I'm a gay gamer. I very much love Half-Life 1 and 2, and every single mod for them. Well, almost every mod. I don't play Call of Duty. Also, PONIES. I LOVE PONIES.

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It's incredible.



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Ignore the other reviewers, they are trolls. This game... Reminds me of Cry of Fear, which is a good thing. The same mindfuck things, but just amplified. When I encountered the first enemy, I jumped out of my chair and screamed. Really, this mod is just awesome. And horror mod lovers should get this.


Diablo III

Game review - 3 disagree

I don't know what I wrote, but it sure isn't my opinion. I feel sober now, so it would be better to write a review now.
The game has good music, voice acting, monster design, environments (Desert in act 2 is really awesome), nice character abilites, and good quests. The cinematics are just brilliant.
The only downside for me is that it kinda feels like I am useless in early game, as the equipment available is never any good at all. I wonder how people can play in hell, where monsters have 10k hp?
Other then that, Diablo 3 is a good game.


Mass Effect 3

Game review - 7 agree - 1 disagree

A very very good game. The ending however, left me unsatisfied with many questions. Recommended to ANYONE who likes shooters/rpgs.


Cry of Fear

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I would give the mod a higher rating if I could play it without lagging to hell...
No, my computer does not suck. Example: Mass Effect 3 on highest of everything = 60fps even in combat.
Cry of fear with pretty much everything disabled = 5-15fps out of combat.
Really? There's gotta be something wrong here, as it should not lag at all.
Other than that, the mod is great. Good map design (Might become a bit boring after a while, IMO), Great monsters, very creepy... and let's not talk about the chainsaw guy! Very good story and gameplay. The mod would deserve a 10/10 if it wasn't for my lag issue.
If anyone knows a way to fix this, please help.

(Here's something about the lag, don't wanna know, don't read!)
When i start the game with Opengl, it says "The specified video mode is not supported. The game will now run in software mode." So, then I make it run in software mode, and what? "Software mode is not supported, opengl" bla bla bla. That really makes sense. Two mods, both say they are not supported, but the other is.


Mass Effect

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A very good game, in terms of story and characters. (NOT including Ash)
The game has its flaws though; broken combat, overheat bugs, weird HUD, and very low-res textures on some objects.
I still recommend anyone who likes RPGS to play it.


Mass Effect 2

Game review - 3 agree

This game is the best example of the term "Video Game".


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Game review

Awesome. I guarantee you'll like it. IF you don't like the story (Why wouldn't you like it?), there are LOTS of scary Custom Stories out there to try out. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to change pants!


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Game review

Team Fortress 2

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