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It has been a while

So, hello everyone. I am finally online on this site again after a long time of inactivity. I had plenty of life-related things to do, and I was really planning to post something new on the ModDB but unfortunately, I was really busy.

This blog entry is going to be a small one. I just wanted to tell you guys and girls that I am doing quite alright and I am not going to disappear from the ModDB. I have been a member for about 6 years and counting now, and I am really happy with the way ModDB is still alive and kicking. There were plenty of new mods and fascinating indie games being published lately. ModDB is now also promoting VR games, and we're once again hosting the MOTY and IOTY.

I feel like the whole gaming industry has changed, somewhat. There is more, at least to my observations, emphasis on storytelling and the concept of 'scenes that touch your soul' rather than on games as means of only entertainment and a way to pass the time. There has also been a explosion of military-themed games like Squad or CMANO, which in my opinion go beyond the 'casual simulator' tag and into something that really resembles actual warfare and tactical-level decision making process. Honestly, I was never really that knowledgeable about the Navy aspect in modern warfare but after watching some YouTube playthroughs, I think I finally understand something more. With that being said, I am positive about the future of gaming and modding.

Anyways, I wanted to wish you all a very merry Chirstmas and a joyful, happy time with your family and loved ones. I also wanted to wish you guys and girls a Happy New Year, may it be as interesting and productive for the ModDB and for the whole gaming industry as this passing year is.

I will try to be once again more active on the ModDB when I will have a longer break. Maybe upload some new content in the beginning of the next year. Also, I'll be playing some newly purchased games (Codename Panzers: Cold War, that game with more prototypes than Wargame) on Steam this evening, so If anyone wants to chat with me today, you can find me on Steam. :)

Take care everyone!

- Reborn:X

Hello everyone,

It is December already. Dead leave whistle through the ground, touched upwards the space by heavy wind. Cold air licks the exposed skin, goosebumps. Scents typical to that of December days spread 'round the streets, Santa Claus statues all around. A feeling of upcoming joy is prevalent throughout the land. The vibe of Winter can be felt, although the colds are still not that worrisomely felt. December is here, and hopes are high it will be a good one here and out there.

Apologizes for not spending enough time online on the ModDB lately. Many things from the real life have kept me from spending some time with you guys. The beginnings of every months are always the busiests. :(

As some of you might already know, I have finally upgraded my PC and now I can finally make use of a 64bit OS and most importantly, can play Arma 2 battles without lag creeping over the gameplay like a well, creeping barrage. That was a lame comparsion. It feels nice to be able to make use of a much larger selection of software now.

Anyways, this blog entry was mainly a remainder to show that I'm still not dead and that there is a suprise coming up. Before the new year, I plan to collect all of my art and literary works and publish them here in a form of a collection. This will, hopefully, be one of my first self-published full fledged literary works on the Internet. This time it will be released for real.

So, I hope everyone is doing fine on the Moddb! :) Oh, and you guys (and girls) should check out this fine Company of Heros total conversion modification Far East War I am currently working as a member of the dev team focused on translating the mod so it will have a bigger global reach. It is perhaps one of the few remaining CoH mods which are still be actively worked on and I definitly reccomend it especially for the unique Asian setting.

Stay safe & strong everyone.

I'm back.

This blog entry is focused more on text and is primarily an explanation of my absence, a world news report (also known as Reborn:X dabbling into international politics) and a remainder of my birthday this Thursday (which already happened). Explicit TL;DR warning notice.

Hello everyone once again, as some of you may have noticed I have been rather inactive lately due to various reasons. I had some stressful events to attend to but everything went out fine, as usual. This summer is looking to be a great one for me. Now, I am back again to the ModDB and to my daily work in the website! :)

This summer, a lot of things had happened. There was the Brexit, which apparently nobody in the high UK leadership really though of to happen in real life. This was this kind of assurance and poll results that stated everything would be 'business as usual' until you woke the next day and nearly half of UK's population is confused as to what exactly had happened. Part of the EU's top leadership wants UK to swiftly leave the whole political union and go on projecting its visions of statehood somewhere else. The resulting chaos is just that, in my honest opinion, that most of the general population didn't really understand what the referendum what about and what will be the ramifications. The Brexit shockwave wasn't as traumatic as believed and did not result in mass suicides in the Wall Street or in the DAX stock exchange. What I see is that we are and especially this generation is witnessing the changing internal structure of the European Union. The fluidity of history is once again becoming really irritating in this modern world that most of us thought would just 'go along together' and witness no more serious political problems... or wars.

This summer, the Central Europe has witnessed the most explosive and manly event perhaps in this decade and surely in the modern history of the Republic of Poland. Anakonda-15 military exercise saw NATO tanks rolling around Polish military training grounds, massed paradrop airborne infantry assault operations all complete fancy warplanes flying around. I'm sure most of followed this event, as everybody knows the ModDB folks enjoy good humor and tanks the most as the “Popular Groups” wall would say *chuckle*. Okay, that a really bad attempt at being humorous on my part. Anyways, that NATO exercise had put Poland on the military spotlight. As it seems to become more pronounced, the lines of peace in Central Europe are not as stable as most would have thought. The recent NATO summit in Warsaw was, for the most part, remembered for the incredibly tight and expanded security measures and for the temporary walls being placed around the Polish capital city. However, what the end result of the summit was that Europe sliding just a little too much to the “seems like a trouble is brewing” spectrum in something that I would like to describe as a: “Crazy Random Military/Political Happenstance Slider.” If you can imagine that. Nobody is really sure whether the planned deployment of additional NATO battlegroups in Baltic countries or in Poland in the year 2017 is going to have an actual positive effect on the security in Europe. Many people in Europe seem to asking themselves a question. “In which direction is Europe heading towards?” or “Is Russia really that of an aggressive nation?” or the ultimate question “how much will the military deployment cost the taxpayers?”. The answers to these questions are as complex as the world modern world is. All in all, the wisdom lies in staying open-minded and not succumbing to radical political influences.

This Thursday was my birthday and I am officially just a year from becoming a “full adult, not an advanced teenager” if you believe the latest in the research paper on human biology. To stop you for using Google too much, I can say that age is considered to be twenty-five. Furthermore, I got even more books as gifts and this was also the day of the Bastille Day military parade which, regrettably, I didn't get the chance to see. However, 14th of July was also a tragic day. That night in Nice, France a truck rammed into a crowd killing many people including children. it was probably one of the most unconventional and unpredictable terrorist attacks in the 21st century. On the next on a Friday night, Turkish fighter jets rocked the ground around Ankara and the Turkish military was deployed in the cities, the Bosphorus bridge was temporarily closed. The military coup attempt lasted a few hours but the entire country has changed. Never before in the 21st Europe an NATO member-state witnessned such an event. Those events in a sense, had also affected me. Although I am somewhat known for not necessarily being an emotional person.

My thoughts and well-wishes go everyone who was affected. Stay strong Turkey.

Finishing this blog entry, I would like to announce that I have begin working on a few short stories that I would like to upload. Expect some real updates from me on the ModDB, soon. :)

Hello everyone,

As some of you may already know, I'm kind of a amateur writer, especially around the grand ModDB. I have been posting some of my little parables and short stories to buddies around the Steam. Now, I am thinking of actually uploading my literary works here, on the ModDB.

To make it better, I am considering uploading them via the MediaFire website service. I know that various literary works generally do not see much readership and interest on the ModDB, but I am still determined to share my literary work, here.

I am not sure when the MF download link will be uploaded, as I am busy nowadays. I'll try to collect and upload them tomorrow, if possible. The stories themselves are of various themes, some are of military setting, some are of... more ordinary life settings (like Moscow night time stuff). Nothing incredibly saucy or brutal, though. :/


Here is it, the Collection: Mediafire.com

Files are in a RAR file, no password needed. Once extracted the content is in a PDF file format which should be readable just with any device. I hope you guys enjoy! :) There might be more to come.


- Reborn:X

Merry Chirstmas!

I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Chirstmas, full of nice presents, happy moments with your families and loved ones, great food and above all; good health and a quiet and prosperous New Year! :D

- Reborn:X, ModDB Moderator

Happy Halloween, guys! :D

It is a dark, hollow night. The streets rang silently throughout the night, the livid orange-like lights shine through the dark, brooding urban lines. In this enthralling realm, the jack-o'-lanterns of various shapes and sizes break through with the creativity of the humankind.

The time has come for a day of celebration, of trick & treating activities but also a day of remembrance. A day of remembering about the relatives and loveys who are no longer with us. This is both a day of respected the dead and a day of giddy kids (or teenagers, for the matter) visiting the homes of random people and asking for sweet things. Optionally involving breaking down a trash can when the sweets are not delivered in satisfying quantities. ;)

Today is also the day in which I wanted to write about how it is going around my parts. I know I'm being sometimes awfully inactive lately, work keeps me occupied. But I haven't forgotten about this wonderful community. The Blog attempt hadn't be updated for a while, actually for about a few months. But I still haven't forgotten about it. In the near future there might be a suprise scary update coming. ;)

I wanted to say, It's been a eventful past few months for me. I got to visit a special friend of mine in Germany. Although the stay was wonderful it was short also. But those are the peculiarities of nowadays and of my work. Though, I must admit I haven't been playing much (!!) video games lately. This I am hoping to change as I will be trying to get back to the Steam Source MP community and try to finally promote the Armoured Brigade game scene inside this fine website. The ModDB will soon experience the 2015 Mod of The Year Awards. Now with a new logo it will be a wonderful opportunity to show how our modding community is still very much lively and ripe with talent!

You guys and girls all together make this wonderful gaming/modding community in this wonderful website that has, in my opinion went from a mod or video game hosting service to something of a full blown social media service. I believe many of the members from the 2005's ModDB couldn't have imagined it evolving in this great way. Remember all, it's not the Staff or in a way the fancy technology which makes the website. It is always the people, their passions and merits and demerits.


Until next times guys & gals and stay strong everyone! :D

Hello everyone once again! I have returned to the ModDB after a ten day break! This will be perhaps the penultimate release of my screenshot blog attempt. I will try to be more active now on the ModDB and to be of better service overall. I wanted to thank you all for your lovely Birthday wishes. :) This one blog entry is a little different from the one that was in the original planning script. I found it a little bit too depressing so the final version has an invention of humor in it. I am thinking of... "serializing" some of my work in a form a là webcomic. This is still an early idea however. Though, the screenshot blog can't continue on forever, right? This will be the last entry made using the 2D izometric Enigma engine.

Deep Winter, Somewhere in Northern Finland, Year 1959, Chateau.

Somewhere in the vast regions in the North of Finland a Chateau was build by a rich man. Not many people both on the outside and in the inside really knew him. He was thought to be a man of significant wealth but also a reclusive paranoid guy. His Chateau was built on the place in where the only other sight of mankind was small village located a few minutes drive from the Chateau's vicinity. The man had brought with himself random object of enjoyment as well as luxury items and a pre-War vintage automobile. A pair of grand statues of an antique origin. There was also a shed for housing timber for heating with a favorite utility vehicle for jobs of hard work. Because the rich man was a kind of a weird man; certain rumors spread around the area some accusing him of being illegally rich and even of being a former member of the dreaded SS organization of the not-so-past last War. Nobody really knew whether that was true, but one thing was very visible on the outside. The Chateau was protected by fence-link wire walls with the construction detail and security being managed by the "Palkintokilpi" local Private Security Company. They were an unusual group. The rich man even bought himself a pilot operative along with the needed equipment for handling a recently made Eastern-looking helicopter. The crew was housed in a specially made tent for them along with the equipment. The roaming security guards were often seen as and behaved as like SS organization members of the last War. The Chateau was shrouded in much secrecy, indeed.

Far away from the Chateau. An outsider resident lived in his household, improved and modified by himself. He would earn a living by maintaining a geese farm but not now as it was winter, occasionally hunting for food and selling some valueables to the people from the outside area. He had everything he needed and he enjoyed this type of life very much. On that very day, the outsider had decided to go to the nearby village and check how things are going on there. This decision would be the way to show the true conscience, to be part in the fight of good and evil and perhaps even to be a hero in this uncertain world.

As he approached the village area, hiding behind the snow and the snowy trees he noticed something unusual and alarming. The security guards from the Chateau had moved into the village and begun to subjugate and terroize the local population. The village policemen were startled as the leader of this small group had presented his demands. The people will be left free and unharmed if the police would load the hauling truck with the lumber intended for export and drive it to the Chateau grounds. If not, the security guards would kill every person they currently saw inside the village. The outsider had thought of this horrible situation to be an opportunity to project good and defeat evil in this place. Even perhaps to change his pathetic and linear so far for the new and better.

He had decided to sneak around the village from the left side of it. As he moved through this destination, he immediately hid in front of the truck as the policeman was inspecting the cargo. The path was clear now, the subjugated local police force would not notice him moving through. But the real problem now was to come up with a logical plan on how to defeat them as the outdated hunting rifle was no match for the automatic firearms of the "Palkintokilpi" Company security guards. The plan was needed to be devised fast and suddenly the lightbulb had flashed.

Something had ticked in the mind of the outsider as he moved near an rather weird household compared to the rest inside the village. The lumber was placed on the outside of the wooden fence, very strange. In this structure, there must be some usefull items that would help the cause. As the outsider started to carefully search through the entire house the leader of the small security guard group was finishing up the preparations of the delivery of the lumber to the Chateau. In the meantime, inside the house some incredibly useful items were found. It was a selection of documents stating that the cash the rich man had was gained illegally. Also, among these were even accusations of fascism sentiments of the Chateau owner. Now the outsider had only to rush away from the village and into the cityscape world, to bring out the truth.

The eviction notice and an arrest order was issued. The government has sent a bailiff to execute it. Fearing the entire population of the Chateau might not go down easily especially with the security guards armed with non-standard firarms the bailiff was issued a protection himself. A truck-load of FDF reserve forces as well as an entire tank was sent. The security guards outer patrols, being only of five men strength couldn't do anything while being overwhelmed by such a force and the bailiff was let through. The security guards had surrendered.

The bailiff has arrived and got out of his service car. Moving near the fence-link wire walls and into the antique-style large gate. Bringing with himself the documents of doom for the Chateau and for the rich man. This was a force the "Palkintokilpi" Private Security Company field personnel couldn't really stop. All they could do right now is to observe the developing situation. But the bailiff would not meet the rich man here. When he finally went through the gate the rich man was already somewhere far away from here, from the chateau, from the village. High up in the sky in where there are no possible limits, or so some people do say...

. . . T H E E N D ...

オメデトウ(pq´∀`) ┌iiiiii┐ (´∀`pq)パチパチ

Tomorrow will be my Birthday!

One this occasion, I wanted to write that I how much I enjoyed and still enjoy being a member of this fine website of ModDB! Those all years passed with much activity! :D

As I go older, I realized one truth that might or might not be universal. That the older you get the more less attractive the Birthdays get... because you get older. But you still don't lose the vigour of life!

Regarding my Blog attempt, the promised new blog entry will be posted someday during this week, that is for sure. :)

Stay safe & strong everybody! ;)

- Reborn:X The Moderator

October 12th, A Village in the People's Republic of China, 1963.

During the show trials of the Maoist beginnings, a small rural area comes under attention for holding some of the evil people. Here, Soldier Liu experiences his first significant moment in his short, new life. The village was a collision between the old style and the new. The feverous feelings had resulted in the elders of the village being rounded up for questioning, the local defence force being recognized as hostile group and put six feet under. In this action, many of the conflicting entities can bee seen. Soldier Liu, indistinguishable frpm among the rest of his compatriots stands careful and does what his duty requires him to do. In the midst of this now common occurence, several kilometers away from this village something new is having its beginning.

Members of a newly commisioned Special Unit had donned their new special protection uniforms and are receiving field instructions from their officer. Special attention is being paid to their secrecy. The cold breeze can be felt, the space seems to hold little trepidation but a feeling of dread among the security guards attached to the Special Unit. The uniforms are tight, the cold metal containers in the trucks contrast with the wet ground and with the synthetic equipment. The officer had loosened his hat and began to inform the troops about the value of their contribution to the Party and the State today. Later on, after the speech the unit packed into their metal trucks and drove up front. With an unrecognizable emotion being seen on their faces just before departure...

This is how it all had began, initially...


T H E R E T U R N ...

October 18th, Somewhere in Central Poland, 1963.

Janusz was driving early morning in his GAZ car past a affluent neighbouring town to buy some supplies and other groceries from the nearby store. The town was quiet at this time of the day. During the drive not many people could be seen. Whereas this was a result of some military exercise of something more sinister Janusz could only ponder about it. If it would have been important. The picturesque but dirty nature of the rural area could be a major topic for a painting. If only the painters of these times would express their interest in it. Thus quietly went the routine drive from the residence and back.

At the same time, a local People's Militia garrison was alarmed about a possibile serious disturbance in the area of the abandoned factory complex. Because of the shortages, a local security element of the military garrison was sent instead to investigate the area. Right after dismounting from their BTR at the entry; a worrying situation has developed. The two guards who did the day shift in the factory complex, making sure to ward off potential looters have been gunned down. Their bodies laying down between the clean pavement and the ugly dirt road, The blood hasn't dried out so it must have been a fairly recent murder and their personal protection equipment is nowhere to be seen. Upon getting to grips with the situation, the patrol leader jumped on board the BTR and turned on the radio equipment, asking for further instructions. The objective now was to search the manufacturing space for any losses, report it and withdraw from the premises for the Militia to finish here.

What has been found in the empty space was beyond the imagination of the patrol leader. The other soldiers continued to cover their sight sectors, Until a strange, sharp noise sprung them back to the position of the patrol leader. It was later recalled after the operation that the face of the junior officer was the one a person could remember for the rest of his life...

T H E E P I L O G U E ...

October 19th, The Reckoning, Somewhere in Central Poland, 1963.

Janusz was once again on the dirt road, he had an important meeting to attend with his buddies. During the short telephone conversation back in his fancy house he could detect the urgency in the voice of one of his buddies. Therefore, it was advised to take much haste. He had to drive through a village famous for it's historical windmill, right when a local festival preparations had started. However, he was forced to an aburpt stop. The statue of the First Leader caught his attention for a second before his saw his former colleague; Officer Jerzy standing in front, looking pissed. It did not take long for the poor man to noticed that an actual tank was dugged in at the outway of the village, with the soldiers taking up firing positions. The yelling that raged few moment later could almost be heard if it wasn't for the piercing sounds of the gunfire enfilade, the deafening activation of the hand grenade by Janusz before he was pulverized. The true facts and the whole story indeed might never be heard of or seen again. Neither by the soldiers of the local garrison who were there as the recovering programme prohibited that. Neither by the local townsfolks of the vicinity as their story is a amalgation of different myths and hearsays that not a serious journalist would consider an information worth mentioning. Yet, there is something more in the story...

T H E G O O D E N D I N G ...

The main protagonist woke up, shivering with cold in the middle of a road with white Winter being only seen around. Look back, only endless white could be seen and a green truck in the middle of the road. Something made him think not to go back, do not go in the truck, do not seek an easy road back or perhaps a salvation. Moving forward, the road was flanked by identical statues of the First Leader everywhere, all pointing the same way, all with the same unrecognizable expression. He walked forward, hoping to find out death or finally an answer to this all.

Before him was only a black abyss, nothing more, complete blackness. Horrified but determined, the only option was to jump in it, find the solution. Submerge in the explanations or die trying. Engulf by the black abyss; he saw short flashes of photographs and images from the history. They looked modern, Eastern like or even Soviet. Upon his last moments a monolith of images flashed in front of him, revealing the entire modern Soviet history and it's tragedies and farces before him. That was the end of the man who walked past flowers...

T H E E N D ...

After a rather long hiatus, the blog is back again on its feet. This time, this entry wil be compose of two parts. After that, a special entry will be posted and the blog with be reborn again in it's new. amazing iteration. This entry is inspired by the Manhunt series of video games by Rockstar and Eastern Bloc symbolism. Thanks to Lyaskavku for the suggestion of the place name.

October 15th, Somewhere in Central Poland, 1963.

Meet Janusz, a man who lives out in his own except for a dog, his machines and a unfunctional household pig farm. He owns the strip of land in which he resides. There is nothing out of the ordinary except for the remarkable quality of his house, built there before his arrival by an unknown party. His daily life includes several chores such as cutting wood, driving to the town for supplies and managing his farm when it is summer. Also, doing daily prayers and paying the support for the State. There is not much worth to tell about him. Indeed, he and his little ecosystem might as well have been a entire life thrown in a bucket of blessed uniformity and routine. This place is often unaptly named as the Snow Rifts village.

The biggest attraction of his life in this month was the passing of an Army armoured column down the main, and only road in these parts. The air was cold around them as they were exiting their vehicles and nothing looked or smelled like it was going to be an unsual day. The trucks slowly quieted down as the soldiers were pracisting a massive pissing scenario, all right. Then, the statue of the great First Leader watched over them with protection.

Janusz decided not to interrupt them for that might have ended up with an unpleasant and potentially dangerous result. After the trucks and the tanks with the soldiers had displaced themselves off the scene of the Snow Rifts and into where their officer knows only; Janusz decided to go on a stroll with the dog. Walking calmly through the weakened October forest but stopping when the dog had picked up something weird. This is the start of an situation that neither he nor the dog could perceive to unfold the way the fate had decided it to do...

This is the personal story of...

T H E M A N W H O W A L K S P A S T F L O W E R S: P A R T I

T H E F L A S H B A C K ...

One Day in Summer, Somewhere in Eastern Poland, 1962.

Janusz and his colleagues drove with the main Huntsman on the back of his vintage Dodge car. They were to meet near the wooden bridge, recently constructed by the local engineering detachment. With the, there also a unnamed Mister Citizen who strangely had stood in between of a pair of old trees, possibly admiring the nature. The Huntsman brought his two young sons and the trusted German Shepard aide for the today's expedition. Janusz was to be a mere watcher of the show, his presence being entrusted here mainly because of his tangible wealth. The local policemen, Jerzy who was standing in the middle of the dirt road was also to partake. Acting as a guardian of the law and the old act which demanded special attention to be paid to guys with guns in fear of them contacting with the system of the old times. Thus, they went on into the unknown of this thrilling, joyful, saddening expedition...

R E M E M B E R M E ...

October 16th, +4 After Incident, Somewhere in Central Poland, 1963.

Officer Jerzy, as he is now called amongst his new and improved buddies was called on the scene of a possible disturbance. Yet, the weather remained the same, calm. Only the eerie feeling emanating for the location of the forest area was breeding discontent within the people. Because of the shortages, Jerzy is to investigate the area ahead personally, supported only by one experienced soldier delegated to evidence securing duties and a quadrivial of People's Militia buddies equipped with firearms from the pre-war weapon stocks. The old but gold Studebaker truck was driven by an Army tankist because of manpower shortages again. He and the another local soldier are to unpack additional ammunition crates in case of an emergency and guard the dirt road behind them. Should someone drive that way they are to stop and search anyone. As Officer Jerzy and his men moved towards the shadowy forest, the backup soldier cocked his kbk AK in expectation of trouble and the tankist unholsted his handgun, leaning against the truck. This is going to be exciting...

As the improvised People's Militia squad moved out from the forest and into the suspicious man-made clearing, firearms at the ready, what they saw was beyond their petty imagination. Suddenly almost everybody realised this situation is not going to leave much space and time for thought and thinking. The Jerzy's squad nervously surveyed the gruesome enviroment, with him momentarily aiming his handgun at the man in front. This rather unspeakable feeling was indeed overwhelming them as the supporting soldier started to lower his rifle, trying reach for the hand grenade tucked inside the jacket. The opposing group however, did not had to share the same emotions and worries as only the worker had stood still. The rest of them were readying up their Mosins and hatchets for the action. Then, the both parties spoke through their respective leaders:

"You're one insane, horrific (...)"

"WE have been made! There is no hope for us in the land of plenty!!"

And then the sounds of the firearms rang throughout the quiet earth.

T O B E C O N T I N U E D ...