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Hey guys, I'm the number 10. Go ahead and multiply me. See what happens.

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Emperor Tarl
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Charming? He looks like he has somekind of weird flu.
Should have kept this image for a Sith "Chosen One", Exar Kun was awesome.

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Ten10dix Author

Think of him as a space Hitler.

And he doesn't always look like that. Lol. He does change his facial expression xD.

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Ah so you took my idea apparently.
That's breaking copyright! I have the rights to space Hitler.

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Ten10dix Author

I have literally no idea what you're talking about xD.

He saved the Empire from a huge economical crisis, and is intent on spreading Imperial doctrine to the rest of the Galaxy. He believes Imperials are the "supreme race" and humans in particular.

All boxes ticked xD.

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List of NPC faction leaders for the new RP. Their history is not included, for simplicity's sake, though feel free to propose one if you wish.

Personality: Emperor Tarl is a unique figure among the Moffs, and a well respected one. He managed to snatch the title of Emperor from the Sith, and he has also managed to keep it for nigh on ten years. This feat alone has given him the loyalty of most Moffs and Imperials.

He is not a cunning man, rather straightforward and direct. He is a very good leader, managing to inspire his men and his people with his natural charm and honeyed words. His experience as Grand Moff has also served him well as Emperor, and he is a great manager and administrator, rebuilding much of the Empire's economy from scratch, and introducing many reforms to the military and society..

He is also very patriotic, wanting to extend the Empire's influence to the entire Galaxy once again, to impose his Law and his Order to every living being, regardless of their opinion on it.

His relations with the Sith, however, are very bad. He dislikes them,a n they dislike him. Their alliance is a very fragile one, an could break at any moment...


Tarl may not be a great fighter or commander, but his way with words is amazing. He can talk his way out of most situations, and use his charm to persuade others to join him. It was thanks to him that the Empire managed to reclaim much of their territory around the Core Worlds through negotiation.

He is also known as a great administrator, personally overseeing much of the Empire, and has improved its efficiency over the last ten years. He can also spot and eliminate corrupt or inefficient Imperials.


Master Negotiatior
Superb Administrator
Destroys Corruption and Inefficiency swiftly
Well liked


Dislikes all non-Imperials
Dislikes the Sith Order
Believes Humans are superior to other species

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