The village is situated far from civilization in eastern Europe. It is a common hearsay among the locals that something mysterious is going on in the mountains. In the last 20 years many people have been camping there, but not all of them have returned... Some of the locals says it is human beasts, others says it's wild bloodthirsty animals... The mountains behold a beautiful landscape with astonishing waterfalls and a rare wilderness. Therefore, many adventures do not care about the hearsay, even though they been warned.

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Really nice surprise from other cheap custom stories.

Voice acting pretty good, stotytelling great, level design top notch awesomeness, really scary and unique scares and puzzles.

Easily deserves 8/10 maybe longer, but I'm satisfied and terrified right now. Ending was cool :)

It tries something new, at first it seems like its set in a forest, but quickly we get thrown onto a linear path and go into a castle (unsuprisingly). The scares are quite few but I found they made sense and not random like most mods think is alright. It wasn't to long but thats a good thing because to many mods seem to think lots of item hunts are good thing.. exploration is best when its not necessary to continue the game, only for the extra goodies like oil/readables and this provides a few (although mostly) boring letters.
I think that level design wise it was fairly small but well made.
Overall it was ok.

Posionous is a very very different custom story from any other ive played, the story was excellent, although if i was adam, id just go back to sleep... anyway, mapping was fantastic, outdoor areas the you couldnt get stuck in trees in for a change! Also, no unnecessary, unexplained flying naked bodies, just a really deep scary atmosphere that really gives the "horror" feel. Some scares are also quite unique!If you dont like using your brain, you arent going to like this! Very orginal and clever puzzles, that actually arent from sci fi movies. I Cannot comment on voice acting (for obvious reasons) Ending was super fly too.The art of introductions has stepped p a level! the only bad thing i would say about this is that it is slightly short, and that the game crashed on me in one place and i fell through the map(but that was all my fault) but this is expected from a story that has only been released.
if i havent sold it to you, TRY IT YOURSELF!!
Cant wait for your next custom Story!


This was awesome, the level design was good, the gameplay was great, the story was interesting and the pussles were challenging. This is the definition of 10/10. Great work!

The first Amnesia mod I ever played, and even to this day, it stands out as a solid one.

It's not the type of mod that was exceptional in any one element, but really did everything well. Story was solid, with good voice acting (the female voice actor at least, not a huge fan of the male one) and had a decent length and a respectable ending. Puzzles were unique, but not too hard. In fact there's even a timer for one of the harder puzzles that gives you a hint if you get stuck for too long, which was a really cool feature. It also has some decent scares, and one especially good monster encounter.

Overall I would say that this mod did a good job on pretty much every level and I have no major complaints. However, it wasn't particularly amazing either and thus, I leave the rating at an 8. It's enjoyable, and I certainly would recommend it to others, but there are better stories out there.

Story: 8/10
Scare factor: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10

Overall rating: 8/10

Has few flaws, gets annoying and not so surprising, also the voice acting of male actor is hilarious. Story also could be better(and did he leave his wife in there, or what?), but overally it was a decent mod.

Nothing too great about it, but all the essential elements were well implicated including:

- an interesting story with good endings.

- a solid atmosphere coupled with good scares

- Level desgin was good but not very original.

- The puzzles were one thing that did stand out as unique

This mod does pretty much everything well, but nothing really stands out as exceptional, which is what keeps it from keeps it from perfect score

This mod its good, the story its decent, the scares are well, the maps are interesting.
But to tell the truth, in no moment i feel really scared, don't know why.
I really liked all the secret doors and passages. Thats an interesting way to do quest and force the player to think.
But after all, its a short experience, one that deals a good amount of ''something-not-right'' sense.
It had nothing to do with the review of the custom story, but i laughed a little with the anti-world threating toxic waste message of the mod.
Good to see that someone can elaborate stories around a concept like this.

My first ever completed cs and a really good one that had a good atmosphere and an original story line. Was a bit short but still really good

Freakin great story, lots of creativity, interesting story, scary, great jumpscares, awesome mapping, no bugs (really rare which in my book makes a solid 10/10 along with the interesting story)

Awesome :D

10/10 Masterpiece

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