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"Everything I did in my life that was worthwhile I caught Hell for." "I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once." "Courage is the most important of all virtues, because without it we can't practice any other virtue with consistency." "You don't get to choose how you're going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you're going to live." "Why did God make man before he made woman? Because he didn't want any advice on how to do it." (Heh heh xD). Avatar/Pic thingy made by Arcones. A few quotes, credit where credit is due, and... Well, nothing about me. Meh, never liked bios anyway. I'm too modest to list the great and awesome things I've done in life... xD.

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Fav Quotes

3 years ago by Ten10dix 2 comments
I decided I would create a list of my favorite quotes, for various reasons which I shall not divulge even if you offer me a load of money. Note that I am not stopping you from offering me a load of money, so if you do wish to offer me a load of money, please, go ahead. It would be most welcome xD.

Quotes in French will stay French. Ha ha ha. Go look on Google xD.

Anyway, heres the list:

-If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions? -Scott Adams

If the lessons of history teach us anything it is that nobody learns the lessons that history teaches us. -Anon

Travailler dur n'a jamais tué personne, mais pourquoi prendre le risque? -Edgar Bergen

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it. -André Gide

Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling.

The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.

"Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss." -Douglas Adams

Everybody wants to go to heaven; but nobody wants to die.

Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants. -A. Whitney Brown

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

La facilité de parler est souvent l'impuissance de se taire.

Si tu fais le mal ...Fais le bien...Car le mal bien fait ....Fais bien moins mal !

Tous les ans, il y a de plus en plus de cons. Mais cette année, je crois que les cons de l'année prochaine sont déjà là.

Pourquoi contredire une femme ? Il est tellement plus simple d'attendre qu'elle change d'avis !

Un proverbe chinois dit que lorsqu'on a plus rien à dire, on cite généralement un proverbe chinois...

Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They're about to announce the lottery -Homer Simpson

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity. -Albert Einstein

It is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, and certainly not desirable, as one's hat keeps blowing off.

The list will be updated when I feel like it. Bad day all xD.

Hill 256 Part 1 (Warhammer 40K)

4 years ago by Ten10dix 2 comments

Most of the locations/regiments/chapters/commanders ect. are fannon. This is based off of Warhammer 40K, and tells the story of the 113th Karksin, from the Karksin Imperial Regiment.

Night had fallen over the city of Haraz, but the fires were still raging all around. The city had come under attack just a few hours ago by a force of Ork Raiders. It was the fourth time they had attacked, but this one was definatly the most devastating. They had come out of the mist, shouting their war cries. The Imperial Guardsmen had held out, but the city had been toren apart and most of the civilian population had been killed. If it hadn`t been for Sergeant Darias and his squad, who flanked the Ork force and threw grenade after grenade at them, the whole 113th would have been destroyed. Unfortunatly, Darias and his men has been killed, but they had held their position long enough for the 113th to advance down the streets and push the Orks out. Now, darkness had invaded the city and silence reigned supreme.

Most of the 113th were asleep, but their Commander, Commander Rex Laris, was wide awake. He was thinking over his situation, a situation no Commander would ever want to be in. The Ork ambush last week had depleted their forces seriously, and they were in need of munitions. Any day now they would be attacked, though by what he did not know. He had set up a series of outposts, leaving 3 squads of Imperial Guardsmen at each. In all, 14 outposts had been set up. Nine of them were not responding to the constant attempt to contact them. The other four weren`t going to last long either. He had to move his troops out of the city quickly before whatever was coming attacked. He scanned the map of the immediate area over and over again, and dismayed when he realised that his only option was to get to the nearby hill, officially known as Hill 256, but nicknamed "Hells Gates" by the local population, and with good reason to. Hill 256 was situated right on the border of Ork territory, and was the easiest route the Orks could take to get to the nearby major cities. Although Commander Rex knew that taking Hill 256 and holding it until word could get out to local Imperial Forces for reinforcements would be hard, maybe even impossible, it was his only option. Any other route would take them into the surrounding Forests, and the Orks would ambush them at will, not to mention whatever was attacking the Outposts.

Knowing what had to be done, he immediatly went to awake Commisar Pairn, Sergeant Major Haris, Priest Junx and Lieutenant Garn. The four of them and himself formed the Command Squad of the 113th, and they had been the Command Squad for nearly a decade. Upon awakning them he told them of his plans, with which he recieved diverse opinions.

"That would be pure suicide, sir! Half the men would be lost on the way there, and the other half lost taking the damn thing! Can`t we just stay here, dig in, and wait for reinforcements?" Said Sergeant Haris upon hearing Commander Laris`s plan. "We would have more of an advantage here agaisnt the Orks then attacking their own hill!"

Rex was just about to reply to the Sergeant, but Commisar Pairn spoke before him.

"You fail to see the gravity of the situation, Sergeant. Staying here would allow our enemy to chose when, how and from where he attacks. Not to mention the foe advancing from the North, who is taking out our Outposts one by one. We would stand a far better chance on the hill, where we can see from all directions, not to mention our communication array would function better up there."

The Commisar stopped talking, his face as calm as always. He looked around, the others considering his words. Finnaly, after a few minutes silence, Lieutenant Garn spoke out.

"Look, we can`t stand here all day talking about what we are to do. If we are to go to Hill 256, we need to get the troops ready and marching in less then an hour. What are we doing, Commander? Are we going or staying?"

Everyone in the room layed eyes in Commander Laris, waiting for his response. The Commander was thinking it through, and finnaly made his decision.

"Sergeant Major, get the troops ready. We march before the hours up"

"Yes Sir! But I sti-" Replied Sergeant Haris, but before he could finish his sentance gunfire was heard.

The Commander rushed to the window of the building he was in, and saw his men rushing around like mad. He shouted down to one of the Sergeants and asked him what was going on. The sergeant replied that "Those damn orks are attacking again". The sergeant dissapeared, going to form his squad up and help repel the Ork forces.

"What is it?" Asked Priest Junx, who had remained quiet throughout the conversation.

"Orks, and by the looks of it, these ones mean real buisness. Sergeant Major, get to the Southern defenses and pull troops from their. Get them here ASAP. The rest of you, follow me. We`ve got some orks to kill" Ordered the Commander, rushing out the door as soon as he had finished speaking.

Rushing outside, his blade out, he witnessed a scene he had seen many times before. Complete chaos. Guardsmen were running all over the place, trying to get to a safe firing distance. Orks were brining down their axes and swords on any poor souls who wern`t quick enough. The Commander quickly engaged an ork, dispatching him with ease. Turning around, he saw another ork charging at him, shouting his war cry. The Commander quickly stepped out of the way with only a moment to spare, and slashed at the orks back, taking out his las-pistol and shooting him a couple of times. Turning back to the battle, he saw the Commisar shouting at the Guardsmen to "Fight like the men you are! Fight for the Emperor of Mankind! Fight or Die like Cowards!". The Priest, taking out his large chain saw, was sawing through the ork`s ranks, killing them one by one. The Lieutenant was rushing towards the Commander, and they both turned to the main ork force. By now, the Guardsmen has got to a safe firing distance and began pouring las fire onto the orks ranks. The Orks fell from the sheer amount of fire, but they quickly took cover behind large buildings and ruins. They threw explosives over at the guardsmen positions, killing many of them. Orks with shootas came around the corner, flanking two Guardsmen squads and killing them near instantly. A heavy weapons team had set up their heavy bolters inside the city hall, in the city center, pouring insane amounts of fire onto the Ork force.

It seemed like the Guardsmen would win, most of them had entrenched themselves near the city center, the HWT covering them from the numerous charging orks. As long as that heavy bolter was firing, no ork would get close to the Imperial Guardsmen. But then the tide of the battle changed, the orks had managed to get one of their "Looted Tanks" up into the city, and began pushing Imperial Forces right back into the city center. When the Tank arrived, it aimed and fired at the main hall, demolishing a large part of it. The HWT quickly packed up and tried to leave, but another shell smashed into the building, killing them. The Commander knew that if that tank stayed up and running, they would lose. He nodded at the Lieutenant, who then rushed forward, dispatching any orks in his way. The Commander cut his way to a Guardsmen squad, and immediatly took a grenade from the Sergeant. He threw it to the Lieutanant, who by now was nearing the tank. The Orks, not bothering with the Lieutanant when there were hundreds of Guardsmen to kill, didn`t notice the Lieutanant catch the grenade. One of the Orks tried to stop him, but was quickly torn to pieces when the Commander picked up a las rifle from a fallen Guardsmen and started covering the Lieutanant with it, ordering the squad he was next to to do the same. The Lieutanant jumped up onto the tank, crawled over to the barrel and poped the grenade in it.

"OI! Whats dat hummie doin to mah tank?" The hatch opened, revealing a mekboy. The Lieutanant quickly swung his blade, killing the mekboy instantly. He then jumped off, and started to run back to the Commanders position.

"EY! DAT HUMMIE KILLED DA MEKY! Turn da damn barrel around, ya gitz.! SHOOT DAT HUMMIE!"

The Lieutanant didn`t see it, but he knew that the Tank had fired thanks to the massive exploison that caused him to hurtle forward, right into the wall of a nearby building. He got up and quickly put himself behind cover.

As for the Orks, the result of the exploision wasn`t a mere jump forward. Anyone near the rank had been blown to bits, and thankfully the Tank had been at the center of the main Ork force, killing many of them. The nearby Guardsmen cheered and charged into the remanants of the Ork force, butchering them remaning orks. Although the city center was secure and a small victory had been gained, the same was not true in the rest of the city.

The Guardsmen ranks were depleting, and it was not looking good. The Commander, finishing off a squad of orks who thought pillaging the munition dump was a good idea, turned around and saw a large ork crushing a guardsmen sergeant agaisnt a wall, destroying the wall and killing the guardsmen instantly. The Ork, preusmably the Warboss, saw the Commander and rushed towards him, shouting out his war cry.


The Commander readied himself, knowing that, even though he was a veteran of many battles, no one could stop an ork when charging. The Ork continued on his charge, swining his large axe wildly over his head. The Commander took his las pistol, aimed, and fired to no effect. He continued shooting whilst backing away. The Ork was getting closer, and closer, and closer. It brought its axe down onto the Commander position and...

Exile to the Unknown...

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Greetings, I see that you have found one of my holocrons, and even managed to open it! Bravo! You must have great wisdom, that or dumb luck. In this Holocron, I shall explain my venture into the Unknown Regions after the end of the Sith Golden Age. Don`t worry though, you won`t live long enough to tell anyone of this...

Knowing full well that the Jedi were rising, and that the Mandalorians had enough trouble on their hands to fund my "projects", I went into the Unknown Regions along with my own fleet. I encountered many beings and discovered many planets, though only a few events are recorded in this holocron. My first destination was Korriban, before the Mandalorians conquered it. I needed to recover some artifacts of mine hidden in the Accademy. The following is from the recordings of the Sith Accademy Secutriy Cameras...

*Two Sith Soldiers stand by a door. A Sith Student is talking to one of the Sith Masters nearby. The door opens. The Sith Master looks up and sees a Dark Figure, smirking at him. The Dark Figure then speaks:

"I`m back"

The Sith Master`s face fulls itself with fear, and he immediatly reaches for his lightsaber. The Sith Solder collaspe on the floor, their cause of Death unknown. The Sith Student is sent flying into a wall, and a Lightsaber smashes into his chest. The Sith Master rushes towards the Dark Figure, the latter of which takes another lightsaber from his belt and duels with the Sith. The duel lasted around a minute, until finnaly the Dark Figure had had enough of playing and used Memory Walk to make the Sith go mad, until finnaly putting him out of his misery with a clean blow to the head. The Dark Figure then looks around, and calls into his portable communication device.

"We`re a go"

The Dark Figure looks up, and sees the camera. He has a rather amused look on his face, and proceeds to shock the camera with lightning. The last images we see are more dark figures entering the Accademy, using red lightsabers as weapons...*

The first planet I visisted was named "Ossertion", and was a barren wasteland. In orbit I sensed a huge power, a sort of scream. A call for help? A trap? Or simply the Darkness whispering to the weak, trying to make them go mad? I did not know, and still do not know. Whatever it is though, it attracted the attention of many rogue Sith. I landed on the planets largest settlement, and was greeted by blaster fire. I returned the welcome using the Force to break the necks of the people firing at me. I was then jumped by two Force Users, not Sith, nor Jedi. Probably just some rogues looking for primitive settlements and making out that they are Gods. I sent the first one flying into a nearby building whilst I grabbed the second one, jumped up far into the air, covered my hands in lightning (causing massive pain) and slammed him straight into the ground. The first rogue saw what happenend and tried to run. I insist on the word "tried". Suffice to say he was later found disfigured, with is head at least five meters away form his body. I explored the planet extenvisly, but found nothing that could resemble a "Great Presence in the Force". It was most likely coming from the planet itself, and not from an artifact on it. I marked the planets coordinantes on my datapad, so as to be sure not to lose it, and continued on my travels.

Weird and Random news from all over the World!!!

4 years ago by Ten10dix 2 comments

Now, since I`m completly and utterly bored I shall write this article about some stuff that has happaned over the last few days/weeks that I have found either funny or just plain weird.

1) Snake Bites Ma-, oh wait... No... Man bites Snake???
David Senk, a 54 year old American male, was arrested today for an "unprovoked attack". On a Snake. *sigh*... This guy apparently has no recollection of the attack, claiming he was completly drunk (well, you would have to have at least be a bit drunk to bite a snake O.o) and that he had "blacked out" and the he "flet like hell". The Police have witnesses, a man and women (the owners of the snake) "Senk had just taken two large bites out of their python when they let him hold the snake." The Snake mesures about 3-4 feet in length, and is getting treatment at a vet. Senk states that "I not too fond of snakes (but) I try not to bite them." Good man! He "tries not to bite them"! People...

2)Public Enemy Number 1 in Germany has been Captured!!! Her name? Yvonne the... What? Yvonne the Cow? O.o?
Public Enemy number one, Yvonne the Cow, escaped in May, and was involved with a hit and run on a Police Car. Luckily, being a Cow, the Policeman in question managed to dodge Yvonne. Knowing that she was going to go to prison, she ran and hid on the Forest, an outlaw to the rest of thw world... Local Authorities branded Yvonne as a "public danger" and urged people to report the Yvonne the moment they saw her. The German newspaper also joint in on the search, offering a total of 10,000 Euros (about 8,000+ Pounds) for finding the animal. But she has recently been found by a local farmer and his daughter, who alerted the authorities and who quickly arrived and after a massive fire fight tranquilized Yvonne and put her away for life. (I might have exagerated in this one... :D).

More to come folks! (If I can be bothered...). Stay tuned next time on "Weird and Random News from all over the World!", brought to you by the one and only: Ten10di!!!! Woot!!! *sigh* Bored...

Mystery of the Republic Part 2.

4 years ago by Ten10dix 2 comments

This story isn`t cannon at all, just something I thought of whilst playing JA (many of the battles were fought in JA to for fun and so I can imagine them better, placement, how important people die ect.). This shall follow a Jedi Padawan named Ran who shall be searching for Master Ak`Rash. Complain about something like "theres no sound in space" and I`ll personally oversee your destruction. Only kidding. Or am I?

As Ran walked out of the bridge and towards the Hanger a couple of stormtroopers appeared. They fired at Ran but he managed to turn his lightsaber on and roll out of the way. He then deflected the laser fire onto the stormtroopers and they fell to their own lasers. As he walked to the Hanger he encountered many stormtroopers but killed them all with ease. As he opened the Hanger door he saw the Republic troops getting onto the dropship.

"Wait for me guys!" Ran shouted as he ran towards the dropship. But they didn`t wait. 10 Republic soldiers got their guns out and fired on Ran. He rolled out of the way, turnt his lightsaber on and jumped towards the dropship. He managed to land on it but was kicked off whilst deflecting the laser fire pouring onto him. He fell to the ground as he saw the dropship exit the Hanger. He just didn`t understand what was going on... As he got up he eyed a large square object stuck onto a wall. He dismissed it untill he spotted 6 others also stuck on a wall. He looked closer. Red numbers were shown, they were counting down.

"Bombs..." muttered Ran. He took a couple of steps back, thinking how he would escape from the ship. He then heard a horrible screaching sound and watched as a Tie Fighter landed inside the Hanger. Ran jumped and beheaded the pilot with his lightsaber just as the pilot was getting out. He then jumped inside the cockpit and flew out. Republic X-Wings were chasing after Ran but he managed to dodge their lasers. He knew he couldn`t keep this up for long, he had to think of something... He then remembered the asteroid field. He looked at his scanners and found the asteroid field. He flew towards it and went deep into it, using his skills as a pilot and his Jedi reflexes to dodge the huge rocks. The X-Wings didn`t follow him and returned to the Dreadnaught.

"Where the hell do I go now..." muttered Ran as he looked at the scanners. "Maybe I shout dock on the nearest Space Station. I could get another ship their... This piece of junk isn`t gonna get me anywhere." After a couple of hours he arrived at the Space Station "Rising Joy XIII", a pirate Space Station. How a pirate Space Station could be legal he didn`t know, but the Republic wasn`t bothering them hiding behind the excuse that "they do more good then bad". They are bloody pirates, they`d sell their own mothers for a couple of credits. Maybe even a couple of pazaak cards... Ran walked to the door, but before he got their it opened and a Rodian came out, pistol drawn.

"Oona goota?" Asked the Rodian in his native language. *Translation: Going somewhere?

"Nchtha zno ta" I replied, looking for a way out. *Translation: I`m not sure.
"Shak, trn kras ka noota" Said the Rodian, more agresivly then before. *Translation: Give me the money.
Ran had had enough, he pulled the gun out of the Rodians hand and force pushed him into the wall. He then ran towards the door and was immediatly stopped by 50+ pirate guards.

"Ya shoulda payed da fee! Haaa ha haaaaa ha ha!" shouted a rather unpleasent voice.

Msytery of the Republic. Part 1

4 years ago by Ten10dix 0 comments

This story isn`t cannon at all, just something I thought of whilst playing JA (many of the battles were fought in JA to for fun and so I can imagine them better, placement, how important people die ect.). This shall follow a Jedi Padawan named Ran who shall be searching for Master Ak`Rash. Complain about something like "theres no sound in space" and I`ll personally oversee your destruction. Only kidding. Or am I?

Jedi Master Ak`Rash went missing 5 days ago near Yaga Minor. The Republic sent out a search party along with the Jedi Padawan Ran, Ak`Rash`s Aprentice. Many Jedi have gone missing recently without any trace. Ran knew that his Master was probably dead, but he did not know what could of killed him. Pirates? The Imperial Remnant? Unlikely. But whatever did kill him shall be brought to justice.

Ran walked onto the bridge of "The Dominator", an Alliance dreadnaught, and asked the Captain if he had found anything. The Captain replied that nothing had come up on the scanners, but was then interrupted by a Lieutenant. Ran advanced towards the hologram emmiter which was now showing Yaga Minor and any Space Stations around it. He was about to ask the Captain if he had asked any of the Stations if they had seen anything suspicious but then a siren sounded.

"What the hell is happening! Where did that come from!" yelled the Captain as he looked out into Space.

"What?" Ran asked, he then followed the Captains eyes and saw an Imperial dreadnaught just as it opened fire.

"Battle positions! Ryan!" Shouted the Captain as he rushed towards the hologram emmiter, which now was showing the blueprints of the Imperial Dreadnaught in one area and on the other it was showing the Space around us. Ran could see The Dominator and the Imperial Dreadnaught represented by 2 rectangles. He could also see the nearby asteroid field.

"Sir!" Replied Ryan. Ryan was second in command of the Ship and had served with the Captain for over 4 years now.

"Ryan, get a message through to command. The Imperial Remnant has got a base in the sector! They wouldn`t position a Dreadnaught in the Sector without a reason!" The Captain then ordered one of the Lieutenants to divert all power to front deflector shields. He then turned towards Ran.

"You need to get to the Hanger and lead an assult on that Dreadnaught. I`ll lend you my boarding squads led by Captain Narn, now go!" The Captain then turnt away and ordered Ryan to "Send that damned message before they destroy our communications array!". Ran rushed to the bridge door and then heard an exploision. "Direct hit! Damn it! All power to front deflector shields NOW! We can ho-." He couldn`t hear anymore for he had exited the bridge and was on my way to the Hanger. He heard many explosions and saw men running to their stations. When he finnaly arrived to the Hanger he saw about 30 men rushing towards the drop ship.

"Jedi! Get in here quick!" Ran ran towards the drop ship and got in, he then sat down and asked the captain what the plan was.

"What do you mean? We go in their and shoot us some damned stormys! Thats always the plan!" He said whilst chuckling. The other soldiers laughed as the engines started.

"You know what Jedi? You can go kill that Imperial Captain whilst we hold the Hanger! It`ll save us having to do it!" More laughter broke out as Ran heard lasers being fired.

Was he scared? Definatly. He heard the sound of Tie Fighters going past us, probably trying to shoot them down. Ten minutes later, although it felt like 10 hours later, the ship landed and the doors opened. Ran turnt his lightsaber on whilst the Republic soldiers rushed out and took cover. He saw the Republic captain take out a blaster pistol and shoot 3 stormtroopers with 3 shots. Ran was the target of most of the laser fire but managed to deflect most if it with his saber. After 15 minutes of "fire, fire, fire, cover, reload, fire fire fire" the Republic soldiers managed to secure the Hanger. Ran then ran towards the door leading to the Bridge. Thankfully this Dreadnaught had the same design as the The Dominator. He encountered security on more than one occaison but dispatched them with ease. As he advanced towards the bridge he felt something. He stumbled and fell to the ground. Something had happened... Something... Strange. He dismissed it for now and opened the bridge door. He saw imperial officers rushing around like crazy. One of them saw him and screamed in terror. Ran advanced towards the Captain, killing all those who stood in his way. But the Captain had managed to escape. Everyone was dead on the bridge now. Ran locked the doors and searched for the Captain. Then a laser flew past Rans shoulder. Ran turnt around and pulled the pistol out of the imperial captains hand.

"Foolish Jedi!!! You have walked right into our trap! There is no escape for you now!" The Captain shouted with joy. He then looked behind me and looked puzzled. "Where are your soldiers?" He asked, as the confusion turnt into fear.

"They decided to wait in the Hanger, why?" Ran asked as he walked towards the captain.

"But, but... This wasn`t supposed to happen! He, he... He said that... He said that I would live! He... He... I don-" The Captain was obviously scared as hell, but as he finished talking something strange happened. Ran stumbled again, feeling that strange sensation. He saw the Captain fall aswell, but sensed that the Captain was dead. The strange feeling passed and Ran walked over to the Captain. He`s face was twisted, a horrible thing to see. Burns, cuts, blood, everything you could possibly imagine was on his face. But above all was he`s fear. You could see it in his eyes. He knew what was going to happen to him. Ran turnt his back and walked out of the bridge, still trying to find out what had happened.

The Infiltration a destruction of "The Raider".

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I looked upon the Sith space station "Defender XI", which was orbitting Rhelg. Well, it wasn`t anymore. Not after it had been so badly damaged it fell from space and crashed into an asteroid. From what little evidence their was on the scene, I could tell it was another attack from those damn pirates. It was the 3rd attack this month. First at Jaguada, where they had stolen 3 of our transports and 1 of our frigates, and damaging 3 more, then again at Krayiss where they bombed the surface and stole important supplies that were en route to Korriban. I was told to track them down and destroy them, but it was prooving to be difficult.

Luckily a passing merchant saw the whole thing and after a long discussion I found out that the pirates were using an old Providence Class cruiser. They had reactivated the Vulture Droids on board along with the Tri Fighters and had overwhelmed the Space Station. The merchant didn`t know where they had gone but from the angle they jumped into HyperSpace it was safe to say that Khar Delba was their destination. I left The White Shadow on Rhelg and used my new Sith Infiltrator and jumped to Khar Delba.

When I arrived I could see the sith fleet being attacked by the Providence Cruiser. The Sith fleet (composed of 4 Interdictor Cruisers) were pouring turbo lasers onto the pirates, but their shields were holding. The Vulture Droids and Tri fighters were slaughtering the fleet though. All Sith fighters were being gunned down because of the sheer amount of droids. I used my Infiltrator to get close to the pirates and landed underneath the ship. I then put a space suit on and went outside. Using my lightsaber I cut a hole into the ship and quickly climbed up and into the ship.

A ray shield appeared where I had come in. I was cut off but that didn`t trouble me. I countinued down the hallway till I saw 5 battle droids. The pirates must have reactivated them aswell. I elcotrucuted them before they had a chance to fire, and ran towards the elevator. It then opened. I saw 4 pirates along with 10 battle droids. They pointed their guns at me and fired. I rolled over to the side and into a door. I opened it almost immediatly and then went in and locked it behind me. There were 3 pirates playing pazzak. One of them had heard the blaster fire and had his pistol already aimed at the door but I forced pulled it out of his hand, then I killed them using my saber. The door was forced open by blaster fire and grenades. I looked for a way out.

I then thought of something. The pirates didn`t see me well enough to recongize me, and most of the pirates here don`t know each other. I took the clothes off of a dead pirate (who I had lucily beheaded) and put them on. I then dressed him up as a Sith Master. I hid my lightsaber some where safe then fire repeatedly at the corpse. The door blew open. They saw me shooting the corpse and joined in. "He`s dead now" I said. "Nice work, now get back to patrolling the hallway" ,one of the pirates said to me, "here`s a couple of droids to help". I have succesfuly infiltrated the ship, but what now?

I asked the droids about the history of the ship. They told me how it was used in the Battle Of Coruscant and then later decomissioned over Geonossis by the Empire. Then it was transported to The Maw to be studied and archived. Then the pirates came with a force of fighters and modified corvettes. Using illigel weapons and military-grade engines. How they got them is a msyerty, but they served their purpose and destroyed most of the ships over The Maw. They then captured the Providence Cruiser and renamed it "The Raider". They then began reactivating the droids who were put in storage and reactivated them aswell. I asked who the leader of the pirates were and they told me they didn`t know. They patrolled the lower decks, that was all. I nodded. Then I used the force to tear their heads of and took their blasters. I looked around and saw "Rustys Bar" written on the wall. I walked in that direction till I saw a door with a bouncer outside.

"You got a invitation?" He said.

"Do I need one"? I answered, studieing him. He had a double-barraled blaster and heavy armor. From what I have seen, they arn`t just petty pirates, they were serious raiders and a real threat.

"Well if I is askin ya, then yes" He replied, taking his blaster out and pointing it at me. "Go backs to ya station ya whelp".

I pulled the blaster out of his hand and stabbed him with a small vibro-knife I had kept hidden. Unluckily, I couldn`t find a place to hide him, so I just dumped him here. I kept the blaster though, a very powerful and very illigel one. You wouldn`t find this sort of blaster in the Core Worlds, not even in the Outer Rim. It fired actual bullets, not lasers. Very deadly... I opened the door and went in.

Loud music, lots of smoke and various girls from various races dancing. This is a pirates bar alright. I walked over to the barman and ordered some juma juice.

"Juma Juice? Ya crazy? We serve da strongist drinkz in da whole galaxy matez! Havse some of da Survapierre! It`s da bestist we gotz!"

"Please try to speak propely, I am tired of listening to your damned tongue". I replied, calmly.

I turnt my back. Everyone was looking at me. Perfect. Put me in the prisons so I may see your leader.

"Firez on `im boyz!!!!" I looked back at the barman, who now had a huge Z-6 rotary blaster pointed at me. I ducked and saw huge amounts of laser fire pour into the wall. Everyone was taking their blasters and taking pot shots at me. I stood up, shot the barman with my newly aqquired blaster and jumped behind the bar. I took the Z-6 rotary blaster and soht blindly at the pirates. Many of the drunk ones fell immediatly but the other took cover. I looked for a way out. There wasn`t one. I needed to reload but hadn`t any ammo. It was with the barman. I dropped the heavy blaster on the floor and took my double-barreled blaster and shot at the remaning pirates. Battle Droids were pouring into the bar now. I shocked most of them and fired their sensors, meaning they were shooting blindly all around them. I took a thermal detenator I found lying near the body of a dead pirate and threw it at them. It exploded violently and I immediatly ran to the door. I made it out and began running to the elevators. Then the Ray Sheild activated and I was trapped.


4 years ago by Ten10dix 3 comments

As I was returning to the Accademy on Korriban, I saw 3 Republic frigates. They seemed to be jaming my sensors and radio.
"Not more Republic commandos" I said whilst trying to reastablish communications with the sith. Then my ship shook violently. They had me. A tractor beam was pulling my ship near the frigates. The largest one and therefore the flagship opened it`s hangers. My ship was pulled inside and I waited. The hanger door closed and I could see Republic troops rushing towards my ships, their guns drawn. I took my lightsaber and opened the ship door.
"Freeze!" shouted one of the troopers. I choked him and threw him into 2 other troopers. I then used the force to throw containers at the troopers. Then I jumpe onto the ceiling and bounced right back down at them. Two of the troopers died when I slashed my blade at them as I touched the ground. Three more were killed when I used the Dark side to form bolts of pure hatred and drove them mad. The rest ran away. I advanced confidently towards the main door. I forced it open with the force and was greeted with a hail of laster fire. I force pulled the metal plates of the walls to form a sheild, and advanced unharmed towards the troops. Then I force pushed the metal plates at them and rushed at them with my lightsaber and dispatched them easily. "Retreat to the bridge, protect the general!" an officer shouted. I choked him to death and slammed him into the wall. I stepped over the troopers I`d electrocuted a few seconds ago and advanced towards the bridge. I sensed something. A jedi. No. Three jedi. I blasted the bridge door open with the force and turnt my lightsaber on. I could see a jedi meditating on the floor and two others speaking with a republic admiral. I slammed the guards at the door into each other and stepped over their bodys. "You aren`t welcome here sith!" the youngest jedi shouted. "Calm down" said the other jedi, who i presumed was the master. "Hmm, Admiral, let me look into your mind..." I used the force to unlock his thoughts. Since I am still an aprentice, I didn`t get far, but I did manage to find out what they were doing here. "A suprise attack, very clever jedi. Unfortenly, I shall have to kill you all." The meditating jedi was using battle meditation and had to be killed before the rest of their fleet arrived. I advanced towards her raised my blade. Then I was slammed into the wall by the jedi master. He came at me and raised his lightsaber, ready to strike. I blocked his attack then swang my saber to attack his waist. He jumped back and while he jumped I force pushed him into the wall. The youngling was charging at me now. "No! Go back! NO!" The jedi master watched as I electrocuted the youngling, plucked him off the ground and stabbed him. The Admiral tried to stop the jedi master from going mad. "LET ME KILL HIM!, HE CAN`T OF KILLED THE YOUNGLING! NO!" the jedi charged at me. His mind was clouded. He was now weak. I electrocuted him and slammed him into the wall three times. The admiral tried to calm the jedi master down. And then something unexpected happened. The jedi stabbed the admiral in the heart with his saber and charged at me. I laughed. "Look what you have done jedi!". He looked backed. He realised he was turning. He used his saber to break the thick glass that seperated the bridge from space and jumped. The ray shields activated. Two jedi down, one to go. This jedi was in deep meditation and I simply stabbed her. She fell and died. Then the fleet arrived. I used this ships turbolaser batteries to target the republic fleet`s new flagship. It`s shields were down and were recharging. I could see the lasers penetrating the hull. After two minutes the ship went down. The rest of the fleet came after me. I sent out a message to the sith fleet and they arrived 30 minuted later to find the ship i was on crippled. I had went into deep mediation and used my anger and hate to form a dark shield around the ship whilst the turbolasers were reprogrammed to fire on all republic ships. When the sith found me I was near death. I had severly weakned myself. It was only a tempory weakness though and I was back on my feet in under 2 weeks. The Republic fleet was decimated.

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