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Washeek Jan 28 2014, 6:21am replied:


+1 vote     download: X'Treme Wars : 1.00
Washeek Jun 4 2013, 4:14am replied:

This is a known issue, related to vanilla. Unfortunately the modders are unable to do anything about it.

+2 votes     mod: Crusader Kings 2: A Game of Thrones (CK2:AGOT)
Washeek Mar 17 2013, 9:58pm replied:

Thx for the reply

I did, but the missing text remained the same... Any other sugestions guys?

+1 vote     mod: Codex
Washeek Mar 11 2013, 9:45pm says:

Hi, First is great thanks for the mod, its very good.
I have a problem:
I installed and played it a bit, then
I updated to .5
I got the Nids
I got the Black temps
I got the update for Nids
I got the SS objective updated
I tried to use the combiner .module file to no avail
I manually rewrote the 3.5 module file like this:
RequiredMod.1 = objective_points_SS
RequiredMod.2 = dowai
RequiredMod.3 = Tyranids
RequiredMod.4 = BTmod
RequiredMod.5 = codex_base
RequiredMod.6 = DXP2
RequiredMod.7 = W40k

The mod seems to work, but I get lots of displaced text even in map selection menu (map names missing)
My SS version is Czech, so i figured i have to play with the locale files, but can't seem to copy the right ones in the right spots
SS is updated prior to all this.

+1 vote     mod: Codex
Washeek Jan 22 2013, 7:44pm says:

Nice one, okay thumbs up for you guys, you just created a lot of positive energy, don't turn that into dissapointment because of petty squables ;-)

+3 votes     article: We're back!
Washeek Feb 9 2012, 5:44am says:

It's no use, after clicking the download, all it does is opening my space inventory...

+1 vote     article: Coplex 8.2.3
Washeek Oct 6 2011, 5:47pm replied:

10 dollars also and I feel a bit ashamed...

+2 votes     article: Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle!
Washeek Oct 6 2011, 4:55pm replied:

You know, stop solving what does not need to be solved. What is so bad on being paid for your hobby? Does not the prospect of recieving money for what you do for fun in your spare time intrigue you? Is it that bad?

And you have to look on a complete different aspect of paying indie devs. It is a means of protest against the big companies and a lot of "not nearly as good and fun to play games as were made before" they produce and demand being paid for.

+4 votes     article: Alphafunding for Indie Games
Washeek Oct 6 2011, 4:43pm replied:

Sory to sound like a hater... But when will people stop asking this question?

One thing is good tho, it perfectly distincts new fans from old fans, thus shows that the community around this mod keeps on growing...

+1 vote     media: FoK 3.5 Tutorial
Washeek Aug 28 2011, 8:23am replied:

Well don't support DLCs then... I think that's a better way of solving this. Mods are great as they are, why? Cause they are not burdened by marketing. People can do a hell lot of crazy stuff for a very small portion of the public...

+3 votes     poll: Selling mods
Washeek Jun 13 2011, 12:15pm replied:

Good sir if I were beghins, I'd probably started ignoring you right after this...
Glad that I'm not...

+5 votes     mod: Homeworld 2 Complex
Washeek Jun 13 2011, 12:13pm replied:

Nice smart talk... But hey... Does anyone do have any constructive comment on a strategy to prevent such disasters as having your recruitement or RU supply blown to bits?

+1 vote     mod: Homeworld 2 Complex
Washeek Jun 13 2011, 12:11pm replied:

Had some issues to since some new patches... try disabling the v-sync if you don't know how, do some google on disable v-sync homeworld 2 (a hint: it's done via a config file since you cannot enter the game)
If it doesn't help, try the error log. It's a txt file in you homeworld/bin/release folder. Look at the time and find if it says anything, if it does again google upon the thing it says. But for 64bit system, disabling v-sync did the trick for many already... Has something to do with latest videocards or somesutch

+1 vote     mod: Homeworld 2 Complex
Washeek Jun 4 2011, 8:03pm replied:

Thanks the hotkey worked well enough... Thank you very much

+2 votes     mod: X3: Time Of The Truth
Washeek Jun 1 2011, 6:12am replied:

Corection its the plot called NEW HOME PLOT

+1 vote     mod: X3: Time Of The Truth
Washeek Jun 1 2011, 5:55am says:

Hi, I seem to have another curious problem. There is this quest after I finished the goners, that asks me to jump to Freedoms reach... Because the TOTT jump to point module overwrites the unfocused jump drive, the game does not register me arriving to the sector...

+1 vote     mod: X3: Time Of The Truth
Washeek Jun 1 2011, 5:42am replied:

I have overcome it by using boarding pods only. It seems, that they deliberately changed how boarding works?

+1 vote     mod: X3: Time Of The Truth
Washeek May 19 2011, 2:40pm says:

Boarding seems to be broken for me in the mod... Does anyone know how to help?
Whenever I issue a boarding command the ship just passes near the ship supposed to be boarded and does nothing, nothing changes the ship is not boarded....

+1 vote     mod: X3: Time Of The Truth
Washeek May 13 2011, 8:04pm says:

Those of you ranting about payd downloads if you are not here only to the detriment of the mod, but really want to download it look up my earlier comment (page 2 now for me)
I downloaded the whole thing took me like two days. It works and I didn't have to pay a nut for it...

+3 votes     mod: Rage of Dark Gods. Battle for the Empire Total War
Washeek May 13 2011, 8:02pm replied:

Fat chance, I downloaded it recently through there
Scroll on the download section forum page untill you see
FULL ENGLISH ver. Call of Warhammer: Total War" МOD v. 1.4.4 with music!!! Big red text
Under it
There is an adress for the big file and under it is click here, click on the seal symboll and three mirror columns will pop out (in russian)... choose the filesonic and or unibites as theese two are interchangeable means you can download part 01 from filesonic and part 02 from unibites and it works (tested myself)

+1 vote     mod: Rage of Dark Gods. Battle for the Empire Total War
Washeek May 8 2011, 9:26pm replied:

Ok, Brutal reinstall and cleanup of my Pc helped big time. I did not believe it, but they were telling the truth... 99% of previously encountered errors are gone. The only thing still sometimes bitching is autosave witch I dare not disable and it always lets me load exactly when the crash occured (thankfully) Also Someone should state that for campaign to succesfully work u need to leave the army size setting on huge ;-)

+1 vote     mod: Rage of Dark Gods. Battle for the Empire Total War
Washeek May 7 2011, 6:35am says:

Ehm Guys Great job really you made a marvel out of this game.
Only thing is I'm getting a lot of unspecified error ctds (crash to desktop) in the campaign. Is it supposed to be like this? Like is it still heavily bugged or did I do something wrong with the install?
I placed and removed all files using admin rights as was specified, but the Druchii campaign and the Tzeentch campaign still crash after random amount of turns. Sometimes 30, sometimes 4. Should I try reinstall?

+2 votes     mod: Rage of Dark Gods. Battle for the Empire Total War
Washeek May 6 2011, 6:46pm replied:

Ok, what your doing wrong is trying to download the big file. What you have to do is scroll and read a bit from the page with links and youll find some click buttons in the text, they look like vax seals. Click the apropriate one and it will show you multiple links for the same file divided into parts ;-)

+1 vote     mod: Rage of Dark Gods. Battle for the Empire Total War
Washeek Apr 28 2011, 3:37pm replied:

sithpal is right even though a little overreacting. Westwood was an independent game developer and producer if memory serves me long before EA became the giant it is now and was bought by EA in a completely fair and legal fusion.
On the other hand even though I don't like what happened to the CnC universe I stoped blaming EA for that. And if westwood is indeed part of petroglyph (as stated above and I didn't know that) then my guess was right. Universe at war is really baaad and believe me I do like complex and difficult games. It was soooo buggy...

+2 votes     media: A Complete shot of an NCM Base in Skrimish Match
Washeek Apr 18 2011, 11:40am replied:

Second that... Battlefront 2 in the Homeworld setting we so love and enjoy and usually does the BF2 crap much better ;-)
Looking forward to the ai improvement...
However did you concider a bit of redoing the dog-fighting controls?

+1 vote     media: AFF:Planetstorm - UDK Showcase Trailer
Washeek Apr 18 2011, 11:36am says:

This is going comercial? Well I suppose it had to... one day... Any chance of desura release?

+2 votes     mod: Angels Fall First: Planetstorm
Washeek Mar 18 2011, 6:07am replied:

They look like lego stickers!!! WIN!

+1 vote     media: Warp Spider Exarch
Washeek Jan 26 2011, 5:42am replied:

Not in a million years... SINS is a fully fledged RTS regardless of what the marketing says ;-)

+3 votes     game: Conquest: Divide and Conquer
Washeek Jan 3 2011, 8:56am replied:

I do much agree with the wraithlord suggestion. Did sugest it myself a couple of times. Don't know about the Dow II one, but we would really want to see some wraithsword action.

The sounds of the lances are really pretty high, so they get anoying. However I say put some variance in it and leave it as it is. Because if it hurts you, don't play eldar. If you play against eldar....well be afraid of our lances.

Special chars wont get included for a rather logicall reason: Dow is about small conflicts, chars are about big battles and: we don't want two Abbadons duking it out now do we?

+1 vote     mod: DoW40k: Firestorm over Kaurava
Washeek Jan 3 2011, 8:52am replied:

Let us hope they will...
I wish you all guys a good fresh start.
Purge the forums, purge the engines, and rocket skyward again with pride.

+1 vote     mod: DoW40k: Firestorm over Kaurava
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