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silentstormpt Dec 11 2014, 7:18pm says:

Guys, John Romero posted original not used artwork from development, on hes twitter

+5 votes   mod: Brutal Doom
silentstormpt Nov 4 2014, 11:35am replied:

Maybe as an monster pack addon, its not necessary to leave everything to Mark ofc.

+1 vote   mod: Brutal Doom
silentstormpt Nov 3 2014, 12:35pm says:

Now, just add all the monsters from Psychophobia with their custom animations, deads and special moves and we're gona hear more of those ppl dying from player Brutal doom without sleep or eating

+2 votes   mod: Brutal Doom
silentstormpt Jul 9 2012, 1:19pm says:

With that amount of detail, when the new Generals comes out you can just port it in with an extra animation/effects that new engines comes with, they are just gorgeous looking.

+1 vote   news: Update 13.0: Hunter in the skies
silentstormpt Jun 25 2012, 11:52am says:

For the water, please check this out, its the most Realistic water shade ive seen ingame or even in an animated movie

+1 vote   media: Pre-industrial Isengard
silentstormpt Jun 11 2012, 6:05pm says:

Got no words expressing how good this is, keep adding more kills on melee while on berserk ^^

+1 vote   mod: Brutal Doom
silentstormpt Apr 15 2012, 11:46am says:

Please by all means, if you manage to finish the map first (without towns and main cities) release it so ppl can use it to add normal skyrim content while you work on the LotR content, this also helps you guys to find collision problems on the maps and im sure other modders may add LotR content that would speed up your mod completion. Also this would remove alot of the "waiting" feeling

0 votes   mod: MERP | Middle Earth Roleplaying Project
silentstormpt Apr 6 2012, 10:37pm says:

one thing, u know their preparing to add real mod support, so if u know that some mods already add so much stuff like decorative blocks once the mod support comes in (for real this time, not the one we got right now) then we wont even notice these small decoration blocks. For example, Buildcraft has 1/8 blocks from existing blocks, it ALLOWS you to make a rug A REAL RUG, you can do anything like furniture from those blocks...

+1 vote   media: New Decorative Blocks
silentstormpt Mar 31 2012, 9:30am says:

Well weapons like swords are already made by other modder's in skyrim nexus or the workshop on steam, so at list that is done, its possible there's quite alot more being made or made already that could be used if asked by the modder

+1 vote   media: Gap of Rohan with the White Mountains
silentstormpt Mar 21 2012, 9:14am says:

Hah, give them the same lines as the guards on skyrim, im sure he took an arrow in the knee while adventuring on Middle-Earth

+2 votes   media: Gondorian plate armour by BGS
silentstormpt Feb 16 2012, 9:12am says:

Well what i really want would be a FPSMMO like a version of Skyrim Online but thats WAY too hard to make.

If you guys can make a game like Masters of Orion 1 or 2 but in real-time instead of Turn Based, can be in 2D but with a very customizable ship editor that allows you for example: place turret placements.
You can see nice customization on a game like Gratuitous Space Battles game, and also real good look 2D ships animations.

While this is a "Humble pack" you guys could make the "base" of the game for it and then released as a normal game with updates like you did Minecraft. Doesn't necessarily needs to be only 60 hours (start to end game development).

+1 vote   feature: Humble Bundle Mojam
silentstormpt Nov 25 2011, 4:55am says:

You need to update this:
Minecraft is a first-person fighter/sandbox construction game created by Markus Persson, and is currently in pre-release Beta.

Its Released now :)

+1 vote   news: Day 3 - The Launch, and Day 4 - The End
silentstormpt Oct 11 2011, 8:57am says:

Looks like a interesting game, i would love to try it out

+1 vote   news: Hitman veterans redefine the shooter genre again
silentstormpt Oct 4 2011, 4:06pm says:

I would love if it was possible to mod this, the artwork and animations/effects are great. You guys could easily make this game into real time instead of turn base,

+2 votes   game: Iron Grip: Marauders
silentstormpt Oct 1 2011, 5:12pm says:

The only Super Heavy that was done during the war was the MAUS and the T-28 (that was actually a Super Heavy Tank Destroyer)

E-100 was basecly a "lighter" MAUS, the chassis was done, no turret but we can assume that it would be the same as the MAUS one

There was another Super Heavy that didnt reach the prototype (because of the MAUS being developed) called Löwe

+1 vote   news: E-100. The E stands for Early (Not Jubal Early, mind you).
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