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Ten10dix Jun 12 2013, 5:02pm replied:

Yeah, sorry about that.
I will be absent from Tuesday to Friday of next week (completely) and the week after that will be as busy as I am now (may have time for some replies).

After that, however, it shall be pretty fine and should return back to normal.

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Ten10dix Jun 12 2013, 5:00pm says:

*Tihr nodded.*

"Good. As soon as we've put enough distance between us and the Mandalorians, return to base. Is the cargo secure?"

"The samples are all secure. We encountered no problems."

*Meanwhile, back at the Witch's base, another Mandalorian fell under T'soni's blows, incapacitated. He charged at another Mandalorian, who's back was faced to him. The Mandalorian turned, only to find himself thrown to the side by a powerful sweep of T'soni's axe.*

*The Barbarian's lines were thinning. The mounted Nightsisters charged into the enemy ranks, but still caused some damage to their allies due to the close proximity of the fighting. The archers in the rear fell, and a portion of the Warriors were sent to the rear, to hold off the Mandalorian flamethrowers, though most were burnt before they could reach them.*

*The Barbarians were crumbling under the combined assault, but fought on still with even more ferocity. They seemed battle crazed, blood thirsty, as if they were enjoying the death around them...*

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Ten10dix Jun 12 2013, 5:00pm says:

"Sir, the Mandalorians are performing sweeps over the nearby forests."

"They obviously are unfamiliar with how a large forest works. Thermal scans will pick nothing up because of the wildlife. The trees hide an enemy force from visuals, and any competent commander would hide his presence from conventional scanning methods. What do they expect to gain from this?"

*Tihr sighed. A thought crossed his mind.*

"Have they detected us?"

*The pilot hesitated before replying.*

"No Mandalorian units are set on an intercept path with our convoy. If they have spotted us, they are ignoring us."

*Tihr nodded. He doubted the Odacons would be detected, but who knew with the Mandalorians? A resourceful people, albeit predictable. He walked back into the command room of the Sith Infiltrator. Captain Karis, Brown and 4 Clone Sergeants were waiting. Karis spoke up.*

"The last reports are coming through. The tr-, euh, Lessers, are holding out but we are detecting numerous Mandalorian units inbound. They'll shortly be surrounded and killed."

*Tihr nodded. Brown pressed a few buttons on the command table, and a holographic image of what seemed to be a settlement appeared.*

"Our contacts in the Nightsister clan have promised us that they'll convince the other clans that the Lessers came from deep within Dathomir. As you requested, a few thousand of them have set up a settlement deep in the forests in an isolated location. The Witches will find this settlement, slaughter the Lessers present out of vengeance and dismiss the entire affair. The Mandalorians may be more suspicious, but we have left nothing behind."

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Ten10dix Jun 8 2013, 10:58am says:

*Tihr turned his head as he walked up to his Sith Infiltrator. He could hear some explosions in the distance, and sometimes some flashes, though he was too far away to hear anything else. He watched as a squad of Clones made a final sweep of the base, making sure nothing had been left behind, and entered their transport. The transports took off, their stealth systems active. He entered the Infiltrator, the door closing behind him as it too took off, and the small group of ships flew up into space.*

*Meanwhile, T'Soni brought his large Battleaxe down on a Mandalorian Warrior, piercing the Warrior's armor and instantly killing him. He let out another war cry and charged at another Mandalorian. Nearly a quarter of their force had been wiped out as they charged in, but now they were among the enemy, in a full on melee, the enemy were reluctant to fire. The Mandalorian Warriors, while far more skilled than the barbarians they faced, were buckling under the sheer savagery and numbers they faced. They didn't seem to care much for fear, injury or even death, happily slashing away and ignoring their casualties.*

*The enemy archers soon found themselves under attack themselves. The barbarian archers in the rear changed targets and fired their own arrows at them. Some took their swords and quickly climbed up the trees, and killing the enemy archers in melee.*

*The Rancors charged but because the barbarians had charged into Mandalorian ranks, both sides suffered casualties from the huge beasts. While the Mandalorians suffered less casualties, a Rancor charging into battle would crush anyone in his way. Some barbarians tried to climb up onto the Rancor, though with no real success.*

*As the battle raged on, another quarter of the barbarian's force was killed. Still, though, they outnumbered the enemy, but the Mandalorian's skill in battle evened out the odds.*

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Ten10dix Jun 5 2013, 12:43pm says:


Much better version of what I tried to do awhile back xD.

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Ten10dix Jun 4 2013, 3:43pm says:

"T'soni, the prey has spotted us."

*T'soni, the Warlord, turned. He raised his hand, a large battleaxe gripped in it, and roared out. Almost immediately, hundreds upon hundreds of arrows shot out from the forest and smashed into the enemy positions.*

*The arrows were tipped with explosive devices, and it seemed as if the entire world just exploded around the Witches and Mandalorians. Much of the base, due to its wooden nature, started to burn. Some arrows were aimed at the Canderous Tanks, dealing minor damage to the vehicles. Some arrows, tipped with poison instead, were aimed at the enemy soldiers, the arrows designed to pierce heavy armor, thus some managed to kill a few Mandalorian soldiers outright, others only damaged their armor.*

*As this was happening, the Warriors all charged into the enemy base. They brandished swords, axes, spears, anything that could kill in melee. They all looked very strong and very brutal, but also savage. The outer perimeter was quickly overrun, the large amount of charging warriors just too much. Anyone caught in the incoming wave was slaughtered.*

*Meanwhile, the last of the cargo was being loaded up. Tihr walked over to Brown.*

"Make sure no trace of our presence is left here. The Lessers can hopefully be put down to a long lost tribe appearing again, or something similar. The Mandalorians have a sizable force in orbit, but the Odacons should be able to slip past them. Send a transmission on the secure channel to Lord Nil. Inform him that we have what we came for and are leaving while we still can."

*Brown nodded and walked to the nearest transport. Tihr heard the explosions in the distance. The Lessers, it seemed, had encountered the Mandalorians. They might be able to overrun their position through sheer numbers, or they may all be slaughtered. Either way, he didn't care. They are serving their purpose.*

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Ten10dix Jun 2 2013, 4:34pm replied:

Seems alright to me.

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Ten10dix Jun 2 2013, 4:15pm says:

*Karis sighed, cleaning his blaster as he chatted with the men. Brown and Tihr had left a few moments ago, and they had orders to hold position. A few minutes passed, and finally they arrived back at camp.*

*The camp itself wasn't big, a few ships, shelters and some barricades with defensive turrets. Tihr walked directly over to Karis, telling him to organize them men. They formed five lines of ten men, with Karis at the front. Tihr stood opposite, beside him was Brown.*

"The Witches have called forth the Mandalorians. They disrupted our operations on Onderon, they shall not do so here. We need the specimens alive. I've sent out the remaining Lessers to destroy this so called "Alliance" the Witches have put in place. The Mandalorians will probably Rendez-vous with the Witches at their alliance base too.

While they are fighting, we must smuggle the cargo off-world. Nearly two months we've been here, in this god-forsaken jungle, but it shall all be worth it. Tell the pilots to activate the stealth systems and start up the engines. Load of the rest up the cargo, we're leaving."

*The men did just that. Odacon Stealth Transports were present on the planet, and the Clone Soldiers took many containers and boxes and placed them onto the transports. Droid workers took the larger containers, some of them massive, and also placed them inside.*

*Meanwhile, the Sith forces sent to the Witch's base had arrived. The base itself had been surrounded, nearly 5,000 of them lay in wait just outside their perimeter. Sensing them would be futile, as the dark energies present on the planet masked them, due to their own taint. Their Warlord observed the Mandalorian's arrival.*

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Ten10dix Jun 1 2013, 6:53pm says:

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Ten10dix May 30 2013, 4:22pm says:

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Ten10dix May 30 2013, 12:17pm says:

*Captain Karis tried to hold back a laugh as Tihr repeated his orders for the 4th time in a few minutes to the leader of the group he was leadin. He looked over at Brown who was sat down on a rock, some sort of techy device in his hands kept on beeping violently at him, and he started swearing violently at it. The two went on until Brown had had enough, and he walked over to Karis.*

"He still explaining what he wants done?"

*Karis nodded.*

"They may look tough, but by the Force they're thick. Wouldn't want to be charged by one of 'em, though."

*Tihr finally walked away, his face painted with annoyance. 50 Clone Soldiers were present, but the rest of his force was composed of savage, vicious looking men and women, armed with swords, pikes, spears, axes and some even with bow and arrows. The man he had been talking to turned. He was a giant, nearly 2m50 in height and his voice boomed as he bellowed out the orders, his voice strong and loud. Tihr sighed as the man pronounced the words badly, or stuttered and hesitated as he tried to remember what he had to say. Tihr waved them away, and they nearly instantly vanished into the forests of Dathomir. Tihr sat down on a nearby rock, and sighed.*

"They are starting to really push my limits..."

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Ten10dix May 26 2013, 2:27pm says:

*Around 40% of the Imperial AT-ATs fall to enemy fire, though they still continue firing. The downed AT-ATs serve as cover for the infantry as they lay down fire on the charging enemy.*

*Major Karl and Commissar Yarik are stationed in the command AT-AT, located more to the rear of the main group, and with more advanced shielding and hull, at the cost of reduced firepower.*

"The assault goes well, Major. The enemy seem intent on throwing away their lives by charging into our line of fire! How such bravery befalls them is beyond me..."

"The battle isn't won yet, Commissar. We still have Federation forces on our rear. Luckily we kept a portion of the Hawks in reserve, that should slow them down and possibly even halt their advance. The Spec Ops have completed their main objective, we now have the position of the enemy's second line of defense. Artillery is commencing their attack. We sent a portion of our infantry equipped with the big guns to halt the Federation's advance on our rear. Hopefully our reinforcements will get here in time, a flanking attack on our line will destroy us."

OOC: I stated in a previous comment only 50 Hawks, out of 75, were being used. IDTs suffered heavy casualties but some still survived.

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Ten10dix May 26 2013, 2:27pm says:

*25 Hawks that had been kept from the main battle, as well as the remaining IDTs, swoop in on the enemy position. The Hawks target the incoming Juggernaughts, launching their missiles into the large wheels, immobilizing most if not all of them. The IDTs use their laser cannons to destroy the AT-AEs and TX-130s. Soldiers stationed on the IDT's repeating blasters fire at any enemy infantry, laying down a hail of fire as they swoop by. *

*The incoming Clone Troopers use their heavy weapons to fire at the incoming AT-AEs, using their missiles to target the legs, the momentum of the projectiles enough to probably make them stumble and fall over. The AW-Ss and AW-Rs target the enemy battle droids, firing hails of blaster fire into the sky at them. 2-3 AT-AAs redirect their fire to the droids as well, using their large flak cannons to destroy handfuls with each shot.*

*The mines and bombs are placed between the rear of the Imperial's main force and the Imperial's rearguard, anything that tries to get through on land will face a quickly made, but still deadly, minefield.*

*The Spec Ops hold their position, digging in and detonating any explosives they had placed. A flare is launched into the air, parallel to the Federation's second defensive line. The AW-IAs redirect their fire to the general area of the secondary line, softening it up.*

*The main Imperial Force still holds position. As the enemy charge, the Scorpeneks and Infantry lay down fire on the incoming infantry and droids. Whilst their bravery is admirable, charging directly into an Imperial battle line is not without cost, and many fall to the hail of Imperial blaster fire.*

*The TXs change targets, firing on the AT-AEs, using the same tactic as against the enemy TXs.*

*The AT-ATs continue to fire on the enemy T4s, giving them no time to recover as they assist in the enemy charge*

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Ten10dix May 25 2013, 4:20pm says:

OOC: I'm guessing you won't divert that many troops to find the Spec Ops, as that would weaken your own position. Of course, if you do that's fine, but I can't make a truly accurate move with you just saying "any and all soldiers", is that your reserves? Or what? 60 Spec Ops would need at least a hundred or so troops to deal with, even them it would be risky. *shrugs*

Jolee, your moves aren't really that clear to me. Are you bypassing my rearguard completely? Or just sending loads of troops against it? I would like to remind you you have Furere on your tail, I would of expected you to deal with him first otherwise you're pretty much dead, caught between me an him. Then again, maybe you should focus on me xD.

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Ten10dix May 25 2013, 4:20pm says:

*The TXs concentrate on the enemy TXs, forming into their assigned groups of two or three and concentrating fire on individual enemy TXs, allowing them to destroy the tanks quickly and efficiently. The few command tanks are sat in the rear of the Imperial line, and coordinate these attacks.*

*20% of the Clone Troopers, as well as all the AS-Ss and half of the AW-Rs form a small rearguard, reinforcing the 20 TXs. Most of the Clone Troopers had heavy weapons, such as missile launchers, and engineers placed mines on the ground as they joined the rearguard. AA fires at the incoming fighters, downing some and shooting flak at the rest.*

*The men in the mountains manage to take out a few droids, but the sudden attack surprised them, and they all fell to the enemy fire.*

*The Spec Ops troops placed mines and detonation packs as they retreated into the city, killing any patrols in their way. Resistance was minimal, as most of the enemy were fighting in the main battle, so any enemy patrol that encountered them was dispatched easily. They noticed the men get killed in the mountains, realizing the Federation had deployed their battle droids. The techies prepared the few EMP grenades they had, and they cautiously moved on, sniping any enemy snipers they saw on the rooftops.*

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Ten10dix May 25 2013, 4:20pm says:

OOC: Jolee, not sure if your move was against the Imperial ships attacking your AA/dropping off troops but if so you can't because that happened a few turns ago. You forgot about your fighters, your loss, but you can't bring them in now to attack our descending ships since they have already landed. You should of made that move earlier.

Also: "The Fed's move back out of range of Imperial artillery."

This is you falling back. No mention of any real rearguard was mentioned, and most of my forces that weren't making their way to the main battle attacked you as you fell back. Falling back leaves you vulnerable, especially with no definitive rearguard or formation (you mentioned none) thus you would take quite a few casualties on the forces nearest our army (your rear). We can bring the GMs into this if you want, though I don't see how it can be understood any other way (you can hardly get out of range of my arty by charging my line...).

HH: You said ECM made it hard for missiles to hit, not impossible. In your move, you made it sound as if it made it impossible for missiles to hit them. Make your mind up >.<.

IC: *The Imperial main battle line halts. The enemy seemed to have stopped, so instead they concentrated on obliterating them before they could charge. The AT-ATs continue their attack on the enemy T4s, and many of the weakened one's attacked by the earlier assault fell very easily.*

*The Imperial Clone Troopers continue firing, the smoke finally just about clear allowing them to more accurately fire their weapons. The Scorpeneks aid them, laying down heavy fire on the enemy troopers in an attempt to destroy any cover they are hiding behind and ultimately to destroy them.*

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Ten10dix May 22 2013, 5:15pm says:

Sorry guys, lots of work going on in school. Last month here so its pretty much work work work xD.

Next two weeks will see a drop in RP activity. I know this is pretty bad timing, as I'm involved in a few events right now. I'll try my best to respond if I can, though most of my free time is spent either studying or gaming lol.

Dammit, can't the holidays arrive sooner? >.<

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Ten10dix May 20 2013, 4:39pm replied:

I would love to, I honestly would.

But that would be sooooooooooooo boring xD.

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Ten10dix May 20 2013, 4:11pm replied:

I believe I mentioned the Jedi Council knows, or at least suspects, the Sith Order is still hiding somewhere, but the Federation are more inclined to not believe.

+1 vote   news: Government
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 4:05pm replied:

Actually, I believe you arrived after the Sith were exiled, thus even you would not realize they still exist.

Some may suspect, but due to everything that is happening most would disregard their suspicions and focus on the current threats.

+1 vote   news: Government
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 3:57pm says:


You make me want to make my own article like this for the Empire.


Plus, the Federation and Jedi Order don't really know the Sith Order still exists. Most in the Galaxy believed they were wiped out long ago, though I understand why you are putting this here (less work later).

Even most in the Empire don't realize the Sith still exist. Plus with all that is going on, most people would quickly forget about them.

P.S.: Yay! Fai! xD.

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Ten10dix May 20 2013, 3:44pm replied:

Very cool pic.

But damn. I really want to drop a nuke right into the center and watch it explode from the inside xD.

+1 vote   media: Senate Building
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 3:17pm replied:

I'm not sure you're allowed to do that. I made a mistake in thinking it was my move, that's an OOC mistake, not an IC mistake.

However if you do wish to continue in your attack, be it on your head. I placed a rear guard for a reason. If the GMs allow the move, I'll respond to it in my next move (so HH, don't base your move off of Jolee's move, as it may be stopped dead in its tracks or at least heavily damaged xD).

Also, all your AA is destroyed, or at least the vast majority. We already established the fact we lost most of our attacking air units but you lost your AA (we both fired our missiles at one another, mutual destruction).

Furere suffered heavy air casualties, though the rest of his force is unharmed (including any air units he didn't use in the attack).

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Ten10dix May 20 2013, 2:58pm replied:

I did think Voran sounded familiar. I make so many names for the NPCs I play that I lose track...

There are trillions of people in the Galaxy. The name "Brown" is bound to pop up.

*You're awful...


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Ten10dix May 20 2013, 2:53pm says:

It is just *begging* to be bombed xD.

Reminds me I need to set up my own Senate... Heh heh :P

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Ten10dix May 20 2013, 1:46pm replied:

OOC: Details, details... xD.

Jolee will post, then just place my move after his then we continue like:


+1 vote   media: Kinyen Crisis
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 1:43pm replied:

OOC: They have quite a lot of missiles then xD.

+1 vote   media: Kinyen Crisis
Ten10dix May 20 2013, 12:41pm says:

*The battle in the mountains provide a small victory for the Imperial Forces. The remaining Clone Troopers take up any long range weapons, including snipers and missile launchers, and start laying down fire on the enemy AA and troops. The Hawks redirect their attention back to the main battle, circling around again to protect themselves from the AA, they rejoin the main battle line and fire on the enemy TX-130s.*

*The IDTs fire their missiles on the enemy AA, moving around to make it harder to hit them. When the AA guns in range were destroyed, the IDTs unleashed their laser cannons and remaining missiles on the charging enemy line, then quickly retreat behind the mountains.*

*The remaining AW-DAs use their large dual heavy laser cannons on the AT-SEs, and the AW-IAs split into two groups and each fire on the enemy flanks, to prevent infantry from flankin.*

*The Scorpeneks change positions, placing themselves on the flanks of the AT-ATs. The Clone Troopers, AW-Rs and AT-ATs cover them as they do this. Once the main battle line is complete, they march onwards, the AT-ATs forming the center, the Scorpeneks forming the flanks and the Clone Troopers and AW-Rs and remaining AW-Ss filling the gaps.*

*The Spec Op troops, using the battle as a distraction, place themselves into position in building and behind cover. As the enemy charge, they pass unnoticed. When the AT-SEs near them reveal themselves, the Spec Op troops use small portable missile launchers with armor piercing missiles on the AT-SE's legs, hoping to put them out of use for good. Three missiles on each leg of each AT-SE. They then retreat deeper into the city quickly, receiving cover from the troops overhead until they are safe.*

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Ten10dix May 20 2013, 12:40pm says:

OOC: Smoke was home made by the Emperor personally. 'Tis the most Holy Smoke under His domain, savvy? xD.

And I presumed all your arty was destroyed in Adenn's attack. Kinda... Strange, just having more pop up xD.

Also, my Hawks/AT-ATs did target your forces behind the trenches, in other words most of your vehicles that are now charging out. My main objective was to weaken your forces in case of a counter attack.

*Smoke starts to clear up. Zoras is happy.*

*The TX-130s turn their fire on the incoming TX-130s, their heavy laser. The AT-ATs keep firing on their initial targets, laying down fire on the T4, some already weakened by the previous joint attack by AT-ATs and the Hawks. Some fall to the overwhelming fire, though most managed to just march on, closing in on the enemy lines.*

*The AW-Ss retreat to the center line, most having been destroyed but some surviving due to their nimble nature.*

*As the enemy infantry charge, the AW-Rs and Scorpeneks unleash volley after volley on the unprotected enemy troopers. The Clone Troopers stop their charge as they realize what is happening, and retreat in an orderly fashion, squads cover each other as they fall back to the main assault line with the Scorpeneks and AT-ATs. Some were killed by the charging enemy troops, some were killed be friendly fire, but their training served them well, as they gunned down the charging Federation troopers.*

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Ten10dix May 20 2013, 12:08pm replied:

Like I said, heavy casualties xD.

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