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Nobody29 Oct 22 2013, 12:32pm says:

I've been following the progress of this mod since it started and I'm eager to see it coming out! I know it's almost over but is there any estimation of when it will be released that I can mark it on my calendar? :)

+4 votes   mod: Bloodlines: Antitribu
Nobody29 Sep 29 2013, 6:09pm replied:

Dommage... Français aussi lol

+1 vote   download: Male Ventrue Reskin
Nobody29 Aug 24 2013, 9:08am says:

Great mod, but crashes when trying to repair weapons with cardan...

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
Nobody29 Aug 19 2013, 7:07pm says:

Way too hard, I die when I get bit twice by a dog.Can't even aim at them I'm already dead. Downgrading to Misery 1.0

+1 vote   mod: MISERY
Nobody29 Jul 9 2013, 8:08pm says:

I converted the steam version to the old one and reinstall the mod. I have the new characters textures but not the high resolution movies. Did I did something wrong or do I have to install them separately?

+2 votes   mod: Final Fantasy VII - UltraHD Fan Made Remake
Nobody29 Jul 5 2013, 9:04am says:

Well tried out with the steam version and unfortunately it's not working. I really hope you'll make a version of this mod compatible with the steam version because the trailer make a great flavour out of the game. This overhaul is a long awaited mod for the fans so again I hope you'll make it, PLEASE!!!

+1 vote   mod: Final Fantasy VII - UltraHD Fan Made Remake
Nobody29 Jul 5 2013, 7:06am says:

Does this work with the steam version of the game? It would be great!

+1 vote   mod: Final Fantasy VII - UltraHD Fan Made Remake
Nobody29 Apr 18 2013, 5:56am says:

After installing the optionnal files, the game crash at startup. To resolve the problem go to your data folder and rename menus to ;menus. Found out because I tried the V1.2 open beta which is different than the moddb version.

+1 vote   download: FOOK2 - 1.2 Optionnal Files
Nobody29 Feb 27 2013, 10:53am says:

I know it's just cosmetics but I think the assamite has too much scars on the face, only a cool one would be enough. Also, when you run with the armor3 in 3rd view, the feets textures bug and when you run it's like he doesn't have feets! lol For the rest great mod!

+1 vote   mod: VtM: The Final Nights
Nobody29 Feb 18 2013, 8:35am says:

Je voudrais utiliser le skin pour mon ventrue mais je ne trouve pas comment éditer les fichiers pour que ça marche. Serait-il possible d'avoir des instructions? tx

+1 vote   download: Male Ventrue Reskin
Nobody29 Jan 14 2013, 11:30am says:

I have a swoop race issue : each time I reach maximum speed I lose the control of the swoop and it goes crashing. Never seen that before, could it come from the mod?

+1 vote   mod: The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM)
Nobody29 Aug 17 2012, 2:05pm says:

Great mod but I have a big problem with artifact transmutation. The tearing away percentage is approaching 90% and artifacts can't stay in the fruit punch anomaly they move out of it every time!! Hope it will work in 2.5 :)

+1 vote   mod: Super Mod Pack 2.4
Nobody29 Aug 5 2012, 8:46am replied:

It was just an opinion no need to be sarcastic

+4 votes   mod: Old Good STALKER Evolution
Nobody29 Aug 4 2012, 5:37pm says:

I like to play in rookie because I think that who get 3-4 bullet in the chest or One in the head is dead and I like that in your mod but the mutants are way to resilient to me and your enemies AI is too much : they advance only when they are in your back or side even if they should not know where you are. This Wallhack AI is a nightmare added to their accuracy even when in movement. I think you should work this out to make this mod really good.

+2 votes   mod: Old Good STALKER Evolution
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