of windows like my xp basicly have only windowed mode or full screen to choose from... newer versions can have you choose several screen widths, but most of these result in distortions of the interface-frame graphics.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

AI needs improving.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ivacula Creator

Newest mini-update:

-better graphics frontal, attack vampire knight
-Transylvanian peasants now automaticly seek shelter in monasteries
-some icon graphics changed for more coherent atmosphere
-effects herbal witchcraft and virgin blood changed, because originally intended effects didn't work and could not be made work
-some minor bugs cleaned out

Reply Good karma+1 vote

It doesn't work, gives a ridiculous error while setup, but continues successfully, and when you open the game it turns out are regular Conquerors...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ivacula Creator

You might need to change the path of installation if your original game was installed in a self-chosen destination/path. Otherwise you might be trying to install it on top of the HD version which will not work either. Hope one of those two does the trick :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello, i got some couple of new ideas you might wanna think about on your new update

The dark side:
. Since when was balthory interested in males?? Balthory clan can only train female villagers and are renamed as slaves.
A horse can outrun a dragon?? Dragons are faster(we'll balance this one out).
Seperate barracks that trains mythical and mortal units apart. The dracula clan can get the impaler the strongest pikeman in the game the vampiress who bites to convert the enemies and can transform into a bat... use your imagination.
Vampire lords are stronger and use cursed blade instead of petty arrows. And change the church to look more like an anti christian one.
And more ever devious ways to torture slaves.

The light side:
Son of man desended to the heart of the devil's stronghold to defeat him then why on god made earth are the forces of light in peril??

Humans can only farm for food and start with a wood bonus. Lest they feed upon thier own kind. They can also huntdown other animals for food.
Hunting lodges are available which can be packed and unpacked at any location plus trains hunting dogs that can hunt animals ad has a little bonus against early soldiers such as thugs and scouting ghosts. Its ever watchful eye guarding his master he has a good line of sight.
MONASTERY: Fat bellied monks is less likeley to survive as they are the ones being hunted upon by the enemies and looked upon fir hope by thier people. Friars fast running enthusiasts spreading hope among the people can heal not convert nd pickup relics. Not to be used outside the citadel can be trained in the church from the feudal age. ARMORED MONKS armor clad monks march to the battle groungs to assist the soldiers. Astrong and fast version of a monk. AND BEHOLD THE EXORCIST trained in martial arts can hold his own against the hopelessly possesed mortals. Wreks devestation on mythical units. Can switch modes to hand to hand combat and area of attack. Appears as a hooded and cloaked man carrying a lantern. Can walk on waters runs as fast as any witch or vamipress can fly has little effect on vamipric knights who are the epidome of evil(knights are slain by pikemen line).
GOD doesnt simply let his children suffer. Legions of gargoyles descend from the heavens can fly, holds a fearsome axe, wreaks moat of the units can hold its own against dragons can be slain in one stroke by vampiric knights.
Crusadres form all corners of the earth arrive to battle the demon hordes thest are the best version of each of the human soldiers and can be trained at the crusader embassy.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ivacula Creator

Hold your horses! :D It is a nice compliment when my work inspires ideas, but as I've told many before I am not like a street musician who plays whatever tune you ask them to play :D I will deliberate carefully your ideas, but unfortunately I can already tell you why some of them are not going to fly for sure. A) Gargoyles are Celtic mythology, they will appear in part II which will centre on the Celtic Otherworld. This mod is restricted to Transylvanian Mythology and the Victorian Age literature inspired by it. B)I have tried to combine fighting and monk skills in one unit, it does not work, I have also tried to have maidens found on the map tranform to peasants instead of being potential food, doesn't work. It also did not work to make peasants selective for obtaining food only from farming. The best I could do is that the human civilizations do not train the food slaves themselves.

It is very important that you have some experience with the engine of the game and its possibilities before you throw around ideas. I do not want to sound angry, it's just that you cannot expect others to do magic on the game :D What the mod is currently capable of is limited by the limitations of the engine.

Best whishes, Ivacula/Khan Ivayl

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