I'm a freshman student at the Art Institutes and I'm enrolled in the game art and design program. I specialize in science-fiction artwork, more specifically, vehicles (mostly spacecraft right now) at the moment. I plan to eventually create and release a space opera mmog set in a universe of my own creation. I'll be posting art related to that project to my personal gallery every once in a while.

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TerranAmbassador Oct 18 2014, 1:12am says:


+1 vote   news: Proven Lands is funded! We did it!
TerranAmbassador Oct 6 2014, 11:59pm says:

5 days in to the KickStarter and 50% funding already. Congrats.

+1 vote   game: Ascent
TerranAmbassador Apr 28 2014, 7:55pm says:

I like the idea. Quantum Mechanics invading the marco world.

+2 votes   game: SightLine
TerranAmbassador Mar 2 2014, 10:27pm replied:

Wrong place to ask dude. Try the forums or the game's page.

+3 votes   poll: Platform of Choice!
TerranAmbassador Dec 16 2013, 11:42am says:

Glad to see you guys were able to get back on your feet.

+1 vote   game: DOMINATRON
TerranAmbassador Dec 7 2013, 9:31pm replied:

I should know. The Natrix? My model, though the texture was later modified by the Pioneer team.

+1 vote   game: Paragon
TerranAmbassador Dec 1 2013, 2:55pm replied:

You should show off the -GAME- more. My point was that there is jack squat information about it. Anywhere. That's why PanicPOP asked for someone to explain it to them. That's why I was forced to make the assumption I did to try to do so.

You're in -beta- -testing-. People should what game they're going to test before they download it. Take half an hour, if that, and list out your features, describe your game. Tell us why we should download your client and play-test.

+1 vote   game: Dunlore
TerranAmbassador Dec 1 2013, 12:04pm replied:

If that information had already been mentioned somewhere, I apologize, but based on the information presented to me, up until this point, including the screenshots and gameplay trailer, said "Runescape clone". It LOOKED like a runescape clone, and that is ALL I said.

I've gone over everything I can find related to Dunlore, including your website, and this post is the only place I can find the information just given.

I apologize for making the wrong assumption, but I still think it was a reasonable one based on the information I had been presented up until this point.

+1 vote   game: Dunlore
TerranAmbassador Dec 1 2013, 7:50am replied:

Looks like a Runescape clone.

0 votes   game: Dunlore
TerranAmbassador Oct 18 2013, 4:07pm replied:

No, two words:

Indie Elite.


+3 votes   game: Paragon
TerranAmbassador Sep 30 2013, 10:26am says:

So is this like a small-scale 4x game or is it more like EVE Online? The way it seems to be described, it's not real clear.

+1 vote   game: Gates of Horizon
TerranAmbassador Sep 27 2013, 8:25pm says:


What would this KickStarter be FOR, exactly?

+1 vote   news: Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign
TerranAmbassador Sep 20 2013, 7:55pm says:

Tried it on Gamejolt. It looks interesting, but I think I'll wait for it to get more fleshed out.

+2 votes   game: SubLight
TerranAmbassador Sep 1 2013, 5:39pm says:

Maybe, possibly. If they let me be to do my own thing. Considering that's unlikely, however, I doub't I'll be anything but an indie/independent.

+1 vote   poll: If you are working on your own game(s) are you going to work for an official developer team in future?
TerranAmbassador Aug 30 2013, 10:05pm says:

That trailer was hilarious. Congrats on you guys getting funded.

I'll definitely pick up a copy when it releases.

+1 vote   game: DwarfCorp
TerranAmbassador Aug 30 2013, 4:17pm replied:

Then make models yourself. Or find someone willing to work for free. There's a few of them floating around the indiedb forum at any given time.

This guy's still open by the looks of it, and his stuff isn't half bad:

+1 vote   media: New units in game...
TerranAmbassador Aug 30 2013, 2:04pm replied:

What has that got to do with anything?

+1 vote   media: New units in game...
TerranAmbassador Aug 25 2013, 11:06pm replied:

Then I suggest modeling your own units, or otherwise convincing someone else to do it for you.

+1 vote   media: New units in game...
TerranAmbassador Aug 25 2013, 11:41am replied:

Doesn't change the fact that it's the spitting image of the Tantive IV from Star Wars. Some re-modeling is warranted.

+1 vote   media: New units in game...
TerranAmbassador Aug 21 2013, 8:47pm says:

I LOVE the aesthetic you've created. More games, indie and AAA alike, should look like this. Simple, clean, colorful (if a little sterile, if I'm going to be honest).

The gameplay also looks pretty fun as well.

+3 votes   game: Enemy Starfighter
TerranAmbassador Aug 13 2013, 8:05pm says:

I've always been a believer in the subscription MMO, but I play a couple of f2P games: MechWarrior Online, World of Tanks (I'm beta testing the 360 version now), and Last Stand: Dead Zone.

I tend to dislike F2P games because 1) so many developers try to shoehorn it onto games that it doesn't work with, 2) (maybe because of point 1) so very many of those developers basically break their own game and expect you to pay to make it playable or otherwise implement unfair, draconian, or even outright greedy microtansactions, and 3) it's too easy to fall into the trap of point 2.

+1 vote   poll: What do think about free to play games?
TerranAmbassador Aug 4 2013, 4:55pm says:

/me fetches a flamethrower

+1 vote   news: A tree in Arcane Worlds
TerranAmbassador Aug 1 2013, 1:40am replied:

Thank you.

+2 votes   game: Miscreated
TerranAmbassador Jul 31 2013, 2:04pm replied:

That...doesn't answer my question.

You could have gotten the same results as what I've been seeing in your videos with UDK or Unity. Both of which are nowhere near as hardware intensive as CryEngine.

Why did you choose an engine that requires, at minimum, a 400-dollar dedicated gaming computer to run, as opposed to engines that could give you the same graphical fidelity as you have already showcased AND run on less powerful computers?

Don't talk about graphics settings. Don't give me public relations buzzwords. Tell me why you chose it.

+1 vote   game: Miscreated
TerranAmbassador Jul 31 2013, 5:27am says:

So I have a question that I've been meaning to ask:

Why did you choose to use such a hardware-intensive engine? Surely you could have gotten the same results with UDK, or even Unity?

+1 vote   game: Miscreated
TerranAmbassador Jul 30 2013, 8:42am says:

Two things:

1 - Your bump and spec mapping is WAY too harsh on everything. It's like it was all carved with a butter-knife and then slathered with varnish. This is your chance to prove that a serious game can be made for mobile platforms. Simply not caring about the way your game looks would be just as bad as wasting your time to make AAA graphics.

2 - It might be a good idea to get a sound guy. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who will forever associate that song with Armorgames.com

+2 votes   news: Trailer of 'Armed Conflict 2'
TerranAmbassador Jul 10 2013, 1:09pm says:

I have a question that has yet to be answered. One that will basically dictate whether I ever give you guys money:

Will there be a way to play WITHOUT having to deal with Steam? Preferably a direct download?

+7 votes   game: Interstellar Marines
TerranAmbassador Jul 5 2013, 1:10pm replied:

Hi, sorry I haven't replied, I just found your comment.

I envisioned this as a combination first/third person game (defaulting to first, but with third for those who want it). Think along the lines of Freelancer or the X series.

+1 vote   blog: My Adventures in Game Design: Chapter 1
TerranAmbassador Jul 3 2013, 2:09pm says:

I have a question. One that will basically dictate whether I ever give you guys money:

Will there be a way to play WITHOUT having to deal with Steam? Preferably a direct download?

+1 vote   news: Going live on Steam Early access TODAY!
TerranAmbassador Jun 26 2013, 3:03pm replied:

I think what FlounderGames meant was that it literally looks like Minecraft. The furnace, the bookshelf, the crafting table, everything looks like it was ripped from Minecraft.

+1 vote   game: Little R - Adventures of a Little Slime
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