Crescent Village... That name has been ringing in my ears, haunting me in my dreams. Why now are my childhood memories coming back to me? The nightmares won't stop... And they all surround that dreadful place.

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Truly one of the creepiest experiences in any custom stories yet!

Shortly it was unforgattable experience and everyone should try this one, you will not regret it :)

Now I see why you work on this over an year, it was worth it ^^

I think it's a great mod!
The story is really nice, and the things you have to solve are not that hard.

It is a amazing quality game and i love the voice acting and awesome story! BROFIST!!!

Outstanding job on this custom story! The atmosphere was perfect and the chase scenes always had me on the edge of my seat. Also, the puzzles were perfectly done; challenging, but not impossible. Plus, the new monster looks awesome ;) It would be doing this custom story injustice to rate it any lower.

Brilliant, absolutly brilliant! This was the first custom story I played and remains the scariest after playing many, many others! Well done!:)

This mod was awesome! It's scary surroundings and jumpscares when you least expect them...

It has a Great story with multiple new enemies that need to be dodged. This is one of the best custom stories I have played.

amazing...would love to see another custom story from this developer

Flying demon!

This was a VERY good custom story. Everything was sequenced very well. I give this a 10/10 rating because I have never played a better custom story. I cant wait to play more of your custom stories. Job well done!!!

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