A gameplay-oriented Amnesia custom story. You play as an ordinary man living in a humble house located at the far end of a village. One day, a loud knocking on your door wakes you up in the middle of the night...

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SkyZen1001 says

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Loved the level design.
It was creative, scripting was on point, the puzzles...oh god, the puzzles were amazing!
Test 4 was a REAL challenge. Loved it.


KrustiClawn says

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- Creativity
- Great scripting
- Challenge


- Weak story

Level design: 9/10

Some areas felt a bit empty, but aside from that, the design is excellent in this mod. Close to professional quality.

Story: 3/10

This is the one thing that really wasn't good in this mod, at all. To begin with, the "You have been kidnapped" idea is so overused, that in order to make it good, it needs to be very unique. It wasn't. In fact, there barely is a story in this mod at all.

On top of having a underdeveloped story, the ending felt so anti-climatic. It was just a dream all along, but wait, the monsters are real and they are burning down your house!! You have to get out! *Gets out* *Credits rolls*... What?

The mod decides to break my immersion from time to time as well. Protaganist don't know where he is or what is going on, yet somehow he knew he needs to find a key in the previous test chamber to unlock the door, without any notes telling him this.

If you're going with the "I have no clue where I am" theme, stick to it all the way through.

Puzzles: 10/10

Very creative, never felt repetitive, and never felt too easy while also never feeling too difficult.

Creativity: 8/10

So many unique ideas in this mod. A mod can be creative to me, while still having a bad story or bad puzzles. Could be that you had very creative ideas, but you executed these ideas poorly. This is why I like to keep this as a category of its own. However, I can't deny the fact that the story is so cliché. Still, the amount of creativity shown here is still a solid 8.

Music & Atmosphere: 10/10

Music changes depending on different situations, monsters can actually hear you and investigate your position when using crowbars or other loud tools, and you actually creeped me out sometimes with new scares. Awesome!

Bugs & Flaws: 9/10

Besides from a brute getting stuck at one point (trying to break a closet door), and me getting stuck in a closet in the "mini" level with 3 grunts (they were blocking the closet doors from opening. Which was partly my fault) and a huge texture glitch, I had no issues playing this mod.


I had so much fun playing this mod, and you are so creative. I wouldn't mind giving it a 9, perhaps even a 10. But I can't deny the cliché storyline and immersion breaking moments, and the weird ending. Besides all this though, it is easily a 8/10, and definitely deserves a recommandation.


TimeSpectre says

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Epic mod


nagle213 says

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well deserved 10 from me


prenz says

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Really interesting mod, unique enviroinment and puzzles. I liked a lot this work, very funny and good scary moments.
10/10 Very good!


HumiliatoR says

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Just finished this mod and all I can say, you really put effort on this one, I loved the puzzles and being tiny player and those mini-monsters were crazy funny and really refreshing idea to use them. I liked every puzzle and they weren't that hard to solve. Scares are good and somehow gameplay is really enjoyable, I hoped still something unique experience and something I haven't seen before, besides those puzzles. Simple story, but enjoyable one.


- Puzzles
- Mini-monsters, mini player world
- Intelligence
- Level Design
- Platforming map


- Something is still missing
- Lack of story

Overall really well maded mod with time and effort put on it. Thanks for making this, I enjoyed it a lot.

8/10 - Decent and thrilling


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