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Destiny Revenant

Mod review

So much passion put into this... game. Naming this game a "mod" would be quite unfair.


Testificate (v1.1 update)

Mod review

Black Eagle Tavern Tales

Mod review

+ music and sounds
+ simple, yet thoughtful level/puzzle design
+ original (unlike many amnesia copycat stories)
+ entertaining

- somewhat short (1 big map)
- annoying rather than scary monsters


Illusions of the Dead

Mod review - 1 disagree

Pros: A lot of effort was put into the large and perfect maps. I didn't encounter any bugs which is very unique comparing to many others. Some parts are really tricky and I really enjoyed it.

Cons: Boring. Little effort was put into the story. It's naive and unoriginal. Childish style of the written notes makes it even worse. The encounters with the main "ghost" (which itself is quite original in terms of the Amnesia scare mechanisms) gave me some goosebumps at first, but was used too often and didn't add much to the story. Most of the monsters are there not to scare you but to just outright kill you (another mood killer). Long walks, copycat puzzles and a few jumpscares didn't add to the mood either.

I think this story deserves strong 7.


Amnesia: A Coward's Debt

Mod review

Though short, I really, really enjoyed it. Gave me goose bumps several times. I really liked the way monsters were used, quite different to what you get used to playing most of the Amnesia's mods. Great attention to details, custom music and voice acting did influence the atmosphere. Without them I would say: "interesting story for 7/10". But fortunately Damascus7 knows what it takes to make a good horror game.



Mod review

Underhell is going to be a masterpiece, If it will ever be finished. A few words can't describe it. I can't. You have to see it for yourself. This is not just a game, or a movie. It is so rich in almost every aspect, the characters are so real, the music is awesome, level design, story, everything. You will become Jake and Underhell will become your reality. I bought a soundtrack, hope it'll help.



Mod review


Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

What a ridiculous story! Poisonous water...? Rescue mission? please... 0 scares, everything predictable, two corridors in a castle, one circular basement corridor. The voice was recorded with clipping, did you hide in a box to make those recordings? Perhaps there was some potential in those maps but otherwise it was totally wasted. No custom sound or music. I can't understand those high scores and they are what really makes me write those harsh words.


The Great Work

Mod review

What can I say? It is The Great Work, a custom story worth a full-retail game. One can have the 2nd Amnesia game-play practically 4 free.
I think I've enjoyed it more than the original Amnesia: The Dark Descend. The story itself was rich, with historical background and interesting protagonists. You learn about the Orb's past during the game-play and figure out what your true goals are. One detail I didn't understand is why Shadow teleported Charles to the Dartmouth Mithraeum from the College's complex under the Wyre Forest. IMHO it wasn't justified by any means.

Original, good looking and sometimes quite complex maps (like Hartlib's Clock), with custom sounds (buzzing mosquitos making the experience of Wyre Forest more real), within the variety of environments. During the spooky Shadow's Mansion I did really tremble with fear (the fountain statue outside and then inside the Mansion's window did its job).

The monsters were... like typical Amnesia monsters. I think I have finally get used to them. But still I constantly had the feeling of something horrible lurking at me from the dark. The custom monsters were nice, however the black members of the Invisible College was IMHO much more scary then the Remnants. The Remnants' AI is very easy to outmaneuver so their following appearances weren't that fearsome once you learn they're quite dumb.

There were some crashes, mainly in chapter 4 and 6, but I was using quicksave so didn't lost a lot of gameplay.

The puzzles were nice, I rather enjoyed solving them. But they weren't at all as "hard as crap" as their author stated. I've expected something really hard and I was slightly disappointed. For most of them there are very obvious hints (maybe too obvious) written in the notes and on signs and labels. So there isn't much room for figuring out what fits where.

Overall it still deserves 10 - perhaps it could be more polished, but I understand this is a fan-made story, indie style.
Well done!



Mod review

I agree with @Tanshaydar, so I won't repeat what he wrote.
IMHO the author made what seems to be an Adventure Game closer to D&D/RPG only with some missing components: like fighting (preferably with weapons), gaining exp. points, skills, gold collecting and wizardry
... or were they really missing?

Weapons: there was a knife and our hero was using it (twice!) and not just for peeling apples.

Exp.: However we couldn't see them directly our hero earned XPs along the way and the points manifested themselves with stronger and faster monsters roaring on each level.

Skills: Our hero could master the Wardrobe Hiding Routine, which at the end he perfected so well, he acquired a skill that allowed him to summon a wardrobe whenever he only felt that a monster could pop his head out of the next dark corner. He also learned the Silly Walk specialty to survive the depths of the Vicious Spiders' Mine maze.

Gold: At one point our hero became very rich after collecting 60 tinderb... gold coins that is. He had to spend some lately but ended up with more than 45.

The wizardry: some spells were used - detect secret doors, dimension door (this one with a gruesome component - Blood of the Twisted), close wounds, mental stability and raise dead (used extensively during the Boss Fight). The opponents were using even more powerful ones I just couldn't possibly name.

And the last but not least the boss fight, with special boss music, enormous boss' power and spawned monster as expected from the decent Boss Wizard.

And there were enormous labyrinths with hundreds of boxes and barrels and thousands of books and bottles and there were peaceful cities and murky caves... ok I may have exaggerated here a little bit, but did you get my point?

It definitely wasn't a horror game. Not even close.

And yes I was writing about Abduction that aspired to be the main story continuation. But for me it was some kind of experiment to make an RPG game with the Amnesia's lvl editor and it deserves

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