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Amnesia: Labyrinth Escape v.1.2

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This is a fairly good custom story, i got the key on my second key grab though, so you might want to put it somewhere far out.


Price of Immortality

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this was a very good story. The ending was superb, i chose the poison ending because I had this emotional tie with this being that i had to kill it. It had a very good perspective on immortality and it's effects. Thank you so much for this great custom story.


The Attic

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well done! i have not played a good amnesia story in a wile!


Amnesia: Silent Hallways - Chapter 1

Mod review

this was very good! it had a good story and nice and none cheap scares. and the ending had me laughing. it was not bad but it was just funny.


Hotel Brennenburg

Mod review


Mod review

This was surprisingly good! It had all the good things that a custom story should have. A good story, stingy with resources, and a good ending!


Amnesia: Mysteriƶse Story

Mod review

I will say that I am easily amused, but this was pretty bad. I mean it had such cheep jump-scares and even they where not scary!!! The grammar was horrid! But I guess he is Deutsche. But I have to say that little imagination was not put into this. It gets so bright and so dark and no good in-between and it is so dumb!! I'm sorry to tear into this but it is pretty bad. So just don't get it!


Down the rabbit hole REMAKE

Mod review

WOW!! this was very, very good!! the story was awesome and it just rocks!!


Amnesia Black Death

Mod review

This was a pretty good mod. it was a bit short though, but the scares where great! I suggest it for any good amnesia player.

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