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Tsark Cyrus
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Welcome back. :)

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Ten10dix Author

Thanks, its good to be back :)

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who is this jedi? never seen him before.

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Name: Tsark Cyrus
Species: Cerean
Faction: Sith Order
Role: Sith Acolyte/Agent
Siblings: 1 sister: Kalira Cyrus


Sith Offense I and II (3)
Sith Defense I and II (3)
Overlord I and II (3)
Conditioned Body I (1)

10 points total


Infiltrator I and II (3)
Sith Offense I (1)
Sith Defense I (1)

5 points total

Tsark has a strong connection to the Force, though he has trouble unleashing it directly. From a young age, him and his sister were taken by the Jedi Order to begin their training, though following the Order's demise at the hands of Lord Cronus, they were redirected to the newly formed Sith Order.

Considering his intellectual potential as a Cerean and naturally calm and pensive demeanor, it was thought that Tsark would make a fine Sith Inquisitor. However, his inability to effectively wield the Force meant that he would have to find another way of using it, lest the Sith use him as target practice for more valuable students.

He therefore started to use the Force to compliment his natural abilities, giving him better reflexes, strength and widening his eyes to give him a better understanding of the battlefield. It was clear that his training was now pointing him in the direction of the Sith Marauder.

Unlike most Marauders, Tsark could study his opponents or a battlefield with cold logic and objectivity. While to some in the order emotion fueled battles and thinking were to be desired, Tsark thought that emotion clouded judgement and reaction time, preferring instead to master the Force through controlling it rather than unleashing it. The same could be said of his training with a lightsaber, which he saw as an art form rather than a blunt tool to be used.

The Sith Council soon took notice and made Tsark a Sith Agent, a way of applying brute force to a situation while combining it with logical and rational thinking. He often works alongside his sister, Kalira, who trained as a Sith Infiltrator, and the pair make for an effective team.

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