I am a videogame commentator who has just recently started! My goal is to share my love for videogames, as well as experience new games with others. I am very open to hearing what people have to say,and i'm open to taking requests.

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ProjectMisfit Sep 25 2013, 8:41pm says:

Do I need any games to play this? I've never heard of this until today. It looks awesome!

+1 vote   news: Play SMAR•CADE Today 100% Free
ProjectMisfit Sep 3 2013, 8:13pm says:

Please tell me I'm gonna **** myself from being scared again.
Been waiting since the start, and I'm really excited. Downloading as we speak, congratulations on finishing and releasing Chapter one. <3

+2 votes   news: Underhell Chapter 1 Released
ProjectMisfit Apr 30 2013, 7:20pm replied:

Thank you! I'm sorry.

+1 vote   mod: Duke Nukem Forever 2013
ProjectMisfit Apr 30 2013, 7:17pm says:

I'm sorry to be the noob, but which is the GRP file? I have
DUKE3D. Microsoft program group

+1 vote   mod: Duke Nukem Forever 2013
ProjectMisfit Mar 19 2013, 10:41pm says:

Here's the start of my Pokemon3D lp. Enjoy :3 Youtube.com

+1 vote   game: Pokémon3D
ProjectMisfit Mar 16 2013, 1:41pm says:

Did a quick video on this, hope you guys enjoy. Was a great game to play around with. Youtube.com

+2 votes   game: CHARGE!
ProjectMisfit Mar 15 2013, 2:13am says:

Here is a video for the demo. Youtube.com
This is kickass, keep up the good work. I'm definetly recording each beta version, and doing a lets play of the final.

+2 votes   game: Pokémon Survival Island
ProjectMisfit Mar 7 2013, 9:03am says:

Might even record it. :3

+2 votes   mod: Timeless 64
ProjectMisfit Mar 2 2013, 6:14pm says:

This is legit as hell. Thanks. Helped me out quite a bit xD

+2 votes   mod: Minecraft Tweaker
ProjectMisfit Feb 25 2013, 10:46pm says:

Did a video for my channel. Good work! Youtube.com
Brings out my inner fanboyism for Jeremy.

+3 votes   game: IFSCL 3.0.0 [Code Lyoko Game]
ProjectMisfit Feb 21 2013, 4:45pm replied:

Thanks! I know how it feels to have a really good game in your reach, then you find out that you can't run it because of the lack of graphic options ._. You guys keep up the good work!

+1 vote   media: Demo, first room, finished.
ProjectMisfit Feb 20 2013, 7:05pm says:

That looks awesome. Will it still be as easy to run as the early demo?

+2 votes   media: Demo, first room, finished.
ProjectMisfit Feb 18 2013, 3:21pm replied:

Oh, beta 0.2 isn't out, and the demo is different from 0.1? I didn't know, downloading now <3 You guys are working on something amazing, i'm gonna shout out the game on my channel when I can. Though it might not help much, but i'll do my very best.

+2 votes   game: 3:00 am Dead Time™
ProjectMisfit Feb 18 2013, 3:31am says:

So I bought the beta/early game. Played the first beta sent in E-mail, and it runs really smooth! 0.1 doesen't have much in it, but from what I played, it's really fun! I had some trouble controlling the jet, but I suck at games with jets anyway xD i'm very glad that I get to take part in the beta testing now.

+2 votes   game: 3:00 am Dead Time™
ProjectMisfit Feb 17 2013, 3:36am says:

A SEQUEL? No kidding? Hell, any idea on what the name will be? If it's okay to ask, of course!

+2 votes   game: One Late Night
ProjectMisfit Feb 16 2013, 7:19pm says:

Pikachu. :3 Speaking of pokemon, your game reminds me alot of this one that I recorded..

+1 vote   media: Ah, the age old question: Which will you choose?
ProjectMisfit Feb 15 2013, 9:51am says:

I'd love to give a hand with testing.

+2 votes   news: We're looking for some playtesters!
ProjectMisfit Feb 14 2013, 8:36am says:

And my last video. Finished off the game, won't spoil anything here, but good ending. Didn't find any evidence though. Thanks again for the chance to play the game :3 Youtube.com

+3 votes   game: One Late Night
ProjectMisfit Feb 13 2013, 5:58pm says:

Youtube.com My video on the game.

This is amazing! Scary as hell, though I didn't get far into it. I will definetly be recording another version of it soon. Thanks!

+2 votes   game: One Late Night
ProjectMisfit Feb 13 2013, 1:13am says:

Youtube.com My 150 sub special ended up being your game. Thanks for the amazing experience, nostalgia's amazing :3

+2 votes   game: Pokémon3D
ProjectMisfit Feb 12 2013, 5:57pm says:

Ah! So buy the beta, and the full-game will be included when it releases? And how does buying it+Downloading work? Email based? If any of you would ever like to do a video interview to share your game around a little bit more, just ask. I support this project 100% though I might not be able to afford it. Money's tight xD But i'll try. Really looking forward to testing this badboy out.

+2 votes   game: 3:00 am Dead Time™
ProjectMisfit Feb 10 2013, 11:42pm says:

I won't lie, this looks ******* sick. Recording the demo tonight. Please tell me you guys plan on releasing this soon? And will it be free?

+1 vote   game: 3:00 am Dead Time™
ProjectMisfit Feb 10 2013, 9:06pm says:

Is this gonna be free?

+1 vote   game: Dead Darkness
ProjectMisfit Feb 3 2013, 6:21pm says:

Just wanted to say, damn. You make a good *** game. xD I hope you plan on making more! Here was my attempt at it. I sucked, since I didn't know what to do part of the time, but hopefully my humor makes up for that.


0 votes   game: One Late Night
ProjectMisfit Jan 4 2013, 5:49pm replied:

Really? One does not simply read comments before posting. They gave credit. Want the game? Get it. Don't? Go play minecraft.

+6 votes   game: Block Story
ProjectMisfit Nov 24 2012, 3:39am says:

This game is absolutely beautiful. But it's complicated. With some minor bugs, like the dead body next to the radio is pink. I couldent do this game, really hard.. xD Might be because it's late, I dunno.

+2 votes   mod: BLACK SNOW
ProjectMisfit Nov 17 2012, 2:27pm replied:

Thanks for the graphics options, I might be able to play! Can't wait, wonderful game man.

+2 votes   game: Haunted Memories
ProjectMisfit Nov 16 2012, 10:50pm says:

Sadly, the game lagged for me on the beta. Maybe 64 bit would help? Or were any graphic options added?

+1 vote   game: Haunted Memories
ProjectMisfit Nov 12 2012, 6:01pm says:

The release date is legit, I hope?

+3 votes   game: The Buoy
ProjectMisfit Nov 3 2012, 4:47pm says:

Will you be adding detail to the house? Like, small things. Decorations kinda?

+1 vote   media: Concept Look-A-Like
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