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1 comment by Mxthe on Jan 15th, 2015

We decide the importance we give to things. We decide what is important to us.

We decide if we care about things being a certain way, and if we do care about it and have the possibility to change it, then it's up to us to decide if we are willing to do so.
If we do care about it and cannot change it, then it's up to us to decide if we are willing to try and change it anyway, or if we are willing to accept it as it is.

The concept of "caring about a fictional character" in a book or a movie or a video game or the concept of "caring about the past". Caring about historical characters we have all heard of but have never met, or even caring about the past of our race, our civilization or our religion.
Does it directly affect us to know that our ancestors were enslaved by this or that civilization?
Does it directly affect us that our ancestors did this or that in the name of this or that religion?
Do we hold a grudge at the descendants of said civilization TODAY because of it?
Does it matter to us directly?

Will we let what a group of people we have never met has done to another group of people we have never met dictate how we live our lives? We decide whether we care or not, and that is part of what defines us. It's something we must all think about, and not simply take for granted.

What if I told you that if things had been slightly different, your best friend would have killed you. Would you still consider him your best friend?

Would "what could have been" matter more to you than "what is"?

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orang3dragon612 Aug 21 2011 says:

Hello again Mxthe. Previously, you said that you were planning to convert Underhell to the Source engine, meaning that you would not use the SMOD engine and a lot of features like iron sights, kicking etc... Is that what you meant, or am I just misunderstanding you? As well, gathered from what I have read, it takes around a half a year to complete a chapter. Is this the goal that you loosely have in mind? And for a abrupt change, what is your favorite instrument to play and music to compose? Finally, great interview that you did with C-zom, I enjoyed it very much. I hope that when you have finished this mod, and laid it down to rest, that some game company cough*Valve*cough, will hire you. You have a great future in gaming ahead. Good luck!

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Mxthe Creator
Mxthe Aug 24 2011 replied:

SMOD uses an obsolete version of the source engine, it has long loading times, bad performance and is starting to really be difficult to modify, since the SOURCE SDK is not offering an option to map for it anymore.

We are indeed letting go of SMOD, but we are trying to get all the features back in a new code, based on Orange Box.

Since I am primarily working alone on level design in conception, the "rest" of the team walks in to Voice Act, compose music and Beta Test near the end of the project, yes it takes about a year to make a Chapter, it will depend of the length of the Chapter and my availability of course.

I enjoy piano the most, I am a pianist myself and begin every single composition with a single piano mockup.

Thanks for your best wishes.

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bXmMusic Aug 21 2011 says:

hi mixthe i was just wondering if u could accept my freind request plz im sure uv heard this million time but i love your mod its the best mod ever made hor hl2 ty for this great game

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bXmMusic Aug 21 2011 replied:

i meant bigsexyhoneypantsthatiwouldstuffmyselfintoyou sorry

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LIMP_BIZKIT Sep 10 2011 replied:


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LIMP_BIZKIT Jul 28 2011 says:

hi mixthe i was just wondering if u could accept my freind request plz im sure uv heard this million time but i love your mod its the best mod ever made hor hl2 ty for this great game

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LIMP_BIZKIT Aug 3 2011 replied:

i ment mxthe sorry

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orang3dragon612 Jul 7 2011 says:

Hello M, yet another fan here. I wanted to complement you on not only becoming one of the most renowned Half-Life 2 modders (And making one of the best mods) but also on the striking soundtrack made by Tom Stoffel and you. If there was a mod award for music, Underhell surly would have won. One of my personal favorites is the one hidden in your media section, the Red Door. Truly fantastic. Being the fan I am, I have a few questions. If you include the prologue and epilogue, then there are 8 chapters, each ruffly comprising from 1.50 to 2 hours or more apiece. This roughly makes your mod 14 hours long. By the mods conclusion, this is going to be one big download. So, I was wondering, would you ever approach Valve and ask for Underhell to be a official Steam Mod. Of course, there's also the outdated Smod engine. As well, as I have seen others do this, would you make some sort of survival mode, as your mapping is great and there's a wide variety of weapons and opponents. Finally, the events occurring at the house including the dreams, do they take place before, during or after the main campaign because I doubt the army would let Jake run off home to catch a nap and investigate his paranormal home. Sorry that this was so long and thanks for taking your time to read this. K.L.

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Mxthe Creator
Mxthe Jul 10 2011 replied:

Hello, thanks for the comment.

The Red Door is not a music from Underhell, it was just something I made on the side.

I suppose you deduced the chapter count from the mod folders, this count was made including the prologue, epilogue and credits, there are not exactly 8 chapters in the mod, and not all of them are exactly the same length.

As for the file size, what takes the most space are the models and textures, now that the "biggest" chunk of the mod was released through the Prologue, the other chapters should not be much bigger than the actual Prologue, I am pretty sure that the entire mod at the end will be smaller than most of the heavy mods you download from MODDB.

Valve only adds mods on Steam once they have reached a certain level of popularity/downloads, and they rarely add single player mods.
I believe the download count has to be over 70.000, but I am not sure.

Underhell will be ported to the newest version of the Source Engine, that includes a re-make of The Prologue that will contain the port as well as some bug fixes and overall improvements, that will hopefully be released along with Chapter 1.

I have not thought about making a survival mode, in Single Player it would not really be much fun, that kind of things works better in coop.

As for what happens in The House, I cannot really tell you now, that would be spoiling the story.

Thanks for your feedback and your well developed questions.

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WS-GS8 Apr 3 2011 says:

Mxthe, I was wondering if you wanted to increase the difficulty of the Prologue in regards to shooting the terrorists and them shooting you.
I recently saw some comments on the UnderHell main page on Moddb, one of them complained that the action was too easy and the enemies "have to learn to aim". I happen to agree to this, began experimenting on my own. Entering "npc_weapon_adjustspread" in the console, followed by a number (0.1 = very accurate) enables all npcs to overall be better shots. Since I know you must have triggers for console commands to be executed behind the scenes (ex: disable_bullettime 1), I think if you implemented this, shootouts would be more satisfying without you having to do much work.
Just a suggestion, I know you're working towards moving the Smod functions you need to the 2007 engine, which would moot above console command.

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Mxthe Creator
Mxthe May 15 2011 replied:

When making the prologue I tried to keep a 1/3 ratio between difficulties.
1 being the easiest, and 3 being the hardest.

During beta testing, testers commented that on 2 (Normal), instant deaths were common by headshots, which is why I tried to keep this ratio.

I realize now that the ratio should be kept for Easy and Normal, but should be exponentially increased for the Hard difficulty, making it even harder, some sort of "Realistic" difficulty if you will, where a few shots are enough to kill the players.

This difficulty setting will be implemented into the prologue later on.

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