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Mookae Aug 10 2010, 7:42pm says:

sounds cool, but at least wait until you've got some concept stuff before making a profile. Im tired of all these failed mods on the web site. Tracking with fingers crossed.

+1 vote   mod: Bank Heist
Mookae Aug 10 2010, 7:41pm says:

so...Multiplayer SMOD + CS madness...actually sounds pretty awesome. Tracking.

-2 votes   mod: SMOD: Killing Spree
Mookae Aug 10 2010, 7:37pm says:

Not much to the description, despite the fancy colors and dos box shopping. But the pistol looks pretty damn cool. Tracking.

+1 vote   mod: Solo Operations: Source
Mookae Jul 29 2010, 1:32pm replied:

But if the memories are fake, would breaking them not cause him to believe the memories are real? After all, the consequence of breaking the boxes is to relive the memory, which means you're actually doing the opposite of what you think you are, :P.

The whole point of the story is that the memories are real, and the guy is trying to repress these memories of bad incidents despite the urging by his counselor to let it all out. If the memories were fake, why would he want to believe they were real? Would that not cause unnecessary complications in his already risky relationship? And if they were real, as many seem to believe, then isn't the whole point of going to the counselor to repair their relationship? If so, then why would you want him to live those memories again and cause them to split up? There is no evidence otherwise that his spouse caused unnecessary violence(at least not that I remember right now), so there is no need to split up.

TL;DR:Doesn't matter if the memories are real or fake, repressing them is a better path than remembering them IMO.

+1 vote   mod: Radiator
Mookae Jul 23 2010, 9:33pm replied:

you can just make out the barrell of a gun in that red bush.

+1 vote   media: Operation alpha;
Mookae Jul 23 2010, 9:32pm says:

Good luck fixing the AI to complement. Im slightly scarred by SMOD:T, where the enemies could see just as well from a mile away as they could three feet away.

+1 vote   news: Multiplayer delayed in the favor of Singleplayer
Mookae Jul 16 2010, 5:00pm says:


+4 votes   news: Valve announce Alien Swarm
Mookae Jul 16 2010, 12:26pm replied:


+1 vote   news: Private Alpha Test - Testers recruit
Mookae Jul 16 2010, 12:25pm says:

I dont know much about modding, but i've played all sorts of FPS games, from COD and Halo to tactical shooters like Rainbow Six Vegas and to classics like Half Life and Doom. I'd love to provide some feed back on what kind of balance issues there may be, as well as the inevitable glitches. And i've got plenty of time to be able to play for an hour or two each day, then talk about any issues, bugs, etc.
Im short, PLZ LET ME IN!

+1 vote   news: Private Alpha Test - Testers recruit
Mookae Jul 16 2010, 12:10pm replied:

Read the comments, lots of people explained the situation already.

+1 vote   mod: SMOD: Tactical
Mookae Jul 16 2010, 9:50am replied:

Im pretty sure it's almost the same. Just no equipment screen and you have a whole nother team to fight. But at least more people will get to play it.

+1 vote   news: Human Error Coop - Beta Released
Mookae Jun 24 2010, 8:16pm replied:

it shouldnt be broken: This version of SMOD runs off of HL2DM, which is still on the old engine.

+1 vote   mod: Smod Troopers
Mookae Jun 5 2010, 2:18pm says:

This will forever be known as the first day anyone has played l4d1 in over half a year.

-1 votes   download: [OLD] I Hate Mountains (1.1) for Left 4 Dead 1
Mookae Apr 10 2010, 4:21pm replied:

Both up spraypaints gave hints as to what you were supposed to do: the first one showed you there was a hole in the ceiling, while the second one helped point out the tiny hook on the wall vent.

+2 votes   mod: Escape The Room
Mookae Apr 2 2010, 3:19pm replied:

look, just go into the console and type in disable_bullettime 0 and disable_kick 0. just remember that there's no kick texture, so all you'll get is a bunch of pink squares. plz stop complaining.

+1 vote   mod: SMOD OUTBREAK
Mookae Mar 17 2010, 10:18pm replied:

There is no chat function. The game is based off of SMOD 40 code, which is single player, meaning the chat function hasn't even been coded in. They should fix that in a patch soon.

+1 vote   mod: Smod Troopers
Mookae Mar 3 2010, 6:37pm says:

Great trailer, great piano rendition...this has just as much polish as your games.:D

+1 vote   news: Radiator 1-3, Much Madness - Teaser
Mookae Feb 15 2010, 3:06pm replied: the other comments dude. nobody else wants that.

+1 vote   news: WWI: Source is now OUT!
Mookae Feb 14 2010, 5:50pm says:

this mod wins hard.

+1 vote   media: Singing in the rain.
Mookae Feb 3 2010, 7:16pm says:

awesome save near the end, cant wait for release!

+1 vote   media: Chapter 3. Where the winds blow
Mookae Jan 27 2010, 7:26pm replied:

RTFM, or in this case, the news feed.

+1 vote   mod: Checkerboarded Hopes 2
Mookae Jan 22 2010, 6:27pm replied:

I agree. You can just use grey squares to represent this, then let players click directly on one of those squares to move there. It makes it ALOT easier to move...

+1 vote   mod: Half Life: Tactics
Mookae Jan 18 2010, 10:21pm says:

Impressive. Emergence seemed to really fit the world you're trying to create, but in both peices, particularly Echoes, the music sounded too...clean. Some metal guitar or something like that would help to sell the whole "everything's falling apart before your eyes" idea. And Emergence sounds like a great song for when you see the outside for the first time. Then again, it is called "Emergence" XD.

+1 vote   news: Soundscape & Musical Direction
Mookae Dec 19 2009, 8:52pm says:

This is interesting...hope you can still give out beta keys :) this is something i cant pass up.

+1 vote   news: Introducing Desura
Mookae Dec 10 2009, 7:12pm says:

Sad. Hopefully the extra effort will convince Valve to hire them...I think they deserve to be paid for this. :)

+1 vote   news: Black Mesa Update
Mookae Dec 6 2009, 12:23am replied:

I hate to be rude, but you fail, star wars doesn't win anymore, and you have a crappy computer.

+2 votes   download: Situation Outbreak v1.52 (FULL INSTALLER)
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