The galaxy is trapped in an endless cycle of extinction. Every 50,000 years an ancient machine race invades and with ruthless efficiency wipes out all advanced organic civilization. They leave behind only the scattered ruins of technology, destroying all evidence of their own existence.

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this is cool game even if i like ME2 more

The beginning of the greatest trilogy ever.

The plot is incredible, and the gameplay is well done! A must-have!

I'm gonna say this but this game was one of the first major Science Fiction RPGs I've played years ago on the 360....I got this game twice on Steam during the Holiday sale and it was worth the 10 bucks..

Gameplay: 8/10

Although most of the time you'll find yourself just walking around and chatting with other NPCs when in noncombat locations like the Citadel...I believe there wasn't much to explore since there was very little featured locations as opposed to what was said by the codex. Apart from this the Combat system was in a okay/good range since I liked how overheating mechanic they done with the weapons...but I find melee combat very lacking and only projectile weapons.

The Bad: Well what really hit a thorn on my side was the EVAs (Extra Vehicular Activities) and Mako....Exploring the planets was a cool feature but I feel it wasn't well done and concentrated to the final product of the game...The lack of interesting locations and horrible Mako controls made planetary exploration limited on my end...only enemies I'd run into would be Bandits and Thresher Maws, Surveying Rare Earth and Natural Resources made exploration short and tedious...I'm hoping they improve this in the future..

Sounds: 9/10

Soundtrack was grand...I love the menu music...and pretty much everything else
from voice acting to ambient sound effects...The major weakness comes from repetitive voice clips played by the enemy when in combat...other than that I don't see any other issues that bothered me...

Background/Story: 10/10

I love how much literature work they've done on the Codex and overall background of the game, as I can remember sitting back listening and reading the codex for hours after exploring as much as I can from completing Missions to Assignments. I love it when games has detailed information of their universe background, it helps alot on creating its own atmosphere after knowing so much from after hours of play...

+ Epic B.S.O
+ Lots of secondary quests
+ Good character customization
+ 25+ hours of game-play
+ Mature plot
+ Semi-linear game-play

- Chaotic combat
- Sometimes gets repetitive
- Confusing cover system

- Fantastic, intense, deep, thrilling, emotional story.
- Huge sprawl of weapons.
- Thousands of algorithms and choices that change gameplay elements.
- Difficult gameplay, but also not difficult at the same time.
- Gameplay is very immersive.

- Aggravating overheating bug.
- Graphics are totally unoptimized.
- Textures seem low-res.
- Music tracks can be buggy.
- Squad A.I. is unintelligent at times.


Some recycled maps is the only downside.

This is a really good mix between RPG and TPS. It's just too bad that plot at some moments is pretty cliche and lacks originality, if you played other Bio Ware games you won't be surprised with ME1 at any point and characters you come across/cooperate with are mostly schematical. Some lines delivered by characters are so pompatic and pathetic that they sound just cheesy and almost made me laught. But other are really well-writen, of course.
Now for the highlights: combat system and RPG elements are solid and well made, it is pretty fun to play, tho I managed to finish this game for 100% within 30h, so it has no replay value for me. Anyway, Shooting is good, special Jedi-like powers have some pretty neat effects, gameplay is pretty varied (some hacking and vehicle here and there) But the lore and plot, or at least the way it's delivered, should be better, imho. Not to mention that dialogues are sometimes cheesy (wait, I said it already!) and moral choises mostly mean chosing between being a good cop or bad cop.
But oh well, overall it's still a really good game, the last mission was so epic that I can rate it 8/10

A game with very high potential thanks to a great, smooth gameplay - classic modern shooters features; RPGs elements with characters abilities to upgrade, a large variety of weapons, armors and mods for weapons and armors; and the very nice biotic fights effects. Also, quite good storyline with lots of dialogues, and some choices.
Problem is: the game is extremely repetitive. The main mission is nice, but is less than 1/6 of the game. And the rest of the game just feels like doing the same things over and over again. Similar fights and fighting places everywhere, hours of boring exploration on random mountains, same minigame hundreds of times.
Next time I play this game, I won't explore everything...

The game clearly didn't reach the initial expectations I had after playing the first 2 hours, but it's still a very good game.


I remember how I started playing this for the first time, after about 1 hour of playing I couldn't stop. Really good.

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