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Hey guys, I'm the number 10. Go ahead and multiply me. See what happens.

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Voren Tarkin
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List of NPC faction leaders for the new RP. Their history is not included, for simplicity's sake, though feel free to propose one if you wish.

Personality: Voren Tarkin is known as a superb leader. He is well liked by all those under the Federation, the Jedi Order, and even other neutral sectors. His sense of Justice is near perfect, and his own motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", is known Galaxy-wide as the main principles of the Federation.

However, his hatred of the Empire can sometimes cloud his judgement. He is focusing on the development of the Federation's military to counter the Empire's military, and is constantly occupied with winning the ongoing War with them. Some in the senate often speak out against his behavior, others defend him, recognizing his ultimate goal is making the Galaxy a better place.

He is also very stubborn, and once his minds is made up few can persuade him otherwise.


Known as an inspiring leader, though not to the extent of the Emperor Tarl, Voren can give a good speech when needed, and persuade most that his actions are the right ones to take.

He is also a proficient businessman, which contributes to his administration skills. He has military experience from the past, and this allows him to coordinate with the Federation's generals and admirals far more effectively.


Good negotiator
Ideals are well liked
Well respected
Military minded
Good administrator

Hatred of the Empire may impact on his decision and administration
Very stubborn, may not always listen to his advisers.
Some in the Senate are working against him, and may try to take him out of office.

NOTE: Voren Tarkin is Chancellor, and has been for the past 3-4 years. Popular support allowed him to be re-elected.

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