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RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Jul 25 2014, 12:36am replied:

I haven't made anything yet, but I'll learn. If u don't get modelers within the next few months or several months, I might join. I barely used 3ds Max and Maya, and they were confusing, but I'll learn. Just gotta use it more often. So I'm gonna like teach myself the features on this advanced software. Maybe I can start by making a Pokeball, and then make a warp pipe, and a few more basic objects based off of some Nintendo franchises. That could be a good start to getting used to knowing how to use this modeling software. Just saying that if u still don't have any modelers by the time I become good at modeling, I'm in. :D

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RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Jul 21 2014, 11:40pm says:

I got 3ds Max and Maya, but I'm a noob at it. I'm gonna start learning the basics of those Autodesk software, and when I understand the basics finally, if u don't have modelers by then, could u give me a chance in modeling? I haven't experienced much yet, but if I memorize all the hotkeys in Autodesk software, and make some models, and do a good job, I might join the modeling team. :D

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RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Jul 21 2014, 3:05am replied:

Yeah, what he said. Please don't let the mod die. There was gonna be an awesome remake on Decay called "Hazard Team", and I was so looking forward to it, and IT GOT CANCELLED!! Please don't let it happen to this too.

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RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Jul 20 2014, 10:05pm says:

Sometimes in Surface Tension Uncut, the guard u need to find to help u through doors, close to the end of the chapter before u get to "Forget About Freeman", sometimes the guard doesn't respond to u. So sometimes when u press E in front of him, he turns his head to u, and then turns away and stands there forever like a lobotomized idiot, giving u no choice but to noclip to where u see the Gargantua, in order to proceed. :/ Can u please fix that, TextFAMGUY1? :P

+2 votes     mod: Black Mesa: Surface Tension Uncut
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Jul 20 2014, 10:00pm says:

After u finish this mod, could u continue the cancelled Decay remake "Hazard Team"? I know you're not the author of that, but damn, that mod was gonna be awesome!! And now it's cancelled. :/

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RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Jul 1 2014, 7:40pm says:

I love Surface Tension Uncut a lot. Amazing masterpiece. But there's only 1 serious terrible glitch. In the part close to the end of the chapter, the security guard u have to meet before u get to the Gargantua sequence, where there's a room with tripmines and a sentry, by the time u meet the guard, HE IGNORES ME!! I press E, and he turns his head to me and then turns away, like I'm dead to him!! So I just have to noclip past the doors I need him to help me access. :/

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RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Jun 16 2014, 10:00am says:

Joure, are u gonna remake this mod into the 2013 version of Source Engine? The mod is ruined. All the elevators have "ERROR" walls, and an unreachable revolver is visible beneath the elevator floor after the ERROR elevator goes all the way down, and all the trains in the train station are gone and replaces with ERRORs, and u can't walk on trains, but zombies can. :/ I really miss it when the mod works. :'(

+2 votes     mod: 1187
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Jun 7 2014, 2:04pm says:

So is it possible to merge the Loop Mod and the Uncut mod into 1 map? If so, does it require a specific sequence to extract, or are all the files names different? If they have same file names, do I have to replace a file from Uncut with Loop, or a file from Loop with Uncut, or does it not matter? I just don't wanna break the mod and install it all over again and play over again. So just asking. :P

+1 vote     mod: Black Mesa: On a Rail - Loop Mod
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Apr 7 2014, 4:43am says:

Where is the download?

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RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Feb 5 2014, 10:05pm says:

There's a glitch in the last map. If u accidentally kill the AI core and start the chamber over, the sphere will keep falling into the lava automatically after u shoot a portal at something. Really weird. And if Chapter 5 is the last chapter you'll ever make, then why does the end say there will be a Chapter 6? If it's the last, why doesn't it say "The End"?

+1 vote     download: Portal 2 | Memories Chapter fiVe
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Dec 3 2013, 6:37pm says:

Will this mod ever be on Desura?

+1 vote     mod: The Forgotten Ones
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Nov 20 2013, 9:18pm says:

LMAO "GAY" That's funny!! xD

+2 votes     media: Oh No!
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Nov 5 2013, 4:04pm says:

Is there eventually gonna be concept art on the high definition remodeled Pit Worm and Gene Worm, or are those gonna be kept as a surprise? :P

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RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Oct 26 2013, 3:03pm says:

Judith Mossman looks similar Emma Emmerich in this picture, except not cute like her.

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RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Oct 23 2013, 11:31am says:

Can't wait until I get back home from college today, so I can download this ****. This looks badass!! I know I'm gonna love this. Looks sick. Nice!!

+1 vote     download: The Forgotten Ones - Version 2.0
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Oct 19 2013, 6:22am says:

Just a suggestion, u should edit the description. This is a recreation of Pokemon Crystal, not Gold/Silver. I can tell, because of how the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City looks (looks really burned from the outside rather than looking like a shorter undamaged pagoda from the outside), and it's darker in Burned Tower. Well, Crystal is a special edition of Gold/Silver and has the same setting and storyline, but has big changes in Johto/Kanto, so it's kinda a great difference. Other than that, GREAT JOB MAKING THIS AWESOME 3D GAME!! I'm having lots of fun playing it, and kicking every Gym leader's @$$ without losing once. :3 I'm 22 years old, and am still a Pokemaniac, although I don't play those games that often anymore, and am already starting to forget many Pokemon names I memorized for years.

+1 vote     game: Pok√©mon3D
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Oct 1 2013, 6:08pm replied:

Sorry for overestimating TextFAMGUY1's modding knowledge. I'm just a fan of him now, and was impressed that he made those 2 short chapters uncut. Sorry about my annoying autism. :/

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RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Sep 26 2013, 10:14pm says:

Or about just adding a feature to the Gloun Gun that was cut from the original Half-Life? Like make the handle able to switch modes between wide beam and thin beam, if u know how to program the weapons to work like that. It's about time someone should add a working feature like this. :P

-2 votes     mod: Black Mesa: On a Rail Uncut
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Sep 23 2013, 2:43pm says:

Could u also make a trailer for "Surface Tension Uncut", even though u already released that at the end of last year? That would be so cool. :P And maybe could u like make the Xen chapters, even though the Black Mesa Source Team is gonna make it too? You're quick at making maps, and I think you'll do a really good job making them quicker, since u can make things all by yourself. Your modding is so impressive. :D

-1 votes     mod: Black Mesa: On a Rail Uncut
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Sep 23 2013, 2:36pm says:

Hey, Sn1pe, can u please remake the mod? It's broken, and I loved your mod. :/

+2 votes     mod: Half-Mind
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Sep 20 2013, 1:41am says:

Will this have Renamon (from Digimon)? xD

0 votes     game: V-Mon: Virtual Monsters (Pokemon Fan-game)
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Sep 20 2013, 1:39am replied:

Sorry. I'm just eager (rather than impatient). Just excited for the addon. That's all. :P

+1 vote     mod: Black Mesa: On a Rail Uncut
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Sep 20 2013, 1:38am says:

Is that a song by Joel Nielsen (same person that composed the Black Mesa soundtrack) in the video? :P

+1 vote     media: On a Rail Uncut - Beta Trailer
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Aug 31 2013, 9:55pm says:

This mod seems broken for SteamPipe. This needs to be fixed real bad.

+2 votes     mod: Half-Mind
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Aug 31 2013, 9:54pm says:

Approximately when will there be a sequel to this awesome mod? This was awesome!!

+2 votes     mod: Estranged
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Aug 31 2013, 8:23pm says:

I can't even use the radio to call for help to disable the combine forcefield!!

+3 votes     mod: Triage
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Aug 31 2013, 7:50pm says:

Approximately how many more days until "OaR Uncut Full" comes out? I know the full beta is out. But when will the full release of this addon come out?

-3 votes     mod: Black Mesa: On a Rail Uncut
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Aug 31 2013, 7:40pm says:

Why isn't the mod released? It's past August 9th, dude. LOL

+1 vote     mod: Da Kool kidz of City 2
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Aug 31 2013, 7:38pm says:

Wow!! Chapter 4 was amazing!! And stunning background and skybox and everything!! Great job!! Are u currently working on Chapter 5 now, or are u taking a break? :P

0 votes     mod: Portal 2 | Memories
RYANSUPERGENIUS1123 Aug 28 2013, 1:44pm says:

Why is it called "1187" anyways? What does the number represent? I never understood that. Other than that, I loved this mod so much!! Amazing props and graphics and models!! But I just need to know the meaning of this mod's title. Thanks. :3

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