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Hey guys, I'm the number 10. Go ahead and multiply me. See what happens.

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Lord Yoran
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Shouldn't it be "Darth *insert moniker*, Dark Lord of the Sith."?

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I can see that he's going to hate me more then the average non-sith, depending if I meet him. xD

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Ten10dix Author

Oh he would. He hates traitors xD.

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List of NPC faction leaders for the new RP. Their history is not included, for simplicity's sake, though feel free to propose one if you wish.

Personality: Lord Yoran is a very imposing figure, strong and determined. Although he is a Sith Marauder, he is among the rare Marauders that manage to retain most of their calm outside of battle, and as such is both feared for his combat abilities yet respected for his abilities as a commander.

Very military minded, Yoran wishes to return to the old days when the Sith Emprie was a name that nobody dared even whisper. He rules the Sith Order with an Iron Fist, and is known as very cunning for a Marauder, gaining reluctant respect from some of the Inquisitors under his command.

However, the mutual hatred he has with the Empire, in particular its Emperor Tarl, has often seen them lock horns. Rumors circulate that Yoran is doing everything in his power to overthrow the Emperor and proclaim himself as ruler of the Galactic Emperor, though whether Tarl knows of this, or even cares about it, is unknown.

Yoran is also very loyal to the Sith Order, and considers outsiders weak. Non Force Sensitives are not even considered as important entities to him, simply as cattle that may or may not be useful. This has not granted him popular support in the Empire, though many of the Moffs realize that should the Emperor fail to protect himself, and if Yoran wants the throne, no one will be there to stop him.


Yoran is a renowned fighter, and uses his shocking physical strength combined with the Force to slaughter most who stand in his way. He is also known as a great commander, and inspires those under him using Fear more than anything else. He is also very determined, confident and strong, which derive from him being a Zabrak, and also able to withstand huge physical pain.


Great fighter
Great Commander


Hates Emperor Tarl
Hates all Non Force Sensitives
Hates non-Sith

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