Illusions of the Dead has finally been released! Illusions of the Dead (IOTD) is an Amnesia: The Dark Descent custom story that has been released August 21st 2017. Story: You play as Marcus Grant who has a daughter named Emily but she has a disease called Sclerosis. There is no cure available but deep in the dungeons of the castle of Barnard, scientists were working on the cure but they got overrun by the undead a few days after the first test of the medicine. Marcus takes the risk and travels to the castle of Barnard in search of the medicine to safe his daughter Emily. But little does he know why the whole castle got evacuated 2 years ago... IOTD uses mostly the old Amnesia elements but used in a different and unique way. Some new entities and/or items were added to tweak the experience a little bit. Amnesia: AMFP entities and static objects are being used! If you have any suggestions or questions, please be sure to leave a comment! Please let me know what you think!

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Excellent mod. Long and satisfying play.

Fantastic game, played version 1 when it was releaseed so thats what my review is based on.

pros - great story, attention to detail, lots of different maps and a great atmosphere

cons - the final level. really frustrating but as i said, i played version 1, it's been updated since then.


Pretty good environment, great story. I enjoyed this custom story. Great Work!

Awesome custom story 9/10 the puzzles where pretty fun and not that difficult and i liked the monster encounters but maybe you should also use some diffrent monsters because a lot of maps used the same one. I also found the story really interesting.


1 word ; Amazing!

Very well designed maps.
very well scripted events.
long story.
standard storyline.
was hoping to see custom assets.

9\10 for me.

Loved it!


So scary

unique events, decent design-atmosphere, nice length with a bit too much resources, monotony at points and an unnecessary amount of key quests and threatless scares (which were even creative at first). though most of the things are well made, smaller things were a bit off including some parts of the story and notes as well. i'd definitely like to see more from the author, and appreciate the effort put into this, my score is 8/10. fine work, but don't stop here! :D

For your first mod it was a masterpiece well i saw first mods that was excellent and your made a pretty good job too well done 10/10




real story line beginning , middle and the end...Mario too fun

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