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Wolfe070 Apr 9 2015 says:

This are the best animations I've ever seen in mod, video game, or anything else. Spectacular work!! Can't wait to try it out for myself!

+1 vote   media: AK-74M - Render 2015
Wolfe070 Apr 13 2014 says:

I don't even know if I'll be able to play stalker with weapons that actually look REAL! Awesome!!!

+3 votes   media: G36
Wolfe070 Mar 9 2014 says:

Finally a return to Dune! Looks amazing!! Спасибо за работу!

+3 votes   mod: DUNE20XX
Wolfe070 Jul 27 2013 says:

Have the weapon models been updated/replaced so that weapon bolts will be on the correct side? (So the AK won't spit shell casings in my face for example?)

Looks outstanding though, can't wait to try out 2.0!

+2 votes   feature: Features (Version 2.0)
Wolfe070 Oct 17 2012 replied:

3rd person pump shotgun also looks different than when held, it has a wooden grip instead of plastic when a player or shotgun zombie holds it. But I'm just nitpicking perfection...

+1 vote   mod: Brutal Doom
Wolfe070 Jul 23 2011 says:

Are you guys going to fix the default weapons? IE: put the bolts on the correct side? I'd also kill to see a proper AK74-M, but I'm sure you have plenty of other guns on your list.

Awesome mod by the looks of it!

+1 vote   media: Show of arms
Wolfe070 Jun 29 2010 says:

After waiting for so long to play 1.1, I am in no way disappointed. The BEST, Most realistic and believable Stalker experience! Everything about this mod just feels right, almost nothing has been left out and even though there are bugs here and there I am incredibly thankful that I get to play it now rather than later, forget the bugs, this is what stalker always should have been!

I'm sure the bugs will be fixed in time, until then I'm just gonna enjoy every second of stalker and this unbelievable mod! Thanks for all the time and effort making this, it is appreciated and I couldnt play stalker without lurk!

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Wolfe070 May 6 2010 says:

incredible, just unbelievably incredible. cant wait for release! this is what stalker should have been!

+2 votes   news: Edit: 5/6/10 L.U.R.K. Panoramic/HDR Adaptation
Wolfe070 Dec 9 2009 says:

Hey I'd just like to really congratulate and thank you guys for putting in the effort to make this mod. I played clear sky and found it very buggy, with a lot of features missing or badly implemented and even though it was still awesome it seemed like it could have been so much more. I caught a glimpse of this mod for Shadow of Chernolbyl and thought hey this might really be worth it, so I picked up the first stalker and this mod, AMAZING WORK, better than clear sky in EVERY way! Unbelievable work! KEEP IT UP!

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
Wolfe070 Jun 30 2007 says:

You have to put the TheBlackCompanyBetav15.w3n file into your warcraft 3 Campaigns folder and then launch warcraft 3 and go into single player and then into custom Campaigns and then select black company and there you go.

+1 vote   mod: The Black Company
Wolfe070 Sep 20 2006 says:

you have to create the folder, its not there until you make it.

+1 vote   download: DODs-PlayerSkins: Version 1.2
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