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Raketa Dec 13 2014, 5:30am says:

Wow, looks great, but don't you think the guns are a bit oversized? I'd say make em like 80% of the current size. Weapons always tend to be made as small as possible, especially considering the limited space of a spaceship. Now some of them look nearly grotesque.

+2 votes   media: Shot of some weapon mods
Raketa Apr 20 2014, 2:17pm says:

The woodland type camouflage looks nice, but IMHO doesn't fit to a spaceship. Maybe some digital camo- like?
The HUD is great though. Reminds me of some mod for Raven Shield that was closed due to legal issues.

+3 votes   media: Soldier
Raketa Feb 24 2014, 3:45pm says:

Maybe make the banner like a flat hologram? Will look sweet.

+1 vote   media: Hand of Nod Concept
Raketa Feb 7 2014, 6:23am replied:

Nah, vanilla looks like a desolated camp site, not like a village or a port town at least.

+4 votes   media: Can you spot the difference..
Raketa Jan 14 2014, 10:32pm says:

I have to check my gun garden.

+1 vote   media: Project Zomboid Nov
Raketa Nov 9 2013, 2:48pm says:

AK wielded as a pistol looks too weired. Idk, but I think it's better to change it to rifle grip

+1 vote   media: Belmont Team - Asian Vampire Hunters
Raketa Sep 13 2013, 6:16pm says:

Also guys, I just opened my Zippo, and when opened the spring thing almost touches the cap, so you could change that a bit.

+4 votes   media: US Army Corps of Engineers TNT
Raketa Sep 13 2013, 2:58pm says:

DHARMA Initiative? That's cool...

+7 votes   media: US Army Corps of Engineers TNT
Raketa Aug 8 2013, 5:35am says:

"Great comment spree"

+4 votes   media: Updated MEC Kit Geometries
Raketa Jul 31 2013, 11:41am replied:

Soooo, maps with 3 sides? XD

+5 votes   media: VBCI Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Raketa Jun 5 2013, 11:30am says:

That's not a tanto...

0 votes   download: Knife Retextured
Raketa Mar 21 2013, 3:38am replied:

As for the cops. You can add a expandable batons to cop walkers.
Pros: they take less space in inventory and are lightweight
Cons: they are rare

+3 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Raketa Mar 21 2013, 3:31am says:

Ok, some question about the national guard (Have read some comments, haven't seen any of them).
So, imagine they turned out to be aggressive. So, the players shoot them dead. And my question is, if shot in the chest (no brain damage) will they rise in a few seconds (like in "the walking dead" where everybody is infected in a way), or just lay dead becoming food for the horde (and maybe joining their ranks later).
Also, are you planning to add a chance that the zeds overwhelm the Nat. guard unit and you won't have the chance to meet with them or become the witness of the epic feast XD.
And 1 last question, will the dead guardsmen drop ammo and supplies or you'll look how the balance of the game turns out.
Ok, just 1 more idea. Add infected Nat.Guard units and cops (maybe even some SWAT teams, cause they had to be like the 1st guys to face the horde, before the nat. guard). And make them drop some ammo sometimes

+5 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Raketa Dec 3 2012, 1:45am says:

There is still work to be done and things to be improved, but I've been playing it through the year with my friend , and all we can say- you deserve a MOTY for the work, that's for sure

+2 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Raketa Aug 31 2012, 6:09am says:

This... is... amazing!

+1 vote   media: New Main Menu
Raketa May 10 2012, 9:15am says:


+1 vote   media: AFF Planetstorm New Fighter Models!
Raketa Apr 25 2012, 4:57am replied:

Judging by their appearance I think these are adventurers that died in the tomb and then resurrected to walk the earth again)

+1 vote   media: The Walking Dead
Raketa Apr 24 2012, 9:21am replied:

That's the point of radiators. They make "heat walls" near windows. Just like heat cannons above the doors.

+4 votes   media: Jabuković Alpha screens
Raketa Apr 5 2012, 2:22am replied:

Yeah, the drill could be thicker. And a few scales on the back would do better

+1 vote   media: Nod Subterranean apc redesign [W.I.P]
Raketa Apr 4 2012, 4:24am says:

I hope I am wrong and the command bridge is the tall tower, not thar sloppy F1 style thing...

+7 votes   media: GDI Grizzly Battlecruiser
Raketa Feb 27 2012, 10:04am says:

Is there any online playing? Can't see a populated server(((

+1 vote   mod: Angels Fall First: Planetstorm
Raketa Feb 23 2012, 3:16pm says:

+if you now have a Remington/Mossberg dilemma, maybe add a Beretta/Glock one? lol

+2 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Raketa Feb 23 2012, 3:07pm says:

5) I think that shots in the body can't kill a zombie, but still they should have some effect. Like if he catches 3 9mm bullets in 2 seconds, or a shotgun round in the chest he's like shoved and has to take a few steps back. Cause I had some moments when I am surrounded by a crowd and I cant afford to take a proper aim. So I'd better waist some ammo by spaying and not killing them, but having a chance to escape. MP5 will be the choice for "crowd controll".
6) Shove (and the one mentioned above) Maybe make it so, that, let's say there's a 25% chance that the zed will fall down and will not be able to get up for a few seconds (He's like harmless at this moment). So you can run away or crouch and smack him in the head.
7) A police riot shield. You can't carry a weapon in the hand, but let's say can block (without any harm for you) 1-2 zombies so as your teammates are able to take them down. ( If there are too many zeds you are like shoved yourself)
8) Give MP5 an under barrel flashlight. Will compensate for the insane rate of fire and make it unique in a way+ maybe make it look overall more... tactical (like rails and custom stock). It's more like the type of a gun spec ops would be carrying arpund.
9) New character models. What about some emergency guys? A police officer or a firefighter, ambulance driver, national guard guys. It seems that this type of guys should be in the heart of battle, cause we've already got a random guy, an old hunter, a truck driver (looks like one for me) and a disco star (lol).
That's all what I wanted to say. Keep up the great work and good luck.

+5 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Raketa Feb 23 2012, 3:06pm says:

Well, guys, I should say that your mod is really great. It has potential. The level of details is amazing. But still there are some things that need improvement.
My suggestions:
1) The hitboxes. They are MUCH MUCH better then the ones in the first release, but still need some polishing.
2) The spawning system. You've said that you were working on it, and there are some ideas I would like to tell you. I've read a suggestion to spawn all zombies at once at the beginning. Sounds good, but it will be hard to catch balance. Whether you give the player enough ammo to shoot them all down (not thrilling), or leave him with melee in the end (too difficult?) I think that the best way is to spawn some zeds at the level start (it is possible to balance the exact numbers) across the map, and have the other walkers crawl from, let's say a hole in the barricade, or a side street witch the player can't enter (or can, but= suicide). So it's possible to kill enough dead to secure the street for some time, but still impossible to kill them all+ it will make sense to barricade the doors behind you so as to win some time.
^ this will help to get rid of the things when you clear a room, go to the corridor and when you return a few seconds later you meet a bunch of walkers, that appeared out of nowhere+ it will give the players a chance to exchange ammo etc in a safer place.
3) Med packs maybe? So as not to heal infection, but, stop bleeding maybe?
4) You've said you've changed it, but balance melee (and shotguns accuracy). Like a sledgehammer or a fire axe should ALWAYS kill if they hit the head. Crowbars, bats and pipes. C'mon, they sould crack the rotten sculls if not with one, but with 2 succesful hits for sure. (btw like the idea of a flashlight with a one-handed weapon)

+2 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
Raketa Feb 23 2012, 2:12pm says:

Maybe the criticism is Ok, but still it has enough details and textures. C'mon have you played the game? It's looking descent enough. So what, you will just stand there in a crowd of infected and compare every screw with the real-life one?

+1 vote   media: Renders by LSR
Raketa Feb 17 2012, 12:06pm says:

Little birds not in service? But where have you found the info? Google doesn't tell a thing and wiki says they are still in service.

+1 vote   mod: Project Reality: Battlefield 2
Raketa Feb 11 2012, 2:09pm says:


+1 vote   media: new hiigara battleship
Raketa Feb 11 2012, 2:08pm replied:

Carma for both

+2 votes   article: NMRiH wins PC Gamer's Mod of the Year award!
Raketa Feb 10 2012, 5:52am says:

CongratZ! Keep the good work)

+2 votes   article: NMRiH wins PC Gamer's Mod of the Year award!
Raketa Feb 8 2012, 4:05am says:

Looks good...but Cuban suicide bombers? C'mon, better make them smoke troopers with poisonous cigars)))

+3 votes   media: Cuban Terrorist
Raketa Jan 29 2012, 6:17am replied:

Yeah. They should be smooth.

+1 vote   media: first Korriban screens
Raketa Jan 6 2012, 3:07am replied:

Cause the game really has a great potential to be an ideal secret-lab-clean-up-mission. With all the modern tactics and gear...

+4 votes   mod: Rainbow Six: Zombies
Raketa Oct 2 2011, 8:25am says:

The right one isn't too comfortable to wield... Still great job)

+2 votes   media: Two of the new high level artifacts in 1.3!
Raketa Sep 14 2011, 10:49am replied:

The shockwave was quite nice after all. So I suggest you use it. (Not a reply, just a regular post)

+1 vote   media: GDI Disruptors preparing to fire
Raketa Jun 9 2009, 11:25pm says:

MUCH better then the original Excellent work!

+1 vote   media: CIS Kirov Gunship
Raketa Jun 6 2009, 10:02am replied:

Yea, I think they don't fit in the mod, but still nice work on them)

+5 votes   media: secret project
Raketa Jun 6 2009, 9:57am says:

Does it have a machine gun (hope so, it adds to realism ^_^)?

+4 votes   media: Object 279 heavy tank
Raketa Jun 5 2009, 6:59am says:

Reminds me of AMX-13 or SK-105 tanks

+1 vote   media: A few images Moddb has missed out on
Raketa May 21 2009, 10:58pm says:

I like the design)

+2 votes   media: May Update Renders
Raketa May 21 2009, 10:58pm says:

5 stars! It's amazing

+2 votes   media: May Update Renders
Raketa May 21 2009, 10:57pm replied:

Думаю азиатские)))

+2 votes   media: The Robot By GAME ARTIST- NACHO
Raketa Apr 22 2009, 1:45am says:

I love it!

+1 vote   media: Suvorov Light Corvette
Raketa Apr 7 2009, 10:35am replied:

From what I know about particle weapons, it sounds gr8 too. Still should have a very low or no recoil. And the idea is good. But In this case the barrel should be a bit different, cause u can't say it's an energy weapon (suppose it uses some sort of magnets to accelerate particles, so can be called an energy weapon) from the 1st look at it (though the cylinder is beautiful, just the type such a weapon needs)

+1 vote   media: Models / Textures.
Raketa Apr 7 2009, 9:39am says:

Don't know, but it looks like a toy... Maybe make the forward wheels bigger and fit the gun closer to the actual centre.))

+3 votes   media: Sharka
Raketa Apr 6 2009, 11:59am says:

Don't like these things on the sides, but still a very interesting gun. And maybe just leave the lower barrel (as seen on some experimental modern revolvers). It helps to reduce the blowback. Besides, will be great if this thing fires rocket-propelled rounds, as the Gyrojet pistol or space marine bolters ^_^ It's an alen thing after all)))

+2 votes   media: Models / Textures.
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