You are Charles Longden, an archaeologist studying Minneburg, a German castle abandoned due to recent cave-ins. You are sleeping late one morning when you are shaken awake by a tremor running through the castle. There is no sign of your partner, Jane. Where has she gone? Developed by Damascus and Crisosphinx. "The Great Work" is a Custom Story taking place in the Amnesia: TDD universe, with an all-new original storyline. I will be making use of atmosphere and suspense to inflict fear, and detailed texts and dialogue to present an intricate and engaging storyline. Warning: Some of the puzzles are very difficult; they will require knowledge, logic, attention to detail, and great patience. Look forward to the following features: All new models; all new enemies; over seven hours of gameplay; original voice talent; branching storylines; and four completely different endings!

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It's a freaking masterpiece! I beta test all the chapters and I was speechless when I reach the end. It's damn long as it should be, interesting, entertaining, really scary, atmosphere is top-notch! I have nothing bad to say about this one.

Everyone should try it and love it right away! One of the best Amnesia Custom Stories easily!

It shouldn't be a mod, it should be an entire game.
I don't have enough words to describe how awesome and good this Custom Story is. It should be mod of the year.

This mod...just...this mod. What a sensational work of art this was. I have never been so scared out of my wits since I played through the original Amnesia campaign. In fact, I would honestly consider this the unofficial sequel to the original story (especially since it takes place in the same universe). The new monsters were scary as all hell, the new music and sounds were fantastic, the voice acting was surprisingly well done, the story kept me interested the whole time (which never happens in custom stories for me)...absolute best custom story ever.

I gave it a 9 and not a 10 because of a few reasons...
-The difficulty of the puzzles...some of these were just plain unsolvable even with the notes, and I found myself having to watch the solutions almost a dozen times, which I never have to do in this game.
-The COMPLETE AND UTTER lack of oil. Half the time I was blindly wandering the halls without being able to see a friggin thing, despite trying to conserve oil the entire time.
-In Chapter 2, when I picked up a key, the description read "it's another key, numbnuts." That immediately broke any sense of immersion I had, and that really should be changed.

All in all though, this is still by far the absolute best custom story I've ever played for this game. Awesome job!
I did a playthrough of the whole thing, so check it out to see me freak out and scream a bunch!

Brilliant mod. Great storyline, long campaign( I'm not even halfway through yet) and very difficult puzzles. More mods like this are needed.


This was such a great custom story, only once in a while do you come across such a gem. Such a great attention to detail, and the scares were perfectly placed. By the time I finished, I was shaking in my chair.

Well Done Sir...

Excellent work. There's a lot more detail I could go into, but I'll keep this one short. I was pleased, and I look forward to any other custom story you release.


Awesome story! The music, monsters, atmosphere. Everything!

well... This mod is actually amazing, me and my friend played this together and it took weeks for us to complete and when we did get to the end we were on the verge of tears because we didn't want the custom story to end. I do believe that this mod has a better storyline than the actual dark descent, unlike the dark descent put me on edge right from the start rather than just towards the end. All the scares were placed perfectly, always when you least expected it which added to the paranoia. The new monsters are amazing we agreed that they are more frightening than the original monsters and the fact that they have their own music and script to add on to that is awesome, I would be proud if I were you. Thanks for such a great custom story, I would definitely recommend this mod.

Best mod easily among all of Amnesia hundreds of mods. Shortly, the Great Work is a single mod, absolutely unique mod, which I can easily put on the same level as the original the Dark Descent game. Mostly just because of a truly intriguing and deeply well-though-out story with a lots of unexpected plot twists. Even if there were no new monsters, it'd still be absolutely astonishing.

This story is by far the best Full Conversion I have ever played. Scratch that, the best story I have every played! So much detail and atmosphere was put into this great story. The monsters, music, and entities were all fantastic! It also has a very good story and will keep you playing for hours up until the very end. Not to mention great voice acting and correct grammar. Also no flying naked guys to ruin the whole story!

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