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Hey guys, I'm the number 10. Go ahead and multiply me. See what happens.

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Faction Leader NPC
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List of NPC faction leaders for the new RP. Their history is not included, for simplicity's sake, though feel free to propose one if you wish.

Personality: Soha is very cunning, even for a Hutt. He is also much more cruel than most Hutts, sometimes executing people for simple pleasure. He holds most of the far eastern sectors in his grasp, and many individual Hutt warlords have sworn allegiance to him, those who don't normally meet a swift end.

For all his cunning and intelligence, he has one fatal flaw. He views himself as unstoppable, he cannot even comprehend the notion of defeat. This arrogance can sometimes be his downfall, as he may become careless in the presence of an enemy, and let his guard down. With this arrogance also comes rage, and any operative that fails him, no matter how good or experienced, dies.

However, he also pays those who serve him well with wealth and riches aplenty. Most take this risk, but concluding a deal with Soha can be risky. He may not want you to leave his side. Ever.


Soha, like most Hutts, do not do anything physical, and thus are pretty defenseless when left on their own. However, Soha is normally surrounded by the best bodyguards money can buy, and his base of operations is very well hidden, only few outsiders know of its location and those who do dare not divulge out of fear.

He is also very intelligent and cunning, allowing him to perceive things most may not, and tricking him is a near impossibility.


Powerful warlord, has many followers
Near unlimited wealth
Feared throughout the Galaxy

Very arrogant
His anger is comparable to that of a Sith, and ends with the same results
Often careless

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